Sagittarius Monkey

Monkeys are well known for their curiosity, cleverness and ingenuity and these characteristics were noted by ancient astrologists. In Chinese Astrology the Monkey is thought to represent a smart, innovative and fun personality. People born in their year are believed to acquire some of these bright and cheerful traits into their personalities. Sagittarian’s from Western Astrology are usually easygoing and inquisitive. So the Sagittarian Monkey individual is usually friendly, refined, intelligent and inventive. They often also gain a little of the Monkey’s entertaining character and sense of humor.

Sagittarius Monkey Traits

A Sagittarius Monkey has a cheery disposition that is filled with fortitude and positivity. They are usually intellectual and have a love of books and learning as this stimulates their enquiring minds. The Sagittarian Monkey likes to use his or her inventiveness in almost everything they do. They have a wonderful imagination and while they are normally quite down to earth people they can be highly creative. These personalities are fairly sociable and love to have meaningful conversations. They enjoy the company of others but they also appreciate time alone sometimes for quiet reflection.

The Sagittarian Monkey is not lazy but they are very good at taking shortcuts if it is sensible to do so. Their thinking is quick but not impulsive or irresponsible and they possess great problem solving skills. These particular traits and their great sense of humor are all useful to own and help the Sagittarian Monkey to get through daily challenges without much stress. The realistic and reliable Sagittarius influence adds some composure to the Monkey’s lively imaginative mind. This gives these individual’s their well balanced persona’s and it often assists them in achieving success in all areas of life. It helps them enormously in getting the most out of friendships and their work and personal relationships.

Settling down with a soul mate may take the Sagittarian Monkey some time as they are a little bit shy. They do not like to rush into personal relationships as they prefer to let things happen at a natural pace. Sagittarian Monkey’s do not really believe in love at first sight, they tend to think that feelings grow and develop over time. These people are not very romantic in their outlook but they are extremely loving and devoted once attached. This is the only part of their life where they will not consider taking the quick route. Conditions of compatibility will have to be perfect before they will even contemplate entering into long term partnerships.

The innovative personality of the Sagittarian Monkey rarely gets stressed but it has a tendency to another weakness. This is the proneness to suffer from mood fluctuations occasionally. These dips in their usual positive state of mind will often occur when a Sagittarian Monkey has not eaten for a while or they are over tired. It can materialize as shortness of temper or feeling sorry for themselves. As they get older and learn to regulate their eating and sleeping patterns they may inhibit this character weakness from causing any problems.

Sagittarius Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Maintaining a bustling social life is a major goal for Sagittarius Monkey in general. Though they are highly independent by nature, members of this sign are too cheerful, gregarious, and full of life to not share a good deal of time with other people. Sagittarius Monkeys like to meet new people and visit new places, so it’s not unusual for them to have several different groups of friends all over the place. Their optimism and wit draw others to them easily, though they can be difficult to pin down one-on-one.

Romantic relationships are complicated for this sign. Sagittarius Monkeys are naturally more comfortable in situations where they can come and go as they please, which makes any type of partnership difficult to maintain. Add to that the emotional element of a romantic partnership and it’s easy to see why Sagittarius Monkeys have difficulty settling down with someone else. In their youth these types of flighty relationships will come and go with little dramatic resonance, but as they get older, Sagittarius Monkey will have to choose between domestic partnership and living an independent life, as most potential partners will not put up with a disconnected or otherwise unavailable mate. Love may or may not play a strong role in the direction of their lives, depending on other (minor) signs in the birth chart.

Sagittarius Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Back in Medieval times, those born under this sign would have an obvious career. Unfortunately “Adventurer” is no longer a very lucrative career choice. Because Sagittarius Monkey naturally gravitate toward what they find intriguing, most will have already made up their mind about what they want to do with their life by the time they reach adulthood. Sagittarian Monkeys also like to show off by doing what they are good at, so many develop their inborn talents early on in life.

At the same time, many of the career choices made in the excitement of youth may not be quite so practical when adulthood arrives and the rent becomes due. For those looking for a fitting career choice, the following jobs are good fits for this adventurous sign: City planner, Engineer, Film Director, Journalist, Scientist, Writer, Ambassador, Broadcaster, College Professor, Diplomat, Explorer, Lawyer, Missionary, Professor, Athlete, Translator, Tutor.

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Sagittarius Monkey
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