Aries Monkey

Chinese Astrology’s description of the Monkey is of a fun, highly sociable, clever, witty and lively personality. This creature’s character influence is believed to have an effect on all the personalities of people born in their astrological years. For a Western Astrology Aries sign the Monkey presence adds humor and sociability traits to these people’s character’s. An Aries Monkey will have the enthusiasm and efficiency of Aries and the humorous talkativeness of the Monkey. This makes these personalities very good at expressing themselves and this really helps them achieve success in many areas of life.

Aries Monkey Traits

An Aries Monkey is an energetic person who is for the most part usually cheerful and light in spirit. They like challenges and variety and will often choose careers that will offer this. As these are intelligent personalities with good communication skills they are capable of doing almost any job. The Aries Monkey individual is polite and helpful and has a high respect for rules and regulations. They can be trusted with big responsibilities and are often able to work long or irregular hours quite easily. This versatility is another reason why they tend to be quite successful in all they do. It makes them immensely adaptable and able to cope with a wide range of circumstances and many different types of people.

The talkative side of the Aries Monkey Personality is probably the first thing you will notice. They love communicating with everyone and if they are not talking constantly it usually means that they are asleep. Their communicative and expressive nature makes it hard to ignore the Aries Monkey. They are not intentionally attention seekers but they can come across as such. Those that know them well will be accustomed to their ways and worry about them when they go quiet. These Aries also have a great sense of humor that they incorporate into their repartee that makes others naturally feel at ease.

Aries Monkey’s are cooperative and friendly and their personalities are a fine mixture of convivial and sensible. These people can get along famously with most others without a problem as they are not usually overly sensitive or particularly judgmental. In relationships the Aries Monkey can be a little demanding of your time and attention but they will give you plenty of theirs in return. It will normally be an extremely equal give and take partnership as these individual’s have a generous, kind and sharing nature. They can be prone to a little jealousy but this only happens if they are unsure of the other persons level of commitment.

The only real fault with the Aries Monkey personality is that they truly loathe solitude and their own company. When alone these characters can get depressed and withdrawn rather quickly. They like and seem to need the reassurance of the closeness and sound of others around them. With all their nice characteristics this tiny weakness only affects the Aries Monkey himself. Although those that love and care for them should probably make a special effort to keep in regular contact.

Aries Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

As mentioned, Aries Monkeys love attention, and usually they are so fun and outgoing that their energy is infectious to those around them. They may push away some people with their big personalities, but they don’t care. They only really care about those who “get them”, and there are plenty of those people around. They are highly social and are often in a good mood. They like being in big groups with a limited amount of other big personalities.

Though they will often have many people they consider friends, the relationships made by Aries Monkeys tend to be quite shallow. It doesn’t escape those around them that they really make friends just so they have somebody to worship them. When friendships decay, the Aries Monkey usually takes off to find someone new to entertain. Deep down, others realize that the Aries Monkey really only cares about himself, so they keep an emotional distance as well.

This unfortunately extends most heavily to the love life of this sign. While they have little trouble attracting potential mates, long-term relationships rarely work out well. The same issue occurs in relationships as it does with friends. Aries Monkeys simply have superficial relationships. They seem great at first, often feeding off of the big energy of the connection, but they never seem to go anywhere from there. When their mates want to settle down, the Aries Monkey wants to keep on moving. Everyone involved eventually realizes that there was never anything real holding the relationship together, and they part ways. This repeats itself again and again in the lives of this sign, ending only when the Aries Monkey allows himself to accept a more calm and secure life. Of course, this too has its price.

Aries Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Despite their tendency to be outgoing and social, Aries Monkeys also show an analytical side in their careers. They are good problem-solvers, and as long as they stay interested, this side of them can really shine in their careers. It’s not likely that they will be able to sit quietly at a desk for a long time, so a job that keeps them moving both physically and mentally works well with their endless energy. This can take many forms, such as criminal investigator, sports coach, urban planner, or stockbroker.

Not all Aries Monkeys will be interested in tapping their analytical side. For those who would rather be out and about making money and friends, sales is a perfect career choice. Their tendency to be overly forthcoming and aggressive in social situations actually works perfectly in sales negotiations. What can be interpreted socially as overbearing may be seen as confidence in the business world.

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