Sagittarius Monkey

Sagittarius Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Maintaining a bustling social life is a major goal for Sagittarius Monkey in general. Though they are highly independent by nature, members of this sign are too cheerful, gregarious, and full of life to not share a good deal of time with other people. Sagittarius Monkeys like to meet new people and visit new places, so it’s not unusual for them to have several different groups of friends all over the place. Their optimism and wit draw others to them easily, though they can be difficult to pin down one-on-one.

Romantic relationships are complicated for this sign. Sagittarius Monkeys are naturally more comfortable in situations where they can come and go as they please, which makes any type of partnership difficult to maintain. Add to that the emotional element of a romantic partnership and it’s easy to see why Sagittarius Monkeys have difficulty settling down with someone else. In their youth these types of flighty relationships will come and go with little dramatic resonance, but as they get older, Sagittarius Monkey will have to choose between domestic partnership and living an independent life, as most potential partners will not put up with a disconnected or otherwise unavailable mate. Love may or may not play a strong role in the direction of their lives, depending on other (minor) signs in the birth chart.

Sagittarius Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Back in Medieval times, those born under this sign would have an obvious career. Unfortunately “Adventurer” is no longer a very lucrative career choice. Because Sagittarius Monkey naturally gravitate toward what they find intriguing, most will have already made up their mind about what they want to do with their life by the time they reach adulthood. Sagittarian Monkeys also like to show off by doing what they are good at, so many develop their inborn talents early on in life.

At the same time, many of the career choices made in the excitement of youth may not be quite so practical when adulthood arrives and the rent becomes due. For those looking for a fitting career choice, the following jobs are good fits for this adventurous sign: City planner, Engineer, Film Director, Journalist, Scientist, Writer, Ambassador, Broadcaster, College Professor, Diplomat, Explorer, Lawyer, Missionary, Professor, Athlete, Translator, Tutor.

Sagittarius Monkey Man

Charming Sagittarius-Monkeys men are able to find a common language with any person. They are always surrounded by friends, their life is a real holiday. The most boring, ordinary event is easily turned into an exciting adventure. They are excellent organizers, they can find a way out of the most difficult situation. Every woman is pleased to have such a gallant and courteous boyfriend like the Sagittarius-Monkey, but do not expect from him a rapid manifestation of feelings. It is, undoubtedly, an addicting nature, an emotional and passionate person. However, he values ​​his freedom too much and does not hurry to part with it. But a woman who has managed to win his heart will be amazed at how much this sensitive and loving husband, and most importantly — a beautiful father.

Sagittarius Monkey Woman

Women of this signs combination are distinguished by their desire for knowledge, they are ready to learn all their life, regardless of family circumstances. Even if the Sagittarius Monkey took place in the profession, her name is well known, this is no reason to dwell on the result. Often, her irrepressible craving for creativity affects negatively on her personal life. Sagittarius-Monkey women are not particularly located to create a family. It is much more important to take place in the profession and leave a significant trace behind them. They like to communicate, to travel, with great pleasure spend time with family and friends. They live an interesting, eventful life, they can not be called unlucky people.

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