Leo Horse

The combination of the Lion and the Horse in astrological terms is a fine mix of personality traits. The ancient Chinese astrologers regarded the Horse in high esteem considering this animal to be exceptionally hard working, loyal and trustworthy. When the Western sun sign of Leo’s assured character qualities are integrated into the ideology of the Horse’s, they create a person who has an air of confidence. The proud fearless typical Leo personality is imprinted on the the Horse like steadiness. The resulting Leo Horse personalities tend to be strong people emotionally who seem to take life as it comes and cope quite well with it.

Leo Horse Traits

These individuals are loving and giving as well as dependable and have a fun side to their natures too. The Leo Horse has a great sense of humor so when he or she is not engaged in responsible tasks they love to joke around. These people like to laugh and enjoy comedy of all kinds. The Leo Horse individual is also rather ambitious and has a talent for spotting and seizing opportunities. These Leo’s are not usually too impulsive so they are inclined to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. This is an effective skill for the world of business and these personalities are ideally suited to it.

A Leo Horse has an adventurous streak to their personalities that encourages them to travel. They have a good sense of direction that often leads them to want to explore different places. The Leo Horse character can become bored easily in one place and often likes to see a little of the world before they decide to settle with a mate. They usually enjoy keeping fit and participating in sporty activities. Emotionally these individuals are sometimes rather distant and cold in their manner and can find it laborious to express themselves. In relationships these particular personalities can be hard work as their confidence can make them stubborn and a bit too self assured.

The Leo Horse is able to pick up new skills easily and has an inventive imagination. These abilities come in useful in all occupations so these Leo’s, who like variety and challenge, are often seen in many different places of work. As they are not a fan of crowds they areas a rule happier working alone. In social environments the Leo Horse is quite apt at motivating people to relax and have fun with his or her humorous communication methods. In domestic settings these people will be practical, responsible and caring partners and parents.

The inability to convey their emotions is a small weakness in the robust personality of the Leo Horse. This can vary in degree depending on their childhood experiences and the amount of genuineaffection displayed to them by their parents. If the Leo Horse finds a compatible mate who understands them they are more likely to learn how to show their emotion more freely. If they can achieve this then these Leo’s can make their personality defecit of aloofness less of a problem.

Leo Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign are highly likable, and tend to only conflict with others who challenge their social leadership. Even in social groups where everyone is equal, Leo Horses tend to become the de facto leaders of the group simply because of their ease and charm. They usually pick the dates, times, and places where friends will meet up, and never miss a social gathering. They can be a bit bossy with friends, but those same friends also look to them for advice, help with projects, and someone who can lift their spirits.

Love comes naturally to this sign, though they can experience problems in long-term relationships. Leo Horses are naturally dominant and have a hard time living as equals with a partner. They simultaneously need someone who will let them be dominant, but are only truly attracted to others with equally dominant personalities (which they see as strength). Members of this sign fall in love fast and hard, but take everything personally. The most minor slight by a trusted partner becomes a huge, dramatic betrayal in their eyes, causing the usually self-controlled Leo Horse to become hysterical and unreasonable. Finding a way to let key relationships be equal without trying to control and win every situation therein is one of the greatest life challenges for this sign.

Leo Horse Business (Career & Goals)

First and foremost, Leo Horses must be in a leadership role if they are going to be happy. Of course, most careers require years of following before one is allowed to lead, which is why this sign is happy to take on more unusual roles if it means that they get to fast-forward to their leadership role.

Leo Horses are natural athletes, who love to move and love to be in the spotlight. Should they possess the requisite skills, this is a sign that will work themselves to the bone to become captain of the team and elevate themselves to all-star status. The downside to this career choice is that many Leo Horses try to win games all by themselves and don’t learn how to play as a team well enough to make it to the big leagues.

Other top career picks for this sign come in the form of teachers and tour guides. Both roles give them an immediate leadership role amongst groups, where they feel the most comfortable, but they also take pride in sharing their knowledge and leading the way for those who have still yet to learn what they know. Other possible career choices for this sign include advertising executive, hairdresser, park ranger, publicist, pub keeper, and salesman.

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