Virgo Monkey

A Western sun sign of Virgo individual’s traits of seriousness and the need for neatness and order are well known. When these characteristics are merged with those of the Monkey from Chinese Astrology it all adds up to a much less fussy character. A Virgo Monkey remains meticulous but he gains a much more lighthearted persona with a great sense of humor. These Virgo’s will often appear trouble free and show a positive front and confidence even when things are not quite going their way. The Monkey’s lively cheerful influence seems to keep them distracted from the majority of negative thoughts and pessimism.

Virgo Monkey Traits

A Virgo Monkey is the least serious of all Virgo’s but they are not usually irresponsible with it. They tend to have an even balance between sensible and carefree and seem to be able to easily switch from one to the other. Virgo Monkey’s are very adaptable and versatile and can get along with most people. These personalities will be chatty at work but often prefer a bit of peace to unwind first when they get home. They tolerate working for the financial necessity but would much rather be doing something else. Some of these individual’s will consider employment that allows more freedom to choose when and where they can work.

Relationships with the Virgo Monkey will generally be open, honest, loving and lots of fun. These people are generous with their affections and time and will expect partner’s to be as attentive as they are. These particular individual’s need a lot of love and attention but when given this is always returned in abundance. A Virgo Monkey will also wish their chosen soul mates to also be their best friends. Many of them tend to end up with people who they have known socially for many years beforehand. These personalities sometimes really value the friendship side of a personal relationship above any other aspects.

The happy-go-lucky Virgo Monkey tends to enjoy wide open spaces as opposed to small crowded places. They like to get out and about and discover a little bit of the world beyond their doorsteps. These Virgo’s can be rather frivolous with their money as they are occasionally prone to be extravagant. Once they acquire additional responsibilities they more often than not realize that they need to keep more control on their finances. A Virgo Monkey’s living space will tend to filled with little clues to their heightened humorous temperaments. On their travels they love to collect things that will remind them of a place and capture fun memories of the time spend there.

Weaknesses in the Virgo Monkey personality are few, they seem to cope with life quite well if they have adequate love. When they are feeling unloved, repudiated or faced with unfairness they can disclose a couple of detrimental traits. The Virgo Monkey can be twice as pessimistic as they are usually optimistic when upset and be extremely vocal. They are also likely to take things very personally and sometimes over dramatize events to obtain the sympathy of others.

Virgo Monkey Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Each individual’s attitude is by far the most important control factor in their lives. This shows up most strongly in their relationships with other people. Virgo Monkeys need to accept what comes their way and learn to trust their instincts. This sign is expected to have big ups and big downs, but they must always do their best to maintain a positive attitude, otherwise they risk wasting their talents and pushing other people away.

Friendships are a key factor in the lives of Virgo Monkeys. Likeable, sociable, and charming when maintaining a positive outlook, this is a sign that can attract others to them easily. They deeply need social time with others in order to stay connected to what really matters in life. Virgo Monkeys are smart, likeable, and genuinely care about others. Opening themselves up to less self-centered and more humanitarian causes only increases their attractiveness and provides the kind of community that Virgo Monkeys need to thrive.

Despite their vast intelligence, members of this sign make a lot of mistakes in love. They are too often flighty, judgmental, and too quick to give up on one romantic relationship for another. Though they think they need variety in life, they tend to keep coming back to the same types of relationships with the same types of people. Their analytical nature does not translate well into the realm of love where they allow emotional insecurities and judgmental notions take over. As usual for them, maturity saves the day here, and eventually they should grow out of their own fickle nature. This is also highly dependent on certain planetary aspects in the birth chart, particularly the position of Venus and its relationships to the other aspects.

Virgo Monkey Business (Career & Goals)

Because many will have early success in school and in problem solving, others (especially parents) will likely encourage Virgo Monkeys to use their gifts in certain specific ways. These recommendations are far more often reflective of the encouraging individual’s values rather than those of the Virgo Monkey. This is understandable in youth but eventually can lead to a great deal of confusion for those who are finally ready to strike out on their own.

Every sign has to follow their heart and their instincts, yet one’s talents are often also useful in the pursuit of their goals. Members of this sign can be very creative thinkers. They can analyze a situation and figure out creative ways to approach problems. Others often consider them geniuses, a moniker they will gladly accept. However, when stressed or depressed creativity is the first thing to shut down which only increases their negative feelings, since most of their self-worth comes from the successes earned through their creative thinking.

Virgo Monkeys have many strengths in the working world. Precise, resilient, and ambitious, they have a superb memory for details. They are great at analysis, problem solving, and inventing new ways of thinking. Still, within the depths of themselves lies a strong desire to be of service to others. A humanitarian idealism that continues to pester the soul long after other paths have been chosen.

The best careers for most Virgo Monkeys are focused on using their problem solving skills to help others. The fact that careers like nurse, physical therapist, psychologist, and counselor come to the top of the list for this sign is no accident, though it should be noted that not all methods of helping others come through such direct means. Virgo Monkeys have the ability to change the social nature of the world, and they have many avenues with which to do this. Careers like engineer or computer programmer may not seem very humanitarian, yet these are some of the best ways for a Virgo Monkey to make subtle shifts in the structure of the culture and break through the old ways of thinking.

Other great career choices for this sign include city planner, civil servant, airline attendant, air traffic controller, scientist, and language teacher. Specific planetary aspects in each individual’s birth chart will have a strong influence on which career direction this sign takes.

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