Capricorn Horse

Both the Capricorn Goat from Western Astrology and the Horse from Chinese Astrology are considered steadfast and down to earth creatures. When a Capricorn is born in the Year of the Horse the resulting personality of the Capricorn Horse is one of great consistency. These personalities are usually steady, determined, reliable and emotionally and practically realistic. The Capricorn Horse is neither under or over sensitive, they appear to have a fine balance between the two. They are mostly positive in their outlook and opinions and will always try to help others if they can.

Capricorn Horse Traits

A Capricorn Horse personality acquires both the reliability of the Horse’s character and the acute responsiveness from the traits of a typical Capricorn. This is a good mixture that creates people that are uncomplicated and consistent and considerate in all their actions, thoughts and words. Sometimes they are so unchanging in their mannerisms that others may find them boring. These individual’s are not impulsive or irresponsible but they do know how to have fun. They may not be outwardly extrovert but they can see the humorous side to life. A Capricorn Horse will wish to be inconsistent occasionally just to see people’s reactions.

Being so predictable can have it advantages and disadvantages for the Capricorn Horse character. People rely on their expected dependability and are sometimes disappointed if it does not live up to their expectations. This can make these Capricorn’s feel unduly pressured at times. On the plus side the Capricorn Horse’s stability and good sense of direction helps them plan well ahead. They are often in front of future responsibilities that will be probably presented. These people are mature and responsive and being so solid in their responsible attitude they make highly supportive partners and parents.

The Capricorn Horse’s evenness of manner and mood is a good recipe for all kinds of relationships. In personal relationships with soul mates the Capricorn Horse does not have to try too hard to keep things harmonious. They are easy to get along with and while not offering wild or spontaneous romance they do offer lots of affection and much security to partners. Relationships with another will be loving, agreeable and equal as these personalities are attentive and just right emotionally for caring and sharing situations. They will usually consider their personal relationship to be an immensely important part of their lives. When they make romantic commitments they will be with the highest degree of sincerity.

The only major weakness in the Capricorn Horse’s personality is their tendency to be a little too serious. They may find it difficult to be able to shake off the consistent fixed side of their personalities. Only when they manage to do this do they fully relax and allow a bit of excitement or humor into a sometimes uninteresting persona. They usually need encouragement from friends, family and partners to discourage this weakness from putting in an appearance. If these Capricorn’s try to keep seriousness at a sensible level they permit themselves to be able to enjoy life a bit more.

Capricorn Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Building relationships can be challenging for members of this sign because they are so often on the move. When they are social they love to share stories of their conquests and are always eager to talk with others who share their interests. They don’t have a lot of patience or tolerance for people they don’t agree with and can be a bit hot-headed at times. In social situations, Capricorn Horses need a lot of attention on themselves. They don’t like being around other attention-seekers and may even act inappropriately in order to get the attention they seek.

Romance is available to Capricorn Horse that want it, but it may likely not be a very big priority in their lives. Finding a partner who can tolerate their difficulty staying in one place for long can be challenging and members of this sign often choose not to enter serious relationships for this reason. They don’t want to be held back by anyone, so potential partners have to be ones who enjoy being on the go as much as they do. Many will forgo romance until they have become inarguably successful only to find that many love opportunities have passed them by. It is important for this sign to prioritize their goals in life so as not to get lost chasing a single goal and neglecting the others.

Capricorn Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Most Capricorn Horses will choose to work on their own projects at their own pace, simply because there are few jobs that can match their ambition. Plus they don’t want to work for others if others are going to see the fruits of all of their labor. Entrepreneurial ventures and start-up companies are a great way for them to push aggressively forward as hard as they want to. On their own they are great leaders, very self-motivated, but they are not as good at motivating others. If they are the boss, they are likely to be dictatorial and try to make everyone work as hard and as fast as possible. This rarely works out well since few others share the Capricorn Horse’s work style. Instead of being the leader, those born under this sign would do better in an administrative role, such as Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Dispatcher, etc.

Capricorn Horse have many career options and should follow their passion, if they have one. For those who are undecided, the following career options are all good fits for this sign: account manager, administrator, advertising executive, astronomer, athlete, bartender, career counselor, CEO, chauffeur, coach, commissioner, dentist, economist, engineer, event planner, executive, geologist, governor, hairdresser, industrialist, information technologist, inventor, journalist, language teacher, leader, librarian, lorry driver, manager, mason, mayor, mentor, mountain climber, office manager, operations manager, organizer, overseer, painter, performer, physicist, pilot, poet, premier, president, professional, programmer, proprietor, pub keeper, publicist, rock climber, real estate agent, reporter, sales person, teacher, technician, tour guide, translator.

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Capricorn Horse
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