Aquarius Ox

Aquarius Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aquarius Ox have the uncanny ability to come across as mysterious without intending to. Because they are always thinking and working, even those close to them don’t really know them all that well. This is not intentional on the Aquarius Ox part. They are actually very friendly, they are just more interested in listening than talking, and have no qualms being by themselves to work on whatever project is going on in their head.

Members of this sign are hard to pin down. They don’t fall in love easily, and they can be hard to get to know. If you can be patient with them, you can slowly break down their unintentional walls and get inside to find out what’s going on in their heads, which is always fascinating. Once they let you in and trust you, they will be loyal and protective. They would love to include you in their grand schemes and take you along on their journeys. Just don’t expect an Aquarius Ox to change. They are fixed in their ways, but if you can accept that, they are among the most interesting and friendly people you can find.

Aquarius Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Aquarius Ox can excel in many areas, but they need to be careful to choose a field that suits their personality. You will never find an Aquarius Ox playing the role of a salesman, waiter, or bartender. Those are far too social and don’t offer enough challenge. Aquarius Ox need a way to blend their ability to work hard with the time and freedom to do things their own way. One career where they excel is as teachers, particularly at the higher education levels. Aquarius Ox make great professors. They have no problem working hard to get the education necessary, and enjoy sharing their unique way of seeing the world with others. In particular, they do best as professors of social sciences (archeology, anthropology, sociology, social psychology).

Not all Aquarius Ox enjoy education, however. In fact, some downright hate it. Aquarius Ox raised in strict schools that don’t encourage creative thinking can stifle the fruitful minds of this sign. In these cases, members of this sign often strike out on their own directly after high school. They can often be found in jobs where they can work long, hard hours while being able to put things together in the way they see fit. They can often be found as mechanics, construction workers, carpenters, or even as artists that work with big, industrial materials, like metal sculptures.

Aquarius Ox Man

Active, energetic man Aquarius-Ox is a subtle psychologist who can find a common language with a wide variety of people. A talented person is constantly looking for new ways of self-expression. He is attracted by activities that provide ample opportunities for experiments: a writer, scriptwriter, director. He is able to reach enormous heights in the creative profession. Purposeful and persevering, like all representatives of the sign of the Ox, at the same time, an original person is quite typical, like a typical Aquarius. To him are women, trust their secrets and secrets. He is able to intrigue, attract attention to himself by romantic actions. But the partner should inspire him, otherwise he will quickly get bored and go in search of another lover.

Aquarius Ox Woman

Unordinary, cheerful woman Aquarius-Ox likes to be in the spotlight. For her, the public opinion is important, and tries to excel not by defiant behavior, but by worthy deeds. The active nature seeks to take place in the profession, but its energy is enough for personal interests, as much as possible tries to help relatives in solving problems. In a love relationship, she longs to get the full range of emotions and feelings, but also expects serious behavior from the partner. Aquarius-Ox woman, aimed at a strong marriage, her family life is carefully planned for many decades to come. She is cautious about changes, but she can not without passion, so a partner should constantly arrange for her romantic dates.

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