Aries Ox

Ancient Chinese Astrology describes the Ox as a tenacious, hardworking and reliable creature with a contemplative quite shy nature. When someone with the Western sun sign of Aries is born in the Year of the Ox a very determined personality emerges. The strong influence of the adamant Ox adds perseverance to the typical enthusiastic straightforwardness of Aries. An Aries Ox personality is usually very assertive and appears to acquire much of the Ox’s determination but hardly any of his shyness. These personalities are confident and often have a good way of expressing themselves verbally and they think about things deeply.

Aries Ox Traits

The Aries Ox is in most cases honest and open and does not try to hide his or her adamancy or confidence. These individual’s are easy to approach and will always give you a straight answer to a question. They are eloquent with their language and quite considerate but their reply will be blunt but truthful. An Aries Ox is not big on giving compliments or being romantic in relationships however they are passionate and extremely loving. They may want to lead the way in the relationship but this will not be intentional or overpowering. It is just their tiny insecurity that makes them need to feel in control of situations.

At home the Aries Ox can be rather untidy usually as they are busy people who find domestic chores tedious. They are generally happier in the garden than the house as these personalities love the great outdoors. An Aries Ox may think cleaning and tidying incredibly boring but they are hardworking in any other task. They enjoy work that involves challenges and where there is the opportunity of progressing based on effort. These personalities are ambitious and do not give up on goals easily. They aim high and are often successful in life due to their sheer determination if nothing else.

An Aries Ox is persistent in his or her outlook and can usually be a good motivator of others. They can be a little bossy and they seem to expect everyone to have the same high standards of endurance and efficiency as their own. To befriend an Aries Ox you will need to be on their level. These are not highly sociable personalities, who although not bashful, will rarely be the first to initiate a friendship. The close friends they do have will probably be the ones they acquired in childhood. These Aries do not make friends easily but they are immensely loyal to their long standing acquaintances.

The Aries Ox’s proneness to be stubborn beyond reason is one of the two main weakness in their personality. The other is their tendency to be sometimes rather impulsive and take unnecessary risks. Occasionally these people will be tempted to gamble or risk everything for the sake of one thing. They can have little moments of madness where they do silly things, especially with money. This weakness is most often overcome as the Aries Ox gets older and wiser with a more controlled and sensible attitude towards finances.

Aries Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aries Ox spend much of their lives trying to hide an inner conflict between the dual sides of their nature. This can make relationships difficult. To those close to them, they are usually great to have around. When they can relax a little, which they rarely do, they are actually pretty fun. When they are in a bad mood, though, they can be completely intolerable. At least they will let you know and try to keep their own distance. If you push them past that point though, your fate is in their hands.

Most Aries Ox would like very much to fall in love, get married, and start a family, yet they might have a hard time convincing themselves of this in their youth. When they are younger, their active, adventurous side will likely take charge, while their stable, security-driven side will dominate the later part of their lives. Aries Ox and those who love them should be patient and go with the natural flow of things. This sign will come around eventually if their potential partners can be patient enough to wait.

Aries Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Aries Ox have a good work ethic and are highly focused on their careers. If they let their ego get in their way, they may choose a high-profile career where they can achieve a lot of material success. This is not typically the best idea for this sign, as they can become too unbalanced in the process. They do best in roles where they can work autonomously and aren’t constantly having to answer to a supervisor.

One ideal career for this sign is Police Officer. Aries Ox are strong and authoritative by nature and are assertive enough to succeed in this job but patient enough to think through a situation before acting. A job out patrolling the streets will satisfy the adventurous side of their nature, and a desk job further along in their careers will satisfy their hard-working, focused side.

For those who don’t find this a good fit, another great option for Aries Ox is a career as a Landlord. It may seem a bit mundane for a Aries Ox, but the reality of the job is actually a great fit. They are great at managing people while keeping an emotional distance from them. People don’t like messing with a Aries Ox or challenging their will, so tenants tend to pay Aries Ox on time when other landlords would fail. A particularly ambitious member of this sign can build their own stable of properties and do quite well financially.

Aries Ox Man

The Aries-Ox man has a violent temperament that a combination with strong will make him almost invulnerable creature. Patiently and resolutely overcomes obstacles on his life path. In early youth can commit reckless deeds, but with age to replace impulsiveness comes a calm confidence in their abilities. Easily takes the highest vital strips, stubbornly advances along the career ladder. His goal is a good position, which guarantees a stable financial position. Women are very interested in Aries-Ox, but it is not easy to win his heart. The powerful partner demands complete submission. The chosen one should live by his interests, while being a passionate nature, capable of exciting the feelings of a temperamental man.

Aries Ox Woman

Aries-Ox woman is not devoid of ambition, strives to take place in the profession. Acts quickly and decisively, any failure causes a feeling of irritation, and her energy is enough for personal life. Passionate, bright person attracts the attention of men, but makes them quite high demands. She craves love affairs, stable relations cause boredom in her. Easily gets connections on the side, if he does not receive the necessary emotions in the marriage. Intolerant of the partner’s weaknesses, jealous and willful. Will be happy with a reliable man, not devoid of imagination, capable of romantic madness for the sake of his beloved. Recognizes only an equal partnership, will not yield to the elect in anything, even household duties should be evenly distributed among the spouses.

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