Scorpio Ox

The influence of the Ox from Chinese Astrology is believed to be strong in all people born in their designated astrological year. This sturdy hard working animal’s presence is believed to bring with it great motivational characteristics to a personality. This motivated spirit is usually most strongly apparent in the Scorpio Ox individual. These people often have a real zest for life and never seem to get tired. The Scorpio Ox’s elevated energy and enthusiasm can be inspiring but it can also be tiresome. These individual’s are often always on the go and seem too busy to just sit and chat as many of them consider actions to be more powerful than words.

Scorpio Ox Traits

A Scorpio Ox is happier when he or she is doing things, rather than just talking about them. These personalities are not very talkative but they do enjoy the company of others especially when working. The Scorpio Ox may not be highly sociable but they are more reliable, considerate and less flirtatious than most typical Scorpio’s. The placid calmness of the Ox dampens the usual attention seeking Scorpio. These people are relatively balanced in respect of the emotional side to their personalities. For the majority of the time to others they are calm and collected, compassionate, warm, kind and loving.

These Scorpio’s prefer to work in jobs where they will be useful to others and the work will be meaningful. Their high motivation and tireless nature’s help them sometimes take on responsibilities that others find too demanding. Their motivated caring attitudes equip them with quite mature and sensible personalities that are perfect when parenthood comes along. People seem to admire the Scorpio Ox personality for the way they pick themselves up after a set back and bounce straight back. They are rather personally self relient and rarely bother others with their worries, prefering to consult themselves.

Scorpio Ox’s like to travel and many of them will want to learn to drive as soon as they are old enough. They love the freedom of the open road and visiting and exploring new places and interesting historical sites. The Scorpio Ox tends to have a lot of interests that partner’s will have to be happy to share. In relationships these Scorpio’s will look for soul mates that are quite flexible and who will understand their need to get away every now and again. In friendships these individual’s opt for a small circle of companions who they can completely trust, rather than lots they can’t.

An easily aroused temper and boastfulness are the main weakness points in the Scorpio Ox personality. They are thought to be a combination of the Ox’s stubborness and the over confident sting of the Scorpion. The Scorpio Ox can soon become agitated if they are proved wrong and a little too boastful when they are confirmed to be right. The Scorpio Ox can be prone to bad moods, obstinacy and bragging. In these instances their motivation in the quest to win an argument can be too intense for some people to handle.

Scorpio Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Scorpio Ox are notoriously shy and withdrawn. They enjoy having a good deal of quiet time to plan and execute their own projects. Most prefer socializing with a small, select group of people and don’t generally enjoy being part of a crowd. Group inclusion is of little importance to a Scorpio Ox, and they typically keep to themselves or their close friends and family. They are usually very kind and gentle people, but are more reserved around those they don’t know, which can make it challenging to meet new people.

The difficulty in opening up to new people makes romance a bit tricky at the start, but once potential mates get to know a Scorpio Ox, the more they find there is to like. Young or less mature Scorpio Ox can be emotionally intense, possessive, and jealous of others interacting with their mate. This is because deep down members of this sign are afraid of being rejected or betrayed. Learning to trust others is a big life lesson for this sign, but is one that is necessary for finding a long-lasting, loving relationship. If Scorpio Ox can learn to take the calculated risks in love that they do in business, there is great reason to believe that a strong romantic partnership is not only possible, but inevitable.

Scorpio Ox Business (Career & Goals)

The good news for Scorpio Ox is that they are exceptionally good with money and through their hard work and dedicated focus they can earn a very good wage. Though this sign has some makings of an entrepreneur, most Scorpio Ox will choose to work for a stable company where they can methodically earn their way up the corporate ladder. Those who choose to take a risk will likely want a partner to work with them; one who can compliment their weaknesses and vice-versa.

Members of this sign tend to enjoy careers that allow them to use their brains more than their social skills. They are not terribly artistic in general, and most prefer a career that deals with math, science, or finance. The best career options for a Scorpio Ox are doctor, insurance broker, auditor, or engineer. Of course there are many more options than these, and each individual should decide for his or herself what career will be a good fit for them. Scorpio Ox is one of the best examples where the minor zodiac signs (found via the birth chart) have a big influence on the choice of an individual’s career.

Scorpio Ox Man

A cold-blooded Scorpio-Ox man gives the impression of a confident, slightly self-contained person. Clearly defines the vital tasks and ways to achieve them. He does not consider it necessary to conduct superfluous conversations, does not go into details, differs stubbornness. It is better not to give him advice, the more you should not try to impose your opinion. Do not listen to even close people, not to mention strangers. Strong man is able to defend the interests of the family, his wife and children do not need anything. Material problems do not overshadow his life, but there are some difficulties in communicating with people. Principal Scorpio-Ox man, devoid of flexibility, not inclined to compromise, trusts only a narrow circle of close people, for them he is a loyal friend.

Scorpio Ox Woman

An attractive, sexy Scorpio-Ox woman turns the head of men, but to win her heart is very difficult. The freedom-loving person does not consider it necessary to concede to the partner even in domestic matters, strives for leadership in the relationship. Will not be happy in the environment of close people, if not be able to take place in a career. The talented Scorpio-Ox woman knows how to create a cozy home environment, loves children, but wants to serve not only the family, but also society. She likes to be in sight, to benefit people. Has all the necessary qualities for this: purposefulness, perseverance, mind, diligence. But she lacks the flexibility, plasticity, is too straightforward and stubborn, so it seems unrelenting and arrogant person.

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