Libra Horse

The Western astrological sign of Libra personality is well known for its balance and refinement. The same can be said for the Horse characteristics in Chinese Astrology, so these combined traits are thought to be strong in the Libran Horse individual. These personalities are easygoing, reliable, friendly and consistent in their moods and mannerisms. They are generally well balanced emotionally, kind and uncomplicated. This does not make them boring however, the Libran Horse also has a fine sense of humor and a playful less serious side to their nature. They are also energetic, enthusiastic, helpful and optimistic in their approach to life and other people.

Libra Horse Traits

A Libran Horse is usually a youthful personality who has good taste in clothes and enjoys socializing. They tend to make friends easily and will get along with most people they come into contact with. When these individual’s have some free time they like to swim, play sports or socialize. They are good conversationalists who enjoy hearing and comparing others views and opinions with their own. Libran Horse’s love to talk and are not often happy when spending time alone, they much prefer company over solitude. Many of these Libran’s will form soul mate relationships early in life as they need security, communication and warmth.

The Libran Horse often has a creative imagination and a real appreciation of anything beautiful. They like art and music and take pleasure in nature, they also adore animals so some may have pets. Home is where the heart is as far as the Libran Horse is concerned. They value highly their families and partners and will try to put them before anything else. At home is where these people are best relaxed when they are surrounded by the people and things that they love. They can be quite houseproud and sometimes a little too fussy due to the distinct consistency within their personas. They like to have things organized with a place for everything. Luckily they enjoy making or adapting things to suit a special purpose.

The usual dependability of the Libran Horse’s personality makes them a great work colleague and friend. They are the types that will try their best to share responsibility equally, be supportive and not to let you down. These particular qualities are also ideal assets to bring into personal relationships. The Libran Horse normally has solid connections with partners as they are fairly perceptive and understanding of the needs of others. They are warm and loving personalities who appreciate the intimate companionship of long term relationships. They are most often also among the most passionate of all Libran’s.

Weaknesses in these personalities are based around disturbances of their usually well balanced emotions. The Libran Horse’s mild manners and stable mood is constant most of the time but it can be prone to become inconsistent. This occurs when they are upset or extremely disappointed about something. A Libran Horse’s character will then begin to waver and they may become unpredictable in their actions or words. These little moments of madness are almost always short lived.

Libra Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Libran Horse tend to know a lot of people, but only keep a handful of close friends around at any given time. Whoever they are with they are with 100%. They give their full attention to those close to them and have an uncanny ability to make people feel calm and supported. They can be feisty and argumentative, but only to a point. They would rather bow out of an argument gracefully, however, they want others to notice how graceful and elegant they are. In many social situations, the desire to be admired is what drives them.

Libran Horse love the idea of romance, and have a particular weakness for flattery. Perhaps they live in their own heads a bit too much, and might be more in love with the lifestyle and appearance of a certain relationship than their actual partner. Libran Horse tend to have unrealistic expectations of others, and can be a bit overly dependent on partners to make them feel good, despite their naturally independent nature. Members of this sign are likely to be disappointed in their partner, lamenting the prince charming or perfect woman they might have had otherwise. They want everyone to try to be as perfect as they hope to be and are disappointed when others are not. Libran Horse value loyalty, but are hardcore romantics deep down and will follow their passion first. Again, maturity and balance will strongly affect this area of their lives.

Libra Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Passion is the most important aspect of any Libran Horse’s career. Though they can succeed in almost any career, members of this sign won’t stick with any job for too long if it doesn’t satisfy their internal needs in some way. They are such workhorses naturally that they give their all into whatever project they are working on, but are likely to exhaust themselves if they don’t feel purposeful in their work.

Being social by nature, it’s a good idea for Libran Horse to choose a career that won’t keep them stuck to one desk all day long. Social work and charity work are both great choices for this sign, especially when it allows them to interact with many different people in different locations throughout the work week. Libran Horse are sensitive but can also separate themselves emotionally when necessary. Other good career choices are: Hairdresser, Painter, Poet, Mediator, and Negotiator.

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