Gemini Ox

The addition of a sharp intelligent Gemini mind to the Chinese influenced Ox’s versatility is a brilliant astrological combination. Those people born of the Western Gemini sun sign also in the Chinese Year of the Ox are said to be graced with great ingenuity. The influences of these two astrology traits combined produces individuals with highly creative thought processes. The Gemini Ox character is often known for their ability to come up with the greatest of ideas. The inventive nature and naturally sociability of the typical Gemini Ox personality makes them very entertaining charming people.

Gemini Ox Traits

A Gemini Ox individual is quite good at quickly adapting to new people and new situations. The presence of the Ox in their birth charts increases their already versatile and sociable personalities. They have a strong will and like things their own way but are always open to new concepts and have a generally understanding persona. Even though the Gemini Ox’s mind is forever buzzing with different ways to do things he will always find time for a chat. These people really comprehend and appreciate the importance of good communication to emotional well being. These people have lots of patience for the feelings of others and hate gossip of any sort with a passion.

Aside from their incredible ingenious and adaptable minds the Gemini Rat person possesses a calm sensitive side. Their clever and respectful way with words comes in very useful within relationships with other people. They are easily able to effectively communicate their thoughts and explain themselves as well as listen attentively to better understand others. The Gemini Ox usually prefers a few close friends rather than lots of casual acquaintances. They are more at ease in one to one situations than among a crowd of people preferring companions who share the same preference. When they form friendships these people seem to decide more or less straightaway if they would like it to be a long term acquaintance.

A Gemini Ox personality can become a little possessive in personal relationships if they feel threatened by others interference. They are highly selective with their choice of soul mate and regard unfaithfulness as unforgiveable. Due to their sometimes over active imaginations they may display occasional bursts of insecurity resulting in a jealous streak. In their working lives the Gemini Ox gets an opportunity to utilize their flexibility and natural genius. Their wide range of capable skills is suitable for work in almost all professions.

If a Gemini Ox character is placed in a position where he or she feels unappreciated or feel they are being lied to, their weakness of character materializes. They are prone to become stubborn and sulky and their normal get up and go diminishes. If the Gemini Ox seems a little grumpy he will usually have things on his mind, encouraging him to talk about it is probably the best way to lift their mood. They never tend to sulk for too long if they find the reassurance they are looking for when behaving in this manner.

Gemini Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Gemini Ox can be very difficult to read at first. They don’t put their cards on the table right away, rather they sit back and form a strategy even in the most casual social situations. Only when they have read their surroundings well do they open up and join the conversation. This isn’t so they can cater their opinions to their audience, though. It’s more like knowing which topics will be well accepted and which to avoid. Over time Gemini Ox gain close and loyal friends with those who they choose to let in. They are more social than anyone expects at first and typically like to keep a fairly small but trustworthy group with them for regular social contact.

Long-term relationships are not a priority for many young Gemini Ox. Not that they are not interested in romance, but they are more cautious with potential lovers than they are with potential friends. Their reserved nature may come across to others as either mysterious or boring. Gemini Ox have a mean streak and can explode in rage when pushed too far. This is always a surprise to those who assume them to be gentle creatures.

It’s not easy to understand a Gemini Ox, as they themselves have a difficult time doing so. Those who get to know them and can tolerate their imbalances as well as help them work toward a balanced life will be rewarded with a loving, honest, and dedicated partner for life.

Gemini Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Members of this sign are Generals by nature - strategists that are willing to do what it takes to get the job done. However, they are independent thinkers and have no desire to follow rules that they don’t believe in, making actual military careers an unlikely fit.

Instead, Gemini Ox may choose to use their strategic talents for other purposes. This could be anything from business management to community leadership to financial planning. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all career for this sign. This is both a blessing and a curse as it means that this capable sign can accomplish just about anything they put their ample minds to, but it also leaves them without a direction to go in. Thus, the career of the Gemini Ox ends up as nomadic as the Gemini Ox himself. This is where learning to let go and allow different experiences to slowly form the life path will be necessary to finding a happy, balanced life.

Gemini Ox Man

A unique combination of the signs Gemini and Ox gives its representatives undoubted merits: love of life, sociability, diligence. Gemini-Ox man does not seek wealth, for him, more important is inner peace, not material prosperity. Deprived of ambition, first of all he thinks what benefit society can bring. Strong man is not afraid of physical labors, while it has a craving for creativity. In achieving his goals, he shows perseverance and determination. But in his personal life he shows virility and impermanence, is in eternal search. It’s easy to change partners, likes to spend time with new friends. Will be happy in marriage with an energetic, cheerful woman who will not control him.

Gemini Ox Woman

An active, cheerful Gemini-Ox woman is full of various ideas how to cheer yourself and your inner circle. Men like to spend time in the company of a charming coquette. In the end, she does not make any special demands on the chosen one, it is quite simple to comply with her, the main thing is a positive attitude. In love relationships, she keeps her faithfulness exactly until she is interested. If the partner prefers to stay at home, constantly demonstrates a bad mood, she will leave it very quickly. It’s easy to make new acquaintances, so she does not face lonely old age. Unlike the other representatives of the air sign, a woman born in the year of the Ox is more restrained in expressing her feelings, responsibly approaches to work.

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