Cancer Ox

When the sensitive home loving Cancerian is astrologically connected at birth with the sturdy Ox it forms a versatile personality. The normally cautious timid Cancer traits are almost wiped out by the presence of this ancient Chinese animal in a birth chart. The emotional strength, strong mind and reliability of the Ox character can dominate these Cancerian personalities in varying degrees. This tenacious astrological force in the Cancerian Ox person may exhibit itself as the individual developing a noticeable emotionally strong personality. This toughens up the ultra sensitive Cancer and causes him to be much more adaptable.

Cancer Ox Traits

With this touch more confidence from the Ox’s aura the Cancer Ox personality really comes out of it’s shell. Shyness is diminished and they are all together more forceful with their overall manner. People who appreciate the caring quiet Cancer sun sign traits are treated to a much louder and more self assured version with the Cancer born in the Chinese Year of The Ox. Individuals born in the midst of this mix of Western and Chinese Astrology acquire a personality that is very efficient at adapting to new people and different circumstances. This versatile persona makes them great additions to any caring profession team and proves very useful for parenting skills.

The Cancerian Ox’s talent to turn his hand to a wide variety of tasks at short notice is one of their best assets. Their thoughtful nature sees them offering assistance wherever it is needed as they gain lots of pleasure from helping others. If you team up with these personality types in a relationship or friendship you can expect a supportive and practical partner. Their Cancer tendency to be a little insecure and over dependent on others is not as prominent in those with the Ox influenced characteristics.

The easygoing bright natured Cancer OX may have the least sensitivity and timidness of all Cancerians but he is still easily hurt. These particular personalities do not usually enter into relationships in haste, they like to take their time in choosing a mate. Although they are not typically hesitant to make decisions, in this area of their life they need to be completely sure with no doubts. Having chosen a partner who they trust implicitly the Cancerian Ox will more often than not devote his all. He will be a very attentive soul mate and adapt quickly to a permanent long term commitment. When these people are happily settled and contented they positively glow.

Cancer Ox personalities are considered a fine balanced mix of strength and sensitive emotions. The person with this horoscope pairing may have their up and down days if the balance is disturbed. When a Cancer Ox has something on their mind they may be snappy and tense or simply burst out crying. The wavering of their general equilibrium in times of stress is the only real weak spot worth a mention in an otherwise wonderful personality. The best cure for this weakness is for the Cancer Ox to share with others their concerns before things build up.

Cancer Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this side tend to exude a tough exterior, but it’s primarily unintentional. They aren’t trying to come across as hard or gruff, they just are very protective of the way others view them. Inside they are surprisingly emotional beings who, despite their best efforts, often feel incomplete and out of balance. This can make getting to know a Cancer Ox somewhat challenging. At the same time, they fiercely protect and enjoy providing for close friends and family. If you are able to get a member of this sign to let their guard down, you will find a faithful and loyal friend that you can trust without question.

It may come as a surprise to those who know them, but finding true love is one of the biggest life goals of a Cancer Ox. Though they don’t often show it, they deeply desire to find the perfect match to share their lives with. Once they find this person, they will share their true selves with them and expect the same in return. This is a very loving, protective, family-oriented sign that will only truly feel stable when their family life is happy and in order. The quiet and mysterious nature of the Cancer Ox helps attract potential mates much easier than the Cancer Ox realizes. Opening themselves up to others is one of the primary life goals of this sign.

Cancer Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Cancer Ox aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, they literally enjoy working in the dirt! Cancer Ox make great farmers, gardeners, builders, and landscapers. They get a great deal of satisfaction from working with their hands and feel most accomplished when this work is connected to providing for others. What might seem like grunt work to other signs is a sacred form of giving to the Cancer Ox. Similarly, many members of this sign become chefs - though they almost always prefer to use local, organically grown produce if they don’t have their own garden that they source their food from. This ownership of both growing and giving is very big part of this sign’s personality, and is necessary to many Cancer Ox’s contentment.

Some Cancer Ox prefer more intellectual pursuits, but again this shows up in a connection with the earth and nature. This is why you can find members of this sign working as archaeologists. In this role they see their finds as finds for all of humanity and consider this work their way of giving back to the field of science and knowledge. Whatever they choose to do, they will want to be in charge and have a certain amount of independence. After all, Cancer Ox work so hard they don’t need to be supervised.

Cancer Ox Man

Cancer man, born in the year of the Ox, has enough faith in his strength to boldly go through life. Sentimentality, vulnerability recede into the background, but intuition, characteristic of representatives of the watermark, remains with him. Therefore, rather accurately determines the right direction, to its goal moves slowly, but stubbornly. He prefers to act deliberately, avoids risk, strives for a calm, comfortable life. In relations with women, he manifests himself as a tactful, polite partner, taking into account the interests of the other half. Sharply needs care, attention, this tender, gentle husband, a loving father, a family for him - the meaning of all life. But deceit and disrespect are capable of awakening negative emotions in him, the Ox’s fury can manifest at any moment.

Cancer Ox Woman

The combination of Cancer and Ox gives birth to a unique personality, the woman of this combination of signs is a contradictory nature. It seems like a fragile person, but inside it is a steel rod. A strong enough, pragmatic woman, Cancer-Ox knows what she wants and how to get it. Success is achieved not by hard work, but by the ability to happily use your chance. Material values ​​are important, but still pay more attention to their spiritual development. In a love relationship seeking peace, the partner must be reliable, even predictable. Does not feel craving for adventure, does not need changes. Cancer-Ox is a reasonable woman, she will not start quarreling and conflicts, but she will not tolerate a rude attitude, she will find a way to resolve the situation peacefully.

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