Sagittarius Horse

Sagittarius Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Sagittarius Horses can be difficult for some people to get along with, but that’s largely because they are misunderstood. While some see them as self-absorbed, unpredictable, and rude, those who know a Sagittarius Horse well know that this is not really the case. Yes, they are spirited, independent and have a tendency to speak bluntly, but they also have big hearts, great senses of humor, and a unique philosophy about life. They make truly great friends for those who take the time to understand what drives them.

Though often seen a symbol of love, intimate relationships can be challenging for Sagittarius Horses. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are difficult to keep in one place. They are fiercely independent and abhor the idea of being “owned” or controlled by anyone. They themselves are not jealous or possessive people, so they have a hard time understanding when other people are. Sagittarius Horses get bored easily and when they do they are not very pleasant to be around. Those considering a Sagittarian Horse as a long-term partner need to both understand and accept their nature and find a way to make it work with their lives. In truth, there are not many who can handle the unconventional nature of this relationship, but those who do are in for a lifetime of adventures.

Sagittarius Horse Business (Career & Goals)

As if born for adventure Sagittarius Horses not only enjoy traveling the world, but usually have a knack for languages as well. They make great language teachers, translators, and interpreters and naturally do well as tour guides, explorers, and ambassadors to foreign countries. They love to experience new places and don’t fear change or the unexpected. Particularly religious Sagittarius Horses will likely enjoy work as missionaries. Particularly athletic ones may find themselves traveling from city to city playing professional sports.

Even the most settled Sagittarius Horse needs to have some sort of connection to the world beyond their home. That’s why a career in importing or exporting is a wonderful fit for those born under this sign. Even if travel is not involved, Sagittarius Horses do well connecting with others through both shared and differing experiences in life. For this reason, many enjoy advertising as it gives them access to the collective consciousness of a culture and its people.

Sagittarius Horse Man

Big optimists and great workers Sagittarius-Horses go through life easily, without noticing obstacles. A tremendous sense of humor helps them out in the most difficult life situations. People like their open, cheerful character. The Sagittarius-Horse man is always in the thick of events, women are drawn to him. Communication with him gives pleasure, besides it is a very generous person, he likes to pamper his chosen one. With no less enthusiasm, he refers to work, will not rest until he achieves an ideal result. A man of this combination of signs can take place in any profession, it is important for him to feel his importance. This is absolutely not mercantile and very noble person.

Sagittarius Horse Woman

Woman Sagittarius-Horse — a very attractive person, but in the first place she does not have a personal life, but her favorite work. Gets great pleasure from the business that she is passionate about. Sagittarius-Horses women are too freedom-loving to lock themselves in four walls. They are distinguished by an easy, cheerful nature, popular and loved by the surrounding people. Capable of captivating their ideas, they possess the gift of persuasion. They boldly set goals and know how to achieve the desired goal. A woman of this combination of signs will be happy with a reliable man who will not challenge her leading role in the family. She can maintain the house in perfect order, while her energy is enough for both work and public life.

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Sagittarius Horse
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