Virgo Ox

When a person born under the Western Astrological sign of Virgo arrives in the Chinese Year of the Ox, it is an indication that the individual will be quite placid. This calm but moderate caution to the personality trait is believed by ancient Chinese astrologists to be due to the influence of the Ox. The typical over anxiousness and perfectionism of Virgo is watered down in these particular personalities. A Virgo Ox personality is usually of a lot more tolerant and patient nature. Virgo Ox’s tend to take life in their stride and try not to be intrusive or demanding of others. These are self reliant people who seldom lose their cool.

Virgo Ox Traits

The Virgo Ox individual has a cheerful and friendly persona and likes to be around and help others. They are kind, caring and sensible personalities, who are sometimes too charitable for their own good with their time and patience. It may take some of them many years to learn that they can sometimes say No without feeling too guilty. A well chosen partner will most often assist the Virgo Ox to balance out and better control his or her generous side. With money these Virgo’s seem to want to spend it as soon as they get it.

A Virgo Ox values his friends but will always secretly yearn for the security of a meaningful soul mate relationship. These people are seen to be happiest when they are settled in and contented with a long term personal arrangement. This can not necessarily mean within a marriage but it does signify that they prefer to be in a couple rather than being single. As parent’s the Virgo Ox personality is ideally suited with their versatility, kindness and infinite patience. By this time in their lives these Virgo’s are hopefully more organized and careful with their money. These personalities love family environments and will be highly protective of partners and children.

At work Virgo Ox people are drawn towards occupations that stimulate their intelligence and are not too monotonous. These personalities like variety in their work life and in friendships and personal relationships. In their free time the Virgo Ox often enjoys sports, walking, swimming or cycling. They like to get plenty of fresh air and exercise when they can and are not keen on staying in on a lovely day. Their passion for nature sees them also enjoying tending to their garden or booking long relaxing weekends and travelling to scenic destinations.

Being dictatorial or opinionated are the two only real weaknesses in the Virgo Ox personality. They do not materialize often but when they do they will show up as extreme stubbornness and impoliteness. This dogmatic streak can kick in if the Virgo Ox feels extremely let down by someone and their trust has been betrayed. They may be rather blunt, nasty and forceful and the total reverse of their usual jolly selves. They are deeply hurt by betrayal, however trivial it may seem, and will definitely let you know how you have made them feel.

Virgo Ox Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Virgo Ox are good friends who care about those close to them. They can be hard to get to know, but once you do you begin to understand what drives them. Friends want what’s best for them (as do they), but can find themselves frustrated by Virgo Ox tendencies to lock themselves into unhealthy relationships. Friends and family should encourage them to let go and have fun more often. They need reassurance that they do not need to worry so much or try to control everything.

Members of this sign make great parents, providers, and partners, but it will take time for them to find the right relationship. Their true love has to grow organically over time with someone who helps them to break out of their shell (even though they don’t think they have one). Will likely, especially in their youth, follow their hearts and emotions toward the excitement of life and romance, which most often leads them toward people who are not good for them, or who otherwise make bad partnerships. With age and self-acceptance this sign will surely find the right person who helps to balance them out.

Virgo Ox Business (Career & Goals)

Virgo Ox need a career they can sink their teeth into, something that makes them feel alive and useful, and which uses all of their strengths. At the same time, they can easily feel bored and out of place in the wrong career, so trying a few different jobs out (internships, etc) is a good idea. Once they find something they like they are good about sticking with it, and using this career to build a foundation for the future. A lot of time is spent trying to get to the “right place”, and Virgo Ox won’t hesitate to invest a great deal into their future, whether that means traveling to a new city for work, going to an expensive school, or apprenticing for very little immediate gain.

Members of this sign work very hard, and are very resilient; so much so that they often overwork themselves on a regular basis. This is another reason why finding the right career is so important - they are inevitably going to spend a great deal of time and energy involved with whatever they do, so they should be sure to find something that calls to their inner nature and provides a sense of true satisfaction. When Virgo Ox become very upset, reason and creativity both shut down completely, making any incorrect line of work feel excessively difficult.

The best career options for this analytical sign include Carpenter, Doctor, or Engineer, as these roles fit well for both sides of their dual nature. Above all things, though, Virgo Ox should find a comfortable role where they still have time to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Virgo Ox Man

The disciplined Virgo-Ox man has a whole set of positive qualities: practicality, reliability, calmness, patience. Restrained in emotions, tries to show a reasonable approach in terms of finances. Economical, judicious man of this combination of signs could cause boredom, but, fortunately, he is quite sociable and cheerful person. Likes to spend time with friends, preferably in nature. He leads a healthy lifestyle, goes in for sports. An industrious man is distinguished by frugality, knows how to make money and knows how to spend it right. Will be happy with a partner who is able to support his hobbies, possessing not only beauty, but also a calm character.

Virgo Ox Woman

The pedantic Virgo-Ox woman is the standard of the responsible leader. Carefully observes the necessary procedure, does not deviate from the schedule for a minute. Rather, she will prefer work, than the role of a caring mother and a good housewife. Of course, she can solve family problems, but feels much more confident in the workplace. For all its concentration, it is a passionate nature, capable of giving unforgettable emotions to a man. Will not start easy intrigues, rather choose to remain alone, than to enter into a relationship with a frivolous, irresponsible person. Recognizes only an equal partnership, does not consider it necessary to sacrifice one’s life for the sake of the family. At the same time she is a wonderful hostess, a caring mother, just too fond of her work.

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