Pisces Ox

Being born under the influence of the Ox from Chinese Astrology usually indicates a person will acquire this animal’s stability and tolerance. In a Western Astrology trait Piscean, this perseverance gained from the Ox often exhibits as a less emotional and highly strung individual. While the Piscean Ox personality will generally be quite strong emotionally it can also be rather bashful. The typical Pisces high sensitivity from the Fish is decreased by the presence of the Ox but this may increase the overall shyness of these personalities. So these people tend to be strong and sensitive in emotion, with quiet shy and reserved characters.

Pisces Ox Traits

The Piscean Ox is naturally friendly but due to their bashfulness they tend to take time to make friends. When they do socialize they prefer the companionship of a few rather than many friends. These personalities may be a bit timid in their mannerisms but they usually possess a determined and decisive side. A Pisces Ox, with his or her good balance of mind, tends to see the world as it is without any rosy colored glasses. They are also adept at seeing the best in people and things instead of looking first for their faults. These particular Piscean’s generally make great considerate and compassionate partners.

A Piscean Ox is sincere and patient in relationships with people they know well and like. With new people they are a little shyer and can sometimes appear aloof or snobbish at first meetings. The Pisces Ox takes time to choose a life long partner who they have to feel completely comfortable with and whom they trust impicitly. These individuals are romantic and passionate but they are also realistic in their view of the expectations and responsibilities of partnerships. They also find these pragmatic and loving views useful for parenting in later life.

These Piscean’s are excellent at making things by hand and are often highly suited to jobs working with their hands. They are not afraid of hard work but are good at pacing themselves and organizing their priorities. In the home or workplace these are admirable personality assets and allow the Piscean Ox to turn his or her hand to the majority of tasks. They are not driven by financial gain but generally earn enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. The Pisces Ox loves the quieter things in life and usually surround themselves with things and people that help them relax. Their homes are considered extremely important as they are where a Pisces is most at ease and the Ox is at his most protective.

The shy streak running through the Piscean Ox personality is there only really weakness. It does not normally cause a problem with those close to these Piscean’s. However it can prevent them from taking advantage of all life has to offer. The Piscean Ox is hesitant to grab opportunities in case it puts them in the spotlight. This can mean they sometimes miss out on reaching their full potential. With adequate encouragement these personalities can become a tad more confident.

Pisces Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Pisces Ox are some of the best friends a person can have. They are caring and compassionate individuals who will sit and listen to a friend’s problems with great patience and empathy. Though they are generally quiet and reserved, what they lack in outgoing nature they more than make up for in compassion and loyalty. As always, this sign is reliable and trustworthy, and those who lean on them most deeply appreciate having them around as much as possible.

Romance takes a long time to develop. The more progress they make in understanding who they are and what their purpose is in life, the sooner they will be able to attract the right kind of partner for themselves. There will be much introspection in earlier years, but luckily this sign displays great patience. Romances entered in before they are truly ready (self aware?) will likely flounder. The choices of partners will be bad. Must remain patient and true to who they are and what they want to experience in life. Then love will find them.

Pisces Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Pisces Ox can be leaders, particularly regarding projects they themselves have developed, but more likely they will prefer the role of “right hand man” so to speak. They are the vice-presidents, the point guards, the executive assistants. Pisces Ox don’t care about attention or popularity, in fact they find it to be an unnecessary distraction. Instead they would rather play a key role in a larger group. They are extremely hard workers who can be counted on to come through every time. They take pride in this role. The only reason they prefer to be high up on the chain of command is to avoid mundane or routine tasks. This is the only area where they have considerable trouble staying focused. The big picture is far more important in their minds.

Several career options fit members of this sign well. As always, other aspects in the birth chart will affect exactly which direction would best fit, but in general, the following roles should be considered as possibilities for this sign: soldier, secret agent, police officer, criminal psychologist, interior (or other type of) designer, archaeologist, gardener, sommelier, spiritualist, and charity worker.

Pisces Ox Man

A friendly Pisces man, born in the year of the Ox, seeks to establish good relations with all the surrounding people. Unlike other representatives of the watermark, he is a more confident and determined person. In his actions and actions, one feels the influence of a strong, strong Bull, but still suffers from shyness. Hard-working, purposeful Pisces-Ox man who knows how to succeed, and acts gently and unobtrusively, not entering into conflicts with colleagues. Thinly feels the mood of people around him, does not turn his talent to evil, on the contrary, helps all those in need. In a loving relationship, he is a sensitive, affectionate partner, but will not tolerate the unworthy behavior of the second half, will never forgive betrayal.

Pisces Ox Woman

The soft Pisces woman, born in the year of the Ox, produces a deceptive impression, it seems fragile and tender, but sure enough. She likes to dream about something beautiful, almost impossible. But thanks to the influence of the Ox knows how to achieve the ideal result. A purposeful, hardworking person can easily take the place of a leader. And it is not motivated by the desire to assert itself, but a really necessary need to do what you love. In her personal life, she tries to avoid conflict situations, strife with violent quarrels and subsequent reconciliation is alien to her. Will be happy with a strong man, able to at least sometimes give in to her, indulge weaknesses. She lives in the interests of the family, strives to surround her relatives with care and attention.

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