Taurus Ox

In Chinese Astrology the influence of the sturdy reliable Ox’s character on people born in their year is strong. When it is combined with the Western astrological sign of Taurus the Bull it is believed to be even stronger. The Taurus Ox personality is an even mix of determined will and endurance and destined to be headstrong but also patient and dependable. They are fairly easygoing alongside their driven and unhesitant nature’s. They have a little of the Taurus composed characteristics mixed in with the Ox’s determination. This makes a Taurus Ox well equalized emotionally and they are able to get along with others famously.

Taurus Ox Traits

The Taurus Ox is a pleasant, kind and considerate character who is usually positive in his outlook and helpful to others. These people may be a bit stubborn in their mannersims and views but they are not forceful with it. A Taurus Ox is calm and collected and can easily understand and sympathize with other people. Although they like to get their own way they do not like to trample on other people’s feelings. These personalities are ambitious and they like money but they will rarely be ruthless in obtaining it. They will work hard to achieve their ambitions but try not to let it dominate the other areas of their life.

A Taurus Ox is appreciative of his or her friends and will show their appreciation by being extremely loyal. When you make friends with these particular Taurus personalities you will often have a lifelong companion. These individual’s also make excellent work colleagues as they are honest straightforward and supportive. The Taurus Ox enjoys most types of jobs but especially those where they get the chance of working up to management level. They thrive on challenges and are quickly adaptable to change and increases in responsibility. These characteristics are ideal for work and family life and perfect for personal relationships and parenthood.

For soul mate relationships the Taurus Ox looks for partner’s that will be able to charm their way round them. They will seek someone who can appeal to their cool exteriors and unearth their loving and sensitive sides. They like people who can make them laugh and help them relax. A Taurus Ox is very understanding and he or she will be an affectionate and sensuous partner. They often see their personal relationships being happy and successful as one of their main ambitions. So they will put a lot into them but also expect the other person to contribute the same amount of time and effort.

Weaknesses in the Taurus Ox personality are centered around their stubbornness and inflexibility. Their double strength of strong will can sometimes prevent them from seeing all sides of an argument. They may be normally calm and even tempered but occasionally this lapses and they may become argumentative. This will initiate their stubborn perseverance and their resolute attitude. These weak spots in their persona’s can cloud their judgments and make them argue their point and stick strongly to it just for the sake of it.

Taurus Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Taurus Ox keep a small, but loyal group around them. They don’t like going out much and prefer quiet, familiar places when they do. Taurus Ox don’t do small-talk well, they simply don’t have the time or patience for it. Those who know them well appreciate their ability to cut straight to the point and not sugar-coat conversations. If you can get a Taurus Ox friend to relax you will find that they are quite intelligent, loyal, and even fun to have around. If anyone outside the group were to try and cause trouble, the Taurus Ox would be the first to put an end to the situation - with force. Taurus Ox will defend their closest friends and family with shocking force, but only when they deem it necessary.

Love is complicated for the Taurus Ox. Their difficulty in accepting others points of view can make long-term relationships difficult. Taurus Ox are not rude or dismissive, but they know what they believe and will violate all social rules just to prove that they are right. In time, most members of this sign learn to suppress this trait in social situations, but they still have a hard time making long-term commitments until they have accepted that their way is not the only way or have managed to find a partner that will let them be the boss. Taurus Ox often have admirers, but they are terrible at flirting. Striking up a casual conversation is not the most comfortable task for a Taurus Ox, though in time most figure out how to relax enough to be socially graceful. Age and experience do wonders for this side of a Taurus Ox’s personality.

Taurus Ox Business (Career & Goals)

There are a great many careers that Taurus Ox can excel at. Whatever it is that they choose to go after they will do so with endless determination. That said, certain careers may be naturally better fits for this sign than others.

Taurus Ox don’t need to be in charge, but they need to be able to have enough freedom to control their own destinies. Some may say that Taurus Ox do best in a supporting role as they are more concerned with a hard day’s work than sitting in meetings all day talking about what to do next. Many Taurus Ox become involved with agriculture in one way or another as this is often a way for them to put in hard work without having to control every aspect of the operation. They can till, water, and fertilize the land from dawn til dusk, then leave the sun, rain, and land to do the rest by its own nature. Taurus Ox make great farmers, gardeners, ranchers, horticulturists, and even chefs. A Taurus Ox who is a chef almost always grows their own food or at least buys from local farms where they can trust that no shortcuts were taken to compromise the quality of the ingredients.

Of course, hard work comes in other forms as well. Taurus Ox happen to be excellent with money, and in particular, investing that money. This can be an exciting career for the future-minded Taurus Ox, and they have many qualified opinions about how others should be investing. Taurus Ox make great investment bankers, financial advisers, and real estate analysts and agents. They don’t, however, enjoy playing the stock market too much. Members of this sign view the stock market as a way for lazy investors to gamble their money away rather than letting their money slowly but steadily earn interest.

Taurus Ox Man

The purposeful Taurus-Ox man from the early years clearly plans the future, has a sufficient supply of vitality to achieve everything conceived. Interested in the material results of labor, strives for a comfortable life, only in this case feels confident. Taurus-Ox man is quite practical, intelligently distributes his forces, thinks soberly and prudently. In personal relationships, he is a conservative, not inclined to rash acts. Even a strong feeling can not force him to fervent confessions, behaves with restraint and caution. This is a devoted husband, a caring father, ready to work for the benefit of the family, without waste. But he can not be rushed to solve important issues, give advice, and even more so deceive.

Taurus Ox Woman

The Taurus woman, born in the year of the Ox, carefully monitors her appearance. Believes that femininity, beauty play an important role not only in personal relationships, but also contribute to a successful career. By its nature, the representative of this combination of signs is charming and charming, knows how to charm a man he likes. At the same time, she shows practicality, remarkable wit in solving vital issues. Can not feel happy until the end, devoting all the time to the family. Career for a Taurus-Ox woman is very important, troubles and failures at work affect her mental state. She strives to create a strong family, this is the best wife: faithful, touchingly caring about the family. Sometimes it’s capricious, stubborn, but for the sake of a loved one it’s ready to change for the better.

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