Leo Horse

Leo Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign are highly likable, and tend to only conflict with others who challenge their social leadership. Even in social groups where everyone is equal, Leo Horses tend to become the de facto leaders of the group simply because of their ease and charm. They usually pick the dates, times, and places where friends will meet up, and never miss a social gathering. They can be a bit bossy with friends, but those same friends also look to them for advice, help with projects, and someone who can lift their spirits.

Love comes naturally to this sign, though they can experience problems in long-term relationships. Leo Horses are naturally dominant and have a hard time living as equals with a partner. They simultaneously need someone who will let them be dominant, but are only truly attracted to others with equally dominant personalities (which they see as strength). Members of this sign fall in love fast and hard, but take everything personally. The most minor slight by a trusted partner becomes a huge, dramatic betrayal in their eyes, causing the usually self-controlled Leo Horse to become hysterical and unreasonable. Finding a way to let key relationships be equal without trying to control and win every situation therein is one of the greatest life challenges for this sign.

Leo Horse Business (Career & Goals)

First and foremost, Leo Horses must be in a leadership role if they are going to be happy. Of course, most careers require years of following before one is allowed to lead, which is why this sign is happy to take on more unusual roles if it means that they get to fast-forward to their leadership role.

Leo Horses are natural athletes, who love to move and love to be in the spotlight. Should they possess the requisite skills, this is a sign that will work themselves to the bone to become captain of the team and elevate themselves to all-star status. The downside to this career choice is that many Leo Horses try to win games all by themselves and don’t learn how to play as a team well enough to make it to the big leagues.

Other top career picks for this sign come in the form of teachers and tour guides. Both roles give them an immediate leadership role amongst groups, where they feel the most comfortable, but they also take pride in sharing their knowledge and leading the way for those who have still yet to learn what they know. Other possible career choices for this sign include advertising executive, hairdresser, park ranger, publicist, pub keeper, and salesman.

Leo Horse Man

The passionate, restless soul of the Leo-Horse man does not know rest, he is literally obsessed with his favorite deed. He thirsts for power, recognition, money, so he does not strive to become an ordinary employee, he thinks big. However, he is too emotional and impatient, besides he is not particularly hardworking. Therefore, often even the most promising projects are unprofitable. In loving relationships, he manifests himself as a skillful seducer, and before the power of his charm it is impossible to resist. He likes to indulge his beloved with luxurious gifts. With him, every woman feels the most beautiful and desirable, but the need to solve domestic issues makes him terrified. It is not worth waiting for help from the Leo-Horse in ordinary life, his destiny is to reign for joy to those around him.

Leo Horse Woman

The Leo-Horse woman does not doubt her irresistibility. With pleasure, she listens to compliments and takes courtship, it is vital for her to feel the admiring looks of men. This clever and hardworking person does not consider it shameful to use her own attractive appearance for the good of the cause. Cleverly flirts with men, while not crossing the line of what is permissible. The Leo-Horse is a business woman, striving to achieve great heights in her career. But the family worries and troubles do not attract her, she is looking for passionate and vivid relations. However, settling down, manifests herself as a wonderful hostess, the truth does the homework without special zeal and enthusiasm.

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