Cancer Monkey

Cancer Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

This is a sign that people tend to either love or hate. Cancer Monkeys are very funny though most of their humor involves teasing and making fun of others. They also tend to come across as arrogant and egotistical as they like to trash talk people they don’t like, which is most people. Those who love them do so because they are fun and because they really do care about those close to them. They are surprisingly loyal to family and close friends, but can be borderline rude to people outside of their immediate circle. Close friends accept them for who they are but may not take them all that seriously.

Love is tricky for this sign. Their natural charm and seemingly carefree nature make attracting mates easy. They are also smooth talkers when they want to be and when focused on someone they want they will pursue them with skill. The tricky part is that deep down Cancer Monkeys simultaneously want true love but don’t want to make themselves vulnerable to getting hurt. They don’t take rejection well and nothing scares them more than showing someone else their true self and being discarded. They can take being rejected for the false self they show, but not for their true self. Members of this sign have the life challenge of gaining more real confidence and letting others get to know their real selves. Those who are brave enough to do this will find their lives transformed and will be destined for true love and happiness.

Cancer Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

While most signs have specific career fits, the Cancer Monkey is most likely to bounce around between careers throughout his or her lifetime. This sign’s restless nature combined with their innate intelligence makes it difficult for them to commit to just one career. The truth is, Cancer Monkeys are a bit self-centered and don’t like being told what to do by anyone else. When they are focused they can accomplish quite a bit and are smart enough to learn new things fairly quickly. Because of this they don’t feel that they need to commit to anything that doesn’t feel like the perfect fit.

Luckily for the them, the Cancer Monkey is skilled at acquiring money, especially when it comes to convincing others. They aren’t necessarily “natural salespeople”, but more like good liars. This may not be a great career path as more than likely they will view the majority of potential clients as either morons who fell for their sales pitch or morons who are too stupid to fall for their sales pitch. Each member of this sign needs to find their own path. This sign is surprisingly intuitive and if they can learn to quiet their thoughts enough to just follow their hearts they will do well.

Cancer Monkey Man

The Cancer man, born in the year of the Monkey, is full of ideas and bold plans, but does not have enough mental strength and diligence to implement them. Too immersed in my dreams and fantasies to actively act. He needs an experienced and reliable mentor who can translate his ideas into reality. He prefers to lead a quiet, measured way of life, although sometimes he performs rather insane acts. It can suddenly break out on a trip or make a romance with a colleague. But basically it’s a reliable and predictable man in his actions. Waiting for a woman understanding, support, is aimed at creating a strong family. It is a great pleasure to spend time with children, this is a very gentle and caring father.

Cancer Monkey Woman

For the Cancer-Monkey woman, the interests of the family are always in the first place. He has unlimited patience, tries to surround loved ones with love and care. At the same time she is quite successful in her profession, she is considered a good professional. Talented women prefer creative work, they like to invent and create something new and original. They are collected and purposeful people, though not always fully self-confident. The surrounding people like their soft nature, the ability to listen and give valuable advice. However, the monstrosity, unpredictability of the Monkey often manifests itself at the most inopportune moment. A good woman can become a desperate burner of life, but not more than a couple of days.

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Cancer Monkey
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