Gemini Horse

Gemini Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

It’s not surprising that this outgoing sign has lots of friends. They make friends wherever they go, though many of their “friends” are more like acquaintances that they keep in the vast network of contacts. If you ever need a specialist, ask a Gemini Horse first. If they don’t know someone then nobody you know will. Friendships come and go for this sign, but it doesn’t really bother them. They know they have plenty of people around whenever they need them.

Love is not so easy for a Gemini Horse. Members of this sign tend to be too impulsive, flighty, and fickle for most long-term relationships. They need someone who can both keep up with and stabilize their wild energy. This is not easy to find. Once they do find someone, though, they will be hooked and will likely learn to change their energy to fit their relationship better. You’ll never totally tame a Gemini Horse, but you can convince them want to swim in a smaller circle.

Gemini Horse Business (Career & Goals)

While their need to constantly be moving is mostly metaphorical, it is true that Gemini Horse deeply enjoy careers that literally keep them in motion. Any job that combines travel with human interaction is a match made in heaven, such as taxi driver, bus driver, ship captain, airline steward, chauffeur, boat tour guide, etc. Some of these jobs are more glamorous than others, but members of this sign who can get past the concern of how they are viewed by others can find true happiness in careers like these.

Similarly, other jobs that keep them on their feet with new experiences also fit the Gemini Horse’s personality. A career as a reporter is common, while roles in careers with an ever-changing clientele can fill this need as well, such as hairdressing, ad writing, or running a pub.

Gemini Horse Man

Gusty, irrepressible Gemini-Horses men are in constant motion. Without too much hesitation, they agree to the most risky experiments, feel completely free from any obligations. In all actions are guided only by one’s own desires. The man Gemini-Horse, even in the most unpleasant situation knows how to find positive aspects. This is a great optimist, an enthusiast, it is impossible to imagine him in a bad mood. Usually it is easy to win people’s trust and even, not being a high professional, occupies a rather prestigious position. In personal relationships, he manifests himself as a romantic, but there is no guarantee that he will remain faithful to a single woman all his life.

Gemini Horse Woman

The playful coquetry — Gemini-Horse woman can not leave indifferent any man. This windy and frivolous person likes to flirt and have fun, she likes to spend time in noisy companies. But monotonous activities can drive her crazy. Most often chooses a profession associated with frequent moves, Gemini-Horse woman who is addicted, adores traveling. Her spontaneity, her unshakable belief in her own strengths cause admiration, although she can not complete a single thing. Therefore, a man who has serious views on this woman should be prepared to solve all important issues himself. This woman can not wait for a responsible approach to life, but she can be trusted.

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Gemini Horse
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