Libra Monkey

Libra Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Social situations are where Libra Monkeys truly shine. As children, most learn to use their charm and wit to become favorites of the adults around them. Therefore they learn a lot of adult social cues early on when most children are only learning the social cues of their peer group. Libra Monkeys are very smart and very quick to learn new things. In is inevitable that they will find clever ways of getting what they need simply because they can. These early lessons become ingrained in childhood and often define how one approaches challenges when they get older.

Sure enough, adults born under the sign of Libra Monkey attract others easily. They are friendly, outgoing, well mannered, and gregarious. They usually have advanced senses of humor and love being around people. Many valuable lessons are learned through these social outings and as long as they can maintain perspective, these lessons can be great advantages at all points in life.

Libra Monkeys require a great deal of attention. They really want to be loved, respected, and admired, but if they can’t seem to get those things they will happily settle for attention alone. At this point, they aren’t likely to care if the attention is good or bad, as long as it exists. Libra Monkeys only advance early on by standing out, so if they can’t find a way to stand out positively they will begin to act up to seek the attention they crave.

As adults, love is going to be difficult. Most Libra Monkeys are used to being the center of attention and are often considered the most important person in many of their relationships. A true, even partnership with another greatly depletes the perceived importance of one individual over another, and this can be a very difficult transition for members of this sign. Both Libra and Monkey tend to have unrealistic expectations of others, and thus nobody ever seems to lives up to their standards. They romanticize relationships and don’t want to deal with the reality of them. Becoming bored and unhappy with partners happens often. Again, a certain level of maturity and selflessness is required in order to find a true partnership, and this will be a key life challenge for this sign.

Libra Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Libra Monkeys like money because money gives them the freedom to do as they please. However, being stuck in a rote, boring job for years in order to get that money is less than ideal. Ideally, Libra Monkeys would love to be swept away by a millionaire and taken care of for the rest of their lives, but of course this is not very realistic. Therefore, members of this sign have to find a career that fits their personality type.

There are two core aspects of the Libra Monkey personality that focus their strengths. One is in an artistic or creative field, such as writing, art dealing, beautician, filmmaker, or graphic artist. Any of these roles offer this sign what it needs - a way to earn money creatively while maintaining a network of peers and social contacts.

The other set of career options has more to do with helping others. Despite an early penchant for self-focusing, many mature Libra Monkeys find surprising fulfillment in being of service to others, yet they still require roles that allow them a certain amount of intellectual and diplomatic flexibility. Jobs in nursing, teaching, and counseling are among the best fits for this sign and provide some of the biggest opportunities for growth.

Libra Monkey Man

Among the Libra-Monkeys men you can meet many talented people, they are distinguished by an inquisitive mind, an irrepressible desire for knowledge. They have a broad outlook and original thinking. Energetic, active men are literally obsessed with their own ideas, with ardor and excitement, prove their rightness. At the same time, Libra Monkeys are friendly, polite, it is interesting to talk with them on different topics and it is almost impossible to quarrel. In a romantic relationship, the man of this combination of signs is unpredictable. A woman can sincerely believe that he is devoted to her until the end of his days. However, at any time he can be carried away by another woman and disappear from the life of the former beloved forever, and will not feel a single pity.

Libra Monkey Woman

Lovely coquette Libra-Monkeys can seem superficial, completely focused on their appearance. But this is not so, they are clever, purposeful people. They can chat freely, jumping from one thought to another, although at this time their head is busy with serious things. Libra Monkeys are responsible women, hardworking, and therefore invariably succeed, no matter what serious goal they face. In a love relationship can be different, it all depends on how much their partner is dear. With a worthy man, able to forgive small female weaknesses, can live a lifetime without serious quarrels and scandals. They like to feel loved and desired, but comments and criticism are inadmissible, even in the most tactful manner.

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