Pisces Horse

Pisces Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Those born under this sign enjoy an active social life and are most likely to associate with others who share their interests, whatever those may be. They tend to overextend themselves socially, though, because they don’t like to be alone unless they are busy at work on their latest project. Most people find Pisces Horses kind natured and intriguing, if not a bit eccentric. They are rarely on time for events and often cancel plans if they are not feeling in the mood for whatever the group is doing. Over time, members of this sign typically find their own path and often have several different groups that they socialize with, depending on what interests them in that moment.

Romantic partnerships can be very challenging for this sign, mostly because Pisces Horses want to be free to follow their own path at all times. Rules, regulations, and routine are anathema to them, and though they would gain a lot from having a stable partner, they are more likely to enter into non-traditional or non-committal partnerships that don’t require self-sacrifice. This can be very difficult for a sign so focused on feeling good and so in love with the idea of romance, but ultimately Pisces Horses will do whatever it is they are drawn to the most. It doesn’t necessarily help that they tend to pick bad partners for themselves, but this is by design (though often a subconscious design). It takes a rare partner to give the Pisces Horse the freedom they need, and ultimately wandering the paths of life alone may be the only way to do it.

Pisces Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Careers are not as important to Pisces Horses as they are to most people. Freedom is far more important - the freedom to choose their path, to live on their own time frame, to experience life in their own unique way. Pisces Horses earn money however they can, often taking part-time or flexible-schedule jobs while attempting to profit from their interests if possible. Typical career choices for Pisces Horses include: painter, poet, massage therapist, dancer, hairdresser, illustrator, performer, and designer.

The most common role for a Pisces Horse is as a bartender. This job seems to fit their personalities well, offering a social scene, particularly in neighborhood bars or pubs with a good selection of eccentric “regulars”. Many Pisces Horses will look forward to owning their own bar, though the reality of being tied down to a business may not be as rewarding as they might hope.

Pisces Horse Man

This is the most balanced of all representatives of the Pisces sign. Naturally, they are subject to doubt and experience, but they have enough strength to resist life’s adversity. The Pisces-Horse man is trying to maintain a positive attitude, it is not peculiar for him to fall into despondency for every trifle. But he will not give up friendly support in a difficult moment. This is undoubtedly a talented person, passionate about his business. However, he will not refer to his great employment and will always find time for close people. Touchingly relates to a beloved woman, is soft and courteous. In alliance with him there will be no serious reasons for quarrels, it is sensitive enough to understand the desires of a woman.

Pisces Horse Woman

Pisces-Horse women are characterized by a cheerful, friendly character. They consider it quite normal to escape to the rescue on the first call. They have a sincere compassion for everyone who is in trouble. Although they themselves need support, they are rather dreamy natures, divorced from reality. Will be happy next to a reliable man, true, he should not limit their freedom. With the right approach, you can achieve significant success. Women Pisces-Horses are hardworking and persistent in achieving their goals. But most of all they love their family, for them there is no greater happiness than to feel the love and care of close people. Very attached to children, in every way they extol their virtues.

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Pisces Horse
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