Capricorn Horse

Capricorn Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Building relationships can be challenging for members of this sign because they are so often on the move. When they are social they love to share stories of their conquests and are always eager to talk with others who share their interests. They don’t have a lot of patience or tolerance for people they don’t agree with and can be a bit hot-headed at times. In social situations, Capricorn Horses need a lot of attention on themselves. They don’t like being around other attention-seekers and may even act inappropriately in order to get the attention they seek.

Romance is available to Capricorn Horse that want it, but it may likely not be a very big priority in their lives. Finding a partner who can tolerate their difficulty staying in one place for long can be challenging and members of this sign often choose not to enter serious relationships for this reason. They don’t want to be held back by anyone, so potential partners have to be ones who enjoy being on the go as much as they do. Many will forgo romance until they have become inarguably successful only to find that many love opportunities have passed them by. It is important for this sign to prioritize their goals in life so as not to get lost chasing a single goal and neglecting the others.

Capricorn Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Most Capricorn Horses will choose to work on their own projects at their own pace, simply because there are few jobs that can match their ambition. Plus they don’t want to work for others if others are going to see the fruits of all of their labor. Entrepreneurial ventures and start-up companies are a great way for them to push aggressively forward as hard as they want to. On their own they are great leaders, very self-motivated, but they are not as good at motivating others. If they are the boss, they are likely to be dictatorial and try to make everyone work as hard and as fast as possible. This rarely works out well since few others share the Capricorn Horse’s work style. Instead of being the leader, those born under this sign would do better in an administrative role, such as Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Dispatcher, etc.

Capricorn Horse have many career options and should follow their passion, if they have one. For those who are undecided, the following career options are all good fits for this sign: account manager, administrator, advertising executive, astronomer, athlete, bartender, career counselor, CEO, chauffeur, coach, commissioner, dentist, economist, engineer, event planner, executive, geologist, governor, hairdresser, industrialist, information technologist, inventor, journalist, language teacher, leader, librarian, lorry driver, manager, mason, mayor, mentor, mountain climber, office manager, operations manager, organizer, overseer, painter, performer, physicist, pilot, poet, premier, president, professional, programmer, proprietor, pub keeper, publicist, rock climber, real estate agent, reporter, sales person, teacher, technician, tour guide, translator.

Capricorn Horse Man

The combination of the signs of the Horse and Capricorn gives birth to extremely talented people, they are distinguished by their ability to think coldly and rationally. They are confident and know how to achieve success. The Capricorn-Horse man can become a good leader, he is able to lead the work of a large enterprise. Always polite and helpful, trying to control their feelings and emotions. Women like his attentive, caring attitude. He tries to create the most comfortable conditions for her, always respects her opinion. However, it is his word should be decisive, will not tolerate rivalry in the family. And this is not a despot and a cruel tyrant, he just knows how best.

Capricorn Horse Woman

Purposeful woman Capricorn-Horse recognizes only an ideal result. She always takes responsibility for her work responsibly, aspires to occupy a high position. Has all the necessary qualities to succeed: diligence, intelligence, calmness, endurance. In communicating with people, she manifests herself as a polite, attentive companion, considers it necessary to maintain good relations with all. However, her own life worries her most, she tries to create decent conditions for herself and her relatives. Capricorn-Horse is a demanding woman, loves beautiful things and comfortable surroundings. The partner is treated with great respect. She will not press her husband, she knows how to achieve her purpose with the help of female tricks.

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Capricorn Horse
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