Scorpio Monkey

When the mischievousness Monkey from Chinese Astrology influences a Scorpio Western sun sign it creates quite a bubbly personality. A Scorpio Monkey’s character will usually display lots of the quick wit and mischief of this creature. With this particular animal’s influence alongside their typical Scorpio traits of persuasive and impulsive, these personalities are lots of fun. They seem to have lots of energy and enthusiasm and a fairly positive and forward thinking view on life. They tend to take make decisions impulsively without prior thought but never intentionally or with any malice.

Scorpio Monkey Traits

The Scorpio Monkey personality is highly intuitive and inquisitive in their nature as well as being impetuous. These particular characteristics are an unusual combination together and generally make these Scorpio’s greatly tuned into the emotions of others. However their impetuousness often drives them to say things in haste that could have been worded a lot better. Their over inquisitiveness can also make them appear nosy and interfering. People often need to get to know a Scorpio Monkey really well before they will understand how they think and act. These Scorpio’s are good natured and compassionate but their personalities do not always reflect this.

A Scorpio Monkey loves the company and communication of others and does not like to feel lonely. These individual’s are known to be quite sociable and have a cheery and optimistic sense of humor. In the workplace these people will be the ones that help keep everyone cheerful with their jokes. They have a sensible attitude to responsibilities but know how to keep it lighthearted to avoid getting too stressed. In relationships they share the same mental outlook and so are loving, giving, protective and will generally save the playfulness for the bedroom. They will be good providers and will value the security of a settled home life with a partner they love and trust.

Versatility and lots of stamina are two useful qualities that a Scorpio Monkey personality also possesses. His or her intelligent adaptability and endurance are much valued traits and help the Scorpio Monkey to be helpful to others and finish things he starts. These personalities tend to have lots of vigor and will mostly enjoy physical activities as hobbies. Their impulsiveness of thought usually makes them very good at sports and helps them release any excess energy. To relax the Scorpio Monkey likes to spend time with the people that most understand them. These people are savers rather than spenders but they are not usually mean with their money but they do love a bargain.

Weaknesses in the Scorpio Monkey personality center on their tendency to not think carefully before they decide to do and say things. Their sometimes hasty actions and words can occasionally get them into trouble. This is probably the influence of the impish Monkey in these Scorpio character’s. Not many Scorpio’s escape it and so the majority will need to learn how to stop and think first to minimize its presence. By recognizing it’s effect the Scorpio Monkey can try to avoid its rashness.

Scorpio Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Social relationships are where the Monkey shines the most. Loyal, gregarious, and funny, Scorpio Monkeys can be the life of the party or they can be self-absorbed, competitive, and negative. It is entirely within each individual’s ability to concentrate on one aspect of their personality over another. In most cases, Scorpio Monkeys choose who they want to spend time with and typically aren’t that fond of large groups. Instead they prefer to be big fish in a small pond, getting their fix of attention from those who know and understand them best. Being misunderstood, in fact, is very difficult for them to handle, so familiarity in social situations is usually best.

How they fare in romance depends heavily on certain aspects in the birth chart, especially the position and relationships of the planet Venus. Scorpio Monkey rely on the love and affection of others more than they think they do. They can usually get their fill of social attention from friends, so relationships take on a different meaning to them. Though loyal to friends, they can be much less so in relationships, with passions burning bright at first, then fizzling out quickly. Even though they burn bridges they are absolutely floored when others do the same to them. Others who burn them in relationships will not be forgiven, and those who play coy may become the obsession of a Scorpio Monkey’s attention, at least for a while. There is much maturity necessary to find the right partnership which is why most Scorpio Monkeys end up finding their life partners later in life than their peers.

Scorpio Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Most Scorpios and Monkeys will choose their path based on their individuals passions and on the aspects of other planets in the birth chart. These signs don’t strongly dictate the actual career choice, just the personality aspects that lead to a passion which leads to the best career choice.

That said, those who do not yet have a career in mind can benefit from knowing the best natural career fits for Scorpio Monkey in general. These include scientist, engineer (of any kind), entertainer, doctor, or detective. Whatever they choose, these are individuals who like to be in a position of authority, or at least be a “partner” in a firm. They aren’t fond of taking orders from others and like having flexibility to call their own shots. Many will choose to work alone, though their best work would be done in conjunction with others. Exactly how they choose to express themselves through their work is highly dependent on other signs in the birth chart, particularly Jupiter and Saturn.

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