Pisces Monkey

When someone is born in the Chinese Year of the Monkey they are believed to receive some of the animal’s high intelligence and exceptional curiosity. If the person is also a Pisces in Western Astrology descriptions then they are thought to gain the Monkey’s nimbleness of mind and body too. A Pisces Monkey individual therefore usually has quick intellect and an agile and inquisitive character. The personality of the Piscean Monkey is generally pleasant, positive and more laid back than the majority of other Piscean’s. They seem to love life and being alive to the full and often inspire others to be more assured and less worried along the way.

Pisces Monkey Traits

A Piscean Monkey tends to be an early riser who is often the first person up in a morning. They like to take each day as it comes and deal with things as and when they happen. These people find planning ahead boring so they prefer to think on their feet and then adjust themselves and their time accordingly. Piscean Monkey’s really shy away from set routines and much prefer to chop and change necessary tasks to suit them. This refusal to be organized and reliable with their time keeping can make these Piscean’s sometimes a bit difficult to live with.

Piscean Monkey’s like their own space and do not appreciate others invading it when uninvited. These individual’s favor the company of a few close best friends over lots of casual acquaintances. The Piscean Monkey is resourceful with their combination of agility and is quick to find solutions to problems by using though and manual energies together. These talents are as useful and versatile in the workplace as they are in the home environment. These personalities may be rather untidy and disorganized in their methods but they do always achieve the objective.

In relationships the Piscean Monkey takes a while to open up as they tend to keep their personal feelings firmly under wraps. They usually find other ways to express how they are feeling so often possess a sense of humor or tendency to joke around rather than discuss inner emotions. They commonly need partners and companions who can occasionally get past their barriers and get them to relax a little. These Piscean’s can be easily encouraged to try new things and many of them like to pack their free time with lots of different activities. When these people loosen up a bit they are more their true selves.

Weaknesses of the Piscean Monkey personality are mainly not showing emotions enough and a proneness to idle gossip. By not being openly honest about their true feelings the Piscean Monkey personality can miss many opportunities in life by not opening and speaking up. Missed chances in life can sometimes encourage them to be a bit more emotional. These individual’s are also on ocassion likely to chat about others behind their back. This is probably the influence of the mischievous Monkey but their gossip is rarely malicious. They are just naturally curious people and sometimes a liitle nosy.

Pisces Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

The highly intelligent, creative, and reflective Pisces Monkey can boast a strong predisposition to all things artistic and intellectual, but in exchange for these gifts they often sacrifice social skills. Relationships are not their strong points, and Pisces Monkeys often have a hard time finding their place among other groups of people.

As friends they are mysterious, charming, gregarious, deeply emotional, and often evasive to questioning. They will attract like-minded people to them just by being themselves. The more they are themselves the more they will polarize people, but true friends will adore them completely. They are much better in friendships than romantic relationships, which they too often treat like a challenge to be won. Members of this sign tend to be escapists and may prefer progressive, semi-anonymous groups and outings where they can blend in or role play. As much as they might like to retreat, having people around is important, even just to bounce ideas off of or talk philosophically together.

While this combination of Western and Eastern signs has many benefits, the drawbacks are most often seen in romance. Pisces tend to pick bad partners and worry about pleasing them too much. Monkeys like to play games romantically and get bored once the challenge of chasing a mate has been won. Relationships are likely to be unnecessarily dramatic, if not straight up theatrical. Considering the tendencies of both signs together, one partner is not likely to stick around for the long haul until a Pisces Monkey consciously changes his or her relationship patterns.

Pisces Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Pisces Monkeys have a lot of career options available to them because of their intellectual and artistic abilities. Members of this sign tend to look for big roles and big adventures, so they are more likely to go to more extreme roles in these fields than to choose a middle-of-the-road job. Artistic Pisces Monkeys will likely know exactly where their talents lie and what they enjoy doing. In most cases they will want to be entertainers. Actors, musicians, writers, and film directors are the most common roles for this sign, though this depends on each individual’s talents as well as other aspects in the individual’s birth chart. Fine art is also a strong suit of this sign, particularly in the fields of painting and jewelry making.

Not all Pisces Monkeys will choose an artistic career. Many, in fact, will go the complete opposite direction and follow mathematical, statistical, or physics-based paths. Members of this sign make excellent scientists and engineers of all kinds. They have the mental capacity for dissecting complex problems and building models for new solutions. A college education is required for most high-level roles in these fields, so Pisces Monkeys should be prepared for a long stint in academics if they wish to go down one of the more “intellectual” paths.

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