Aquarius Pig

Aquarius Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aquarius Pig make great friends. They are caring and honest and can be a lot of fun as long as they are not overly stressed. They love to be around interesting and eccentric people who they can share big ideas and big dreams with. That said, they prefer a more mellow crowd to overly boisterous people. Aquarius Pig absolutely hate being manipulated - they feel it is an insult to their wide-ranging intelligence, and abhor people who try to charm them with a phony smile and smooth talking.

Members of this sign tend to be more mentally stimulated than anything else. They prefer a partner who can keep them interested on an intellectual and emotional level, and someone who will share their big dreams with them. In reality, this works better with friends than with lovers. As brilliant as they may be, Aquarius Pig don’t always know what is best for them, and while they are attracted to eccentric minds, what they really need is someone more grounded and stable to keep them in check. This will be a big life lesson for many members of this sign, who will find balance in general a challenge.

Aquarius Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Aquarius Pig can excel at just about anything they choose to put their mind too. That said, the only long-lasting career choices are going to be ones that keep them interested. Ironically, though they do prefer to go to the same workplace every day, routine is poison to this sign’s motivation, so new projects or challenges are important to keep them engaged in their work. While they are socially adept in many situations, they dislike expected social niceties, which makes sales-oriented careers largely undesirable.

Members of this sign make great scientists, inventors, engineers, computer programmers, and technology specialists. Many Aquarius Pig extend their big dreams beyond the reaches of mankind, and long to find new ways to explore outer space or the ocean depths in search of new discoveries. They see this exploration as their way of contributing to the betterment of humanity. The same goes for artistic Aquarius Pig who consider their work to be for others more than for themselves.

More down to earth Aquarius Pig often feel the need to help humanity more directly. For them, a career working with socially responsible organizations can be extremely rewarding. Whatever they choose it has to speak to their mind and their heart in order to turn into a long-lasting career.

Aquarius Pig Man

Kindness, generosity, devotion are the main qualities of the Aquarius-Pig men attracting women to them. They give the impression of reliable people who can be completely trusted. The truth behind the simple-heartedness and ostentatious tranquility is hiding rigidity and purposefulness. They value their freedom highly, always uphold their own opinion. Women should understand that Aquarius-Pig is not ready to make concessions. He does not always understand how to act in this or that situation, but firmly defends his point of view. The chosen one will have to reconcile with his contradictory nature. Only a sensitive and attentive attitude of a woman can keep him from rash acts. But threats and blackmail do not lead to anything good.

Aquarius Pig Woman

These women are trying to establish good relations with all the surrounding people. They do not like to worry about trifles, swear and find out the relationship. They strive to create an image of a nice and charming person, with whom it is pleasant to deal. Although they are influenced by emotions and passions: soft, balanced women Aquarius-Pigs sometimes perform extravagant deeds. These are good workers who are quite capable of building a successful career, have for this all the necessary qualities: intelligence, hard work, commitment. Aquarius-Pig women are unpredictable, but still try to keep themselves in hand, so do not expect trouble from them. In marriage, behave like an exemplary wife, devoted to the interests of the family.

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Aquarius Pig
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