Scorpio Horse

In Chinese Astrology the Horse has hard working and self reliant in his list of admirable character traits. These ancient astrologers also described this creature as possessing a rebellious streak in his personality too. This obstinacy and disobedience is thought to be quite prominent in those people born within the Western astrological sign of Scorpio. The influential sting of the symbolic Scorpion encourages the already defiant independent Horse to rebel. A Scorpio Horse personality is not a believer in set rules for all and often tries to be different in life in any way that he or she can.

Scorpio Horse Traits

The Scorpio Horse usually likes the good things in life and will work long and hard to get them. These personalities are not particularly ambitious but they do prefer to have enough money for a comfortable lifestyle. They are rather adventurous in their tastes and have a great love of travel. Whenever they can find the time a Scorpio Horse will want to roam away from their familiar surroundings. These personalities find they need this kind of occasional escapism especially as they get older and acquire more responsibilities. These people can feel a little stifled by daily regular routines and many may opt for work that is constantly varied or on the move.

Scorpio Horse’s may view life from a non conformist angle from their early years of life. If they do not they will certainly gain this outlook well before middle age. These individual’s seem to think that rules are for other people and are sometimes they are there to be broken. This opinion frequently gets the Scorpio Horse into trouble and in the spotlight. They believe in challenging guidelines and pushing the boundaries of traditional ways of thinking. This need to stand out and be atypical can be as simple as wearing outrageous clothes or as extreme as standing for public election.

If the rebellion and determination in the Scorpio Horse’s personality is correctly directed it will help them achieve personal goals. In relationships these determined and different personalities usually make supportive and loyal partner’s. They like to lead in the relationship but this will not be without lots of affection and also considering their soul mate’s wishes at all times. The Scorpio Horse is a thoughtful and passionate lover who enjoys immensely the physical side of partnerships and will often be quite playful in the bedroom.

The spontaneous side of the personality of the Scorpio Horse can be wonderful for most of the time, however it can also cause a weakness of their character. Their love of surprising people without notice may make them appear unpredictable. These personalities tend to sometimes do and say things at random without thinking of the possible consequences first. A Scorpio Horse can be a bit indiscrete with surprises or words and clumsy with timing but their intentions are generally good. If friends and partner’s cannot cope with and get used to this unpredictability weak spot, these Scorpio’s may have to learn to think first before acting.

Scorpio Horse Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Scorpio Horse’s have a brutally honest sense of humor that most people find funny but will most certainly offend others. That’s okay, though, because Scorpio Horse’s are not meant to be friends with everyone. They need friendly, open, and intuitive types to understand them, and though they can be loners in their work, they actually like being the center of attention from time to time. It is not unusual for Scorpio Horse’s to turn to substances such as alcohol to help them shift from work mode to social mode. As long as these substances don’t become abused, it is not likely that this will create many problems for them. If anything, the socializing will do more good for them than the substances will do bad.

Love is challenging for this sign, and is typically not as large of a priority as their career is. Scorpio Horse’s can be very intense in relationships, and loyalty is by far the most important trait in a partner. Those who burn a Scorpio Horse in love will never get a second chance. Members of this sign can allow themselves to be more spontaneous than usual in romance, though they can also be emotionally extreme and difficult to get to know well. Scorpio Horse’s like others to buy into the version of themselves that they market to the public and thus only slowly allow partners to get to know their true selves. Members of this sign are very passionate and dedicated in love, but again require more sensitive, intuitive types to bring them out of their shells. Scorpio Horse’s are also particularly weak to flattery.

Scorpio Horse Business (Career & Goals)

Scorpio Horse’s have a hard time working for other people. To be successful, they need the flexibility to follow their instincts as well as their passions. Without the independence to do things their own way, members of this sign won’t stay happy for long. They will always be smarter than their bosses and will never feel properly appreciated, no matter what role they are put in (unless they are the boss). Ultimately the working conditions will matter more than the job itself, so Scorpio Horse’s would be wise to keep looking for new opportunities that fit them better.

Those born under this sign have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, yet they can become frustrated if others don’t realize the strength and potential of their ideas. For their business to succeed they will need the help of someone who can offer opposing strengths to fit their weaknesses (yes, they have those too). Since partnerships are not the most comfortable setup for a Scorpio Horse, many will choose to succeed within another company’s system. Possible career choices for Scorpio Horse’s include: Advertising executive, Salesman, Athlete, Bartender/ Pub keeper, Technician, Criminologist, Doctor, Surgeon, Hypnotist, Investigator, Pathologist, Researcher, or Scientist.

Scorpio Horse Man

The man of this combination of signs — a passionate nature, carried away, primarily guided by their own desires. He is keenly interested in everything that happens around him, likes to communicate. The Scorpio-Horse man is hardworking and energetic, but devoid of ambition. For him, the feeling of confidence in the future is especially important, therefore he chooses a profession that guarantees a stable income. He prefers effective and bright women, but at the same time quite calm and reserved. He needs a companion of life, who will not contradict and insist on his own. Scorpio-Horse is a thorough man, will try to create comfortable living conditions for his people.

Scorpio Horse Woman

Spectacular beauty Scorpio-Horse has the ability to please people. Natural magnetism and sexuality attract attention of fans to her. A clever and shrewd woman maintains good relations with all men, even with those whose love she rejected. An energetic, active woman Scorpio-Horse always achieves her own desires, not only with hard work, but also with the ability to manipulate the feelings and actions of people. As a partner in life, she considers a solid, serious man, consonant in everything to give in to her. Only she must have a decisive voice in the family, but if the husband does not agree with her leadership position, parting can not be avoided.

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Scorpio Horse
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