Cancer Horse

Cancer Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Despite their tendency to keep others at a comfortable distance, this sign is witty and caring and has an easy time making friends when they want to. More intuitive signs might have trouble getting along with a Cancerian Horse as they can see through the Crab’s false front and will want to get to know them better. If the Crab lets them in, these can become some of their best friends, but more likely members of this sign will choose to protect their true selves rather than share them.

Family and love is of huge importance to this sign, though they will rarely ever admit it. The truth is this sign is emotionally fragile and can’t stand to feel rejected. They will give up everything for true love and once they fall, they fall for good. At the same time, when relationships don’t work out it can be very ugly, and Cancerian Horse are likely to take the breakup very hard, even if they initiated it. Ultimately as long as this sign is willing to let its guard down, they will certainly find love and eventually a stable and happy family life.

Cancer Horse Business (Career & Goals)

It’s hard to pin down an exact career fit for this sign. Each Cancerian Horse is highly unique and will have to find what fits them best. It’s likely that these career choices will be somewhat unusual, though, which is necessary to fit into the wide variety of personality traits members of this sign have. Cancerian Horses work best in environments where they can share their knowledge or talent with others or where they can be constantly on the move.

This sign does not belong in a cubicle or a stale office environment. They should be out in the world performing work that satisfies them, regardless of the pay. That’s why many choose a career as a sailor or merchant marine. Others do well in import/export businesses where they travel a lot, and they also make good flight attendants (though this is usually a short-term career choice). Cancerian Horse also have a penchant for the arts and history, which makes jobs like museum curator or guide a great fit for them. Similarly, this sign finds archeology fascinating and would fit well performing any job in that field.

Cancer Horse Man

A sensitive and vulnerable Cancer-Horse man tries to look confident in himself. People like his polite, courteous manners. He tries to control all his words and deeds, but by nature he is quite an emotional person. In addition, uncertain and always doubting himself. Despite his sociability, he often feels the need to leave and hide from everyone. The man Cancer-Horse absolutely is deprived of leader’s ambitions, therefore he chooses work for the soul. But no one can accuse him of laziness, this is a very responsible and hardworking person. In a loving relationship, he manifests himself as a timid partner, willing to make concessions. He will be happy with an authoritative, confident woman who can manage it.

Cancer Horse Woman

Cancer-Horse is a woman full of contradictions, it’s hard to guess her real feelings. This is a sensible person, infinitely devoted to her family. From an early age, she dreams of marrying and finding a reliable protector. At the same time, there is a freedom-loving woman who is able to get involved in dubious adventures. Men like her softness, femininity, but the Cancer-Horse can be stubborn and selfish, even despotic. Therefore, she needs a partner ready to rush to the rescue on the first call, but not limiting freedom. The woman of this combination of signs is a complex personality, but rather predictable if a man can find an approach to her soul. True, one can never be sure of her true feelings, for the inner world of the woman of Cancer-Horse is a great mystery.

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Cancer Horse
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