Sagittarius Horse

All cultures consider the Horse to be a symbol of a hard working, reliable and steady personality. In Chinese Astrology this animal is also regarded as spirited, peaceful and trustworthy. Sagittarian’s from Western Astrology are typically over expressive and carefree. When all these traits are combined the resulting Sagittarian Horse personalities are highly productive and efficient. A Sagittarian Horse’s character is filled with efficacious energy from the Horse’s influence and the need to be loved and needed from the Sagittarius sun sign. This particular combination of astrological characteristics creates wonderfully optimistic and helpful people.

Sagittarius Horse Traits

The Sagittarius Horse is positive and practical and they are able to accomplish almost any task set before them. They are just as good at doing simple things as they are performing complex work and are not too bothered which they do. Work is fairly easy for these personalities and they tend to not let it stress them out. A Sagittarian Horse is dependable and works well alongside others. As they have the lightheartedness from Sagittarius they will often possess a sense of humor that helps in any profession. So even monotonous routines can be made into sensible fun and not so humdrum by these individual’s in the workplace.

Sagittarian Horse’s are good at organizing and prioritising things and may use these skills in work or hobbies. In the home they like to keep some kind or order and will expect everyone else in the household to do their bit. They are not bossy or domineering in their approach to others so they can motivate beautifully and without forcefulness. A Sagittarian Horse likes harmony and will rarely start an argument, however they can competently defend and articulate themselves if they need to. They love their privacy and will not invite just anyone to their home unless they know them really well.

These people seem to fall in and out of love easily and may take a while to decide to settle down. They need partners who are prepared to be flexible and be able to fit in with their sometimes hectic lifestyles. A Sagittarian Horse may appear too busy for a soul mate relationship so they do not usually go looking for love. It simply seems to find them. When these Sagittarian’s meet someone special by chance they are more likely to be interested than if they are introduced to them by another person. They often believe in fate and will take an unplanned meeting as lucky and worth investigating further.

The Sagittarian Horse is inwardly quite insecure. This is the main weakness in their personalities although it is usually well hidden. They think of their insecurity as more than just a weak spot and most Sagittarian Horse’s will do a good job of covering it up. They will sometimes be frivolous with money in buying something to boost their confidence. This diffident weakness is only mostly seen by parents and long term partner’s of these people and it only emerges on rare occasions.

Sagittarius Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Sagittarius Horses can be difficult for some people to get along with, but that’s largely because they are misunderstood. While some see them as self-absorbed, unpredictable, and rude, those who know a Sagittarius Horse well know that this is not really the case. Yes, they are spirited, independent and have a tendency to speak bluntly, but they also have big hearts, great senses of humor, and a unique philosophy about life. They make truly great friends for those who take the time to understand what drives them.

Though often seen a symbol of love, intimate relationships can be challenging for Sagittarius Horses. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are difficult to keep in one place. They are fiercely independent and abhor the idea of being “owned” or controlled by anyone. They themselves are not jealous or possessive people, so they have a hard time understanding when other people are. Sagittarius Horses get bored easily and when they do they are not very pleasant to be around. Those considering a Sagittarian Horse as a long-term partner need to both understand and accept their nature and find a way to make it work with their lives. In truth, there are not many who can handle the unconventional nature of this relationship, but those who do are in for a lifetime of adventures.

Sagittarius Horse Business (Career & Goals)

As if born for adventure Sagittarius Horses not only enjoy traveling the world, but usually have a knack for languages as well. They make great language teachers, translators, and interpreters and naturally do well as tour guides, explorers, and ambassadors to foreign countries. They love to experience new places and don’t fear change or the unexpected. Particularly religious Sagittarius Horses will likely enjoy work as missionaries. Particularly athletic ones may find themselves traveling from city to city playing professional sports.

Even the most settled Sagittarius Horse needs to have some sort of connection to the world beyond their home. That’s why a career in importing or exporting is a wonderful fit for those born under this sign. Even if travel is not involved, Sagittarius Horses do well connecting with others through both shared and differing experiences in life. For this reason, many enjoy advertising as it gives them access to the collective consciousness of a culture and its people.

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Sagittarius Horse
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