Libra Ox

The Ox is renowned for his strong will, determination and endurance and placid and patient nature. In Chinese Astrology these steady character traits are believed to be transferred to those individuals born in the Year of the Ox. These personality characteristics do not seem to have much effect in the case of the Libra from Western Astrology. Their immense fairness and flexibility appears to stamp out the majority of the Ox’s rigidness. The Libran Ox personality still retains this animal’s calm, mild patience and it sits nicely with their fair and balanced emotions.

Libra Ox Traits

A Libra Ox is usually very affable and quite understanding of the feelings of others, they can get along with most people. Their friendliness, reliability and consideration makes them great friends to have. These Libran’s will be extremely loyal to friends and will always act in their defense if they are being criticized. The Libran Ox likes standing up for others but is not so keen on protesting on their own behalf. They are sometimes a little too tolerant for their own good and may take on more than they can comfortably handle. These personalities seem to need more sleep than others and can be sometimes caught cat napping.

The Libra Ox individual is likely to be one of the most friendliest and easygoing people you will meet. In a work situation these character’s will share the workload evenly and help everyone in the workplace get along. Their Libra diplomacy and composure and naturally friendly approach is perfectly suited to professional and friendship circumstances. A Libra Ox often has many more friends than they need and this can occasionally detract from soul mate relationships. These individual’s are liable to have possible issues deciding on their priorities when settling down. They find they often have to rearrange their lives to be more accommodating to a long term partnership.

Once a Libran Ox commits to a partner they will not have done it lightly and will take it very seriously. They tend to shy away from responsibility in their youth and avoid commitments of any kind. However when they connect with their ideal mate their perceptive instincts will wake them up a bit from their dreaminess. The Libra Ox usually believes in some sort of destiny for the meeting of partners and will let their intuition guide them. If something feels right they will relax and let it happen. These personalities tend to use their intuitive emotions rather as lot and especially within long standing relationships.

As the Libra Ox is so amiable and approachable that this can be a weakness as well as an asset to their personality. Their natural niceness is sometimes taken advantage of by others as the Libran Ox finds it hard to say No. In fact they hardly ever answer in a negative manner. This weakness of not standing up for themselves is quite often a little difficult to override. These Libran’s will be inclined to benefit from a few lessons in asserting themselves better and learning to offer negative responses more frequently.

Libra Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Though Libra Ox are not the most outgoing people, they are genuine and trustworthy friends who are always there for those who need them. They earn respect from other people by being honest and sincere, thoughtful and warm-hearted. Because they hold themselves to high standards, they can be highly judgmental of others. Too often they fail to see the reasons why other people do what they do and don’t respect the choices of those who choose to take the easy way out. Libra Ox have a short list of people who they truly, deeply love and respect, and to them love and respect are not separate concepts, but one in the same.

Love will play a major role in the lives of Libra Ox. As hard core romantics, members of this sign are very idealistic about love and can be overly cautious or hold unrealistic expectations with relationships. Romance is important, and this sign often gives of themselves deeply and freely in love with the expectation that this generosity and passion will be returned. This aspect of their personality speaks to the importance of fairness and balance in their relationships, but it can also get a bit out of control. Libra Ox can grow to become codependent on partnerships, using romantic partners as a sort of “mirror” to give their love out and accept it back. A major life lesson for Libra Ox is to learn that all they need comes from inside their very capable and loving selves.

Libra Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Since most members of this sign won’t end up winning the lottery, they must find some way to earn a living. Libran Ox may be hard workers, but they are also romantic dreamers who want to play a unique role in the world. Ideally this would include helping others better their lives, though the need for personal security can stymie this idealism before it has a chance to grow.

Libra Ox don’t mind hard work. How they will express this work depends highly on other aspects in each individual’s birth chart, but there are some general themes that exist within anyone born under this sign. Libra Ox are good at business and can play almost any operational role as long as they don’t have to be in charge. While they are capable and even inspiring leaders, most Libra Ox would rather have a specialized role than work in general management. Careers have to fit their strengths and are often based on pure intellect or their advanced sense of personal style and taste.

Unsurprisingly, Libra Ox make excellent interior designers, which one look at their own homes will prove. They also make good critics this way, whether they are reviewing food, movies, designs, or even talent competitions. Libra Ox are smart and fair and, for better or worse, are skillful at judging others. Though they prefer a bit of creativity in their work, Libra Ox make very good lawyers and judges. They also make good social workers, police officers, real estate agents, scientists, politicians, gardeners, and financial planners.

Libra Ox Man

A calm Libra-Ox man causes trust, he can always be relied upon. Has the ability to give valuable advice, sharp mind, endurance, flexibility, practicality — qualities that allow making informed decisions. Excellent job with the work related to finance, analytical activities. It would seem that people of these professions behave rather reserved, not slopes to communicate. But the man of Libra, born in the year of the Ox, is quite an interesting, erudite man. The charming interlocutor easily finds a common language with women, but chooses a companion of life for a long time. With pleasure, he starts novels with bright beauties. He strives for home comfort, likes to eat deliciously, and therefore gives preference to calm, economic women.

Libra Ox Woman

Charming Libra-Ox woman is surrounded by numerous relatives and friends. People are attracted by its softness, benevolent attitude. She knows how to defuse the tense situation, jokes a lot. Communication with her gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. At the same time, a smart enough, practical person, showing wisdom in solving the most difficult life issues. Ambitious, energetic Libra-Ox woman, aimed at success, but, unfortunately, prone to someone else’s influence. Usually shows interest only in those cases that she likes. In a romantic relationship waiting for a fan of beautiful courtship, endless compliments and generous gifts. Romantic person too idealizes his chosen one, often experiencing frustration.

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