Taurus Monkey

The Monkey is well known for his sociability and this is noted as one of his strongest personality traits in ancient Chinese Astrology. Individuals born in the Year of the Monkey are considered lucky and highly likely to be naturally very sociable. The typical Taurus personalities in Western Astrology are believed to possess realistic and friendly traits. The inclusion of the Monkey’s sociableness to the stable self controlled Taurus is a favorable one. It makes a Taurus Monkey highly informative and in an extremely effective way. A Taurus Monkey is often the most communicative and outgoing of all conventional Taurus personalities.

Taurus Monkey Traits

The Taurus Monkey’s skill at imparting information is coupled with a love of knowledge of all kinds. These are intelligent people who are quick to take in and understand facts and instructions. They undertake tasks with a positive attitude and have good problem solving abilities. In their work a Taurus Monkey can utilize all these aptitudes and they make conscientious workers. As they are usually up to date on the latest news and developments they will often be the first to suggest new ideas within the work environment. Their friendliness and straightforward ways make them easy to approach and get along with.

A Taurus Monkey is also resourceful and imaginatively practical and so will often have a creative interest or two. Many are keen on artistic endeavors and love to plan, design and make things. They are proud of their homes and will generally be neighborly and community spirited. At home they like to relax in comfortable surroundings and are neither overly fussy about tidiness nor untidy themselves. The Taurus Monkey enjoys reading and will often have their own little library of favorite books. Although they value their privacy they will be welcoming and hospitable to visitors. They make good hosts when family or friends are celebrating special occasions.

In personal relationships the Taurus Monkey is usually immensely loving, expressive and faithful. Their persuasive communication skills assist them greatly with interplay towards partners. They are responsive, warm and do not often take much coaxing to open up emotionally. As they like to talk their way through situations they are fairly easy to read as this is how they seem to express themselves best. A Taurus Monkey will tend to say his feelings rather than demonstrate them. They need partners who are good listeners and will understand their verbal expressions of love and devotion.

Needing to impart news, facts and messages is an almost natural instinct for a Taurus Monkey. However it can also be a weakness in their personality every now and then. This is because they can sometimes forget to think before they tell people things and they can occasionally inadvertently upset them. A Taurus Monkey can sometimes let his or her words out before even thinking about the consequences. Life experiences often teach them to plan ahead and phrase their passed on information more carefully. This weakness is more powerful in some of these characters than in others.

Taurus Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Those born under this sign are charming and sociable and enjoy being part of like-minded groups. They may disappear from time to time when they find a new challenge, but for the most part Taurus Monkeys like getting attention. Members of this sign have a hard time trusting others and can even be a bit too self-involved for their own good. Because of this they usually develop a small network of key people that they trust and eventually limit their socialization to these groups.

Romantic relationships will get easier for Taurus Monkeys as they mature. Being both passionate and flighty, long-term relationships generally do not appeal to an Taurus Monkey. Members of this sign get bored of others quickly, particularly if the relationship is not challenging. Eventually age will grant Taurus Monkeys the wisdom and insight they need to find stability in life and only then will they allow themselves to settle down. This may not happen for some time, though, as the middle part of an Taurus Monkey’s life is the key point where the most challenging growth happens.

Taurus Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Taurus Monkeys do best when they forget about other peoples’ definitions of success and simply focus on following their interests. The role of follower does not suit them well, though neither does the role of leader. Members of this sign must find and take their own path in order to find balance and happiness. This is indeed what they are meant to do, so fate has made sure to give them the intelligence, determination, and luck they need to find their way in the world. It is only when they become overly influenced by outside expectations that these gifts become wasted and useless. Taurus Monkeys should be the ones influencing society through their actions and beliefs, not the other way around.

Their curious nature may lead them into some uncommon careers such as jewelry designer, furniture maker, clothing designer, art dealer, and confectioner. These are surprisingly good fits for an Taurus Monkey. They also have a talent with money and finance, and should it fit their interests, those born under this sign can excel as bankers, stockbrokers, accountants, and financial advisers.

Taurus Monkey Man

Decisive, purposeful man Taurus-Monkey is not used to pass before difficulties. This is an excellent organizer, can find an approach to any person, and acts gently and tactfully. At work, he is appreciated for his benevolence and rare diligence. Taurus-Monkey is a cheerful and sociable man, likes to spend time in noisy companies. He can be called a favorite of women, a charming and interesting interlocutor inspires confidence from the first minutes of conversation. In addition, it’s a gallant and considerate gentleman. The truth is not very trying to prove the seriousness of their feelings by real deeds. In the hands of a skilled, experienced woman will eventually become the ideal husband. Loves children, gives them a lot of time, despite the tight work schedule.

Taurus Monkey Woman

The Taurus Monkey woman is not so simple and sweet as it seems at first glance. A charming lady, who can turn her head around by the mere movement of her eyelashes, is actually very smart and calculating. She perfectly understands what goals she sets herself, it is important for her to live in comfort and prosperity. It differs assiduity and diligence, it is able to solve the most difficult problems. But do not give up the help of a man, or rather, skillfully push the fan to the right decision. In a love relationship Taurus-Monkey is a faithful woman, trying to surround her with love and care for her only one. The truth is stubborn, touchy, needs care and attention. She is very attached to her children, she takes part in their games and amusements with pleasure.

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