Leo Ox

A Leo Ox personality is attributed to people who acquire the Western astrological sign of Leo and the influence of the Ox from Chinese Astrology. This particular combination of two very strong animals influences is believed to create people who are rather headstrong. The Leo Ox individual is a determined character who has a generally cheery persona but has a stubborn and proud streak. These individuals seem to breeze through life without any big problems as their constitution is usually as durable as their determination. The presence of the Chinese Ox in their birth year, according to ancient astrologists, makes these people especially tolerant but also adamantly decisive.

Leo Ox Traits

The dignified Leo Ox personality approaches life with much enthusiasm and can have a rather over trusting nature. They tend to take people exactly as they find them and normally use their instinct rather than any logic to judge others. While their enthusiastic and honest outlook is beneficial their too trustful character can cause the Leo Ox to make some poor choices of friends. These Leo’s will often try to surround themselves with acquaintances that are more intelligent than themselves. This is because they are fond of learning new things and enjoy the company of companions who are knowledgeable and can keep them entertained.

In relationships the Leo Ox is a considerate and dependable mate that will be a good provider and take to domesticity quite well. These personalities require their partners to be just as thoughtful and open as they are with their feelings, and have the same positive view of life. The Leo Ox is easygoing and adaptable and usually eager to discuss and show emotions freely. These types often have high moral standards but try not to enforce their principles on others. They highly respect individuality and naturally expect others to accept theirs. This respectful attitude and their not too demanding fun loving personalities make these particular Leo’s kind and capable parents.

When a Leo Ox personality makes a decision they stubbornly stick to it and this normally includes all decisions. It is extremely difficult to change the minds of these proud characters once they have decided on something. They rarely ask for the advice of others preferring to ponder choices alone and in their own time. The modest calm and patient natures of the Leo Ox person makes them ideally suited to any kind of profession. They fit in easily with most people and soon adapt to new environments. As workmates they are generally supportive, reliable and trustworthy.

Leo and Ox both an asset and a hindrance to their personalities. When utilized to decide travel planning, a viable solution, or gift choices they are useful. When expressed for a personal or business decision purpose the Leo Ox’s un moveable stance is not usually advantageous and can lead to arguments. In making simple plans and for self decisions these individuals do not have problems. In making decisions involving others their adamancy and unwillingness to compromise is a weakness.

Leo Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Though they are generally very kind and highly likable, there is something about Leo Ox that polarizes people. Others tend to either love or hate them, though neither side can really explain why. For the most part they are highly respected, which gains them great support from those they meet and jealousy from those who only see their successes from a distance. Despite their polarizing personalities, Leo Ox have little trouble making and keeping friends - most of whom stay extremely loyal throughout their lifetimes. The ability to gather support in a moment’s notice is a hallmark of this sign.

Leo Ox usually end up falling in love and staying in it. They are extremely loyal partners and parents who recognize how important true friends and close family are. Despite their constant need to work, members of this sign understand what is truly important in life, and are willing to give freely of themselves knowing that their love will be returned. That said, betraying a Leo Ox’s trust is a very, very bad idea. The usually placid personality will quickly and shockingly be replaced with a vicious defensive nature that does not forgive easily.

Leo Ox Business (Career & Goals)

The natural leadership ability combined with the innate charm and well-spoken nature make a career in politics almost an instinctive draw. More than that, this is a powerful sign that can strongly influence others to at least consider their ideas. Though each individual has a different idea of what is best for their people, this is a sign that is always moving toward an ideal world. Famous Leo Ox leaders include U.S. President Barack Obama and former French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Leo Ox in particular should search their innermost talents to see where they fit best. This is a sign that can be successful at anything - as long as they are passionate about it. Whether an actor, artist, athlete, or musician, this is a sign that commands unusual amounts of attention simply by following their hearts.

The most natural role for a Leo Ox is that of a teacher or mentor. Leo Ox have a way of positively influencing the lives of those around them, especially the young and impressionable idealists of the world. This is a sign that can change the world through their influence on others just as easily as they can through their own work.

Leo Ox Man

Proud, self-confident man Leo-Ox is only aimed at success. Strives for a high social status, recognition and fame. So stubbornly achieves what he has conceived, that he does not pay attention to the opinions of others. He does not consider it necessary to compromise, he easily decides for everyone. The ambitious, bright man is full of strength and enthusiasm, he works hard. Usually he does not experience material difficulties, he is rather generous to his relatives, although in truth he demands respect and complete submission. Very seriously suited to the choice of a companion of life. A man of this combination of signs can not attract a quiet, calm woman, his imagination is excited by passionate, fatal beauties. Lion in love is ready to shower her with gifts, arrange romantic surprises for her.

Leo Ox Woman

The active Leo-Ox woman excels in all spheres of life. Her energy is enough for a lot of things, friends, relatives, husband, children — all are treated with her attention. Bright, beautiful woman looks impressive, always neatly brushed and dressed elegantly. She carefully follows not only her appearance, but also the cleanliness of the house, she is an impeccable mistress. At work, she is appreciated for her diligence, diligence, and ability to solve complex issues promptly. In love relationships, she shows herself as a passionate nature, any man will be happy to have such a wife. But too demanding, imperious person does not want to obey and yield even in small things. Leo-Ox woman always acts on the basis of her own interests, rarely agrees with the opinion of the spouse.

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