Aries Pig

The Western sun sign of Aries personality is generally known as being a little headstrong with a strong streak of independence. If the person is also born in the Chinese astrological Year of the Pig this abrupt directness is thought to be softened quite significantly. An Aries Pig’s persona is still full of optimistic enthusiasm but it is a lot more easygoing and laid back. This nonchalant attitude makes the Aries Pig individual more flexible and less demanding of others than a typical Aries. They have sunny affectionate dispositions and a great sense of humor with an evenly balanced and well controlled sensitivity.

Aries Pig Traits

Although the Aries Pig person is very happy-go-lucky this is not in a totally carefree or haphazard way. They do know how to take things seriously in their responsibilities and during appropriate circumstances. These Aries find it easy to change from silly to sensible immensely quickly. They look at life optimistically and can more often than not see the humorous side to most things. An Aries Pig has an equalized mix of sensitive emotions and amiable and versatile characteristics. They tend to be capable of associating well with anyone and are particularly apt at encouraging people out of their shell.

In a work situation the Aries Pig personality is well placed to be in some sort of managerial role. They are usually good motivators and directors of others and will be fair and lenient but not overly so. These personalities have a methodical approach to tasks and routines and easily grasp new methods and ideas. When not working the Aries Pig loves to burn off excess energy and built up stress levels by exercising or playing sports. To relax these people often enjoy dining out, weekends away or socializing with friends or family. They are not particularly ambitious but they do like money and the spending of it, being quite extravagant if finances allow. They are sometimes accused of being shopaholics.

The contented agreeable Aries Pig easily falls in love and can be rather flirtatious in their mannerisms. These personalities are often extremely romantic and find the whole idea of falling in love and romance intriguing and fun. Partner’s will be swept off their feet by the ardor of the Aries Pig as a soul mate. They will put a lot into personal relationships and will be appreciative and considerate of their lover. As they are fairly organized and believe in equality you will rarely have to remind them to do their fair share of household chores. Within one to one relationships these individual’s are usually at their happiest.

An inclination to occasionally be a little careless and aloof are the main weaknesses of the Aries Pig personality. You will not see these character traits very frequently but they can surface when these people are over tired, worried about something or stressed out. Their usual jolly lighthearted aura will be replaced by the negative side of their nonchalant personality. This uninterested and sloppy attitude is always an indication that the Aries Pig is unhappy.

Aries Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

The Aries Pig became extinct because it was too trusting of humans. It is said that it would fearlessly walk up to any person or creature and expect the best intentions. Of course, predators, including humans, saw them as an easy target for hunting. While having faith in humanity is not a bad thing, members of the Aries Pig sign must be cautious enough to see when others intend to take advantage of them.

Those born under this sign make great friends and are always willing to offer help to those in need, as long as the task is something that interests them. Though they like to be actively involved in the lives of their friends, Aries Pigs have a hard time accepting help. They don’t like looking weak, and will take on far more than is reasonable just to appear self-sufficient.

Love is a little more challenging than friendships for the Aries Pig. They can be slightly immature and their constant desire for new experiences makes a long-term, stable relationship seem a bit undesirable. They are loyal, though, so the worst thing a Aries Pig can do is force themselves into a monogamous relationship before they are ready. You would rarely ever see a Aries Pig cheat on their partner, but it would be no surprise to see their relationships crumble due to their tendency to feel “trapped”. Members of this sign do best dating active, adventurous people like themselves and getting married or making a long-term commitment later in life when they are ready.

Aries Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Some signs are easy to figure out careers for, but the Aries Pig is not one of them. While not at all lazy, this sign is simply better at playing than working. There is no one perfect career fit for them, so each Aries Pig should follow whatever activities that make them feel alive and intrigued. There may or may not be anybody hiring for whatever position they dream up, but a Aries Pig is smart and capable enough to make up their own career and succeed at it.

If they do look for an existing job, Aries Pigs should pick something that feeds their curiosity first and their active side second. Jobs in scientific research are a good fit, though they may be too routine for this sign to handle for a long time. Many Aries Pigs choose various forms of construction work to satisfy both sets of needs. This sign does not love being in school either, so those who look for work straight out of high school should consider this or another trade profession where they can be on the move and solving problems.

Aries Pig Man

Men of this combination of signs are famous for their goodwill. They have the ability to rejoice in trifles, sincerely surprised by surprises. Aries-Pig is a man with a huge heart, lives with feelings and emotions. If necessary, demonstrates the iron will and an enviable business grasp. It organically combines the opposite qualities, as a result — an almost perfect person with many virtues. In a romantic relationship, this romantic: beautifully cares, arranges endless surprises. With him it is easy and fun, and most importantly — reliably. True, the man Aries-Pig does not tolerate objections, criticism causes in him anger and irritation. He never accepts betrayal, is too proud and proud to forgive a novel on the side.

Aries Pig Woman

These women have a strong character, are capable of decisive actions. Aries-Pigs women are purposeful, always achieve their goals, but act gently and carefully, do not enter into conflicts. At the same time they are cheerful, easy to communicate, they know how to like men. But they are very demanding and selective, they will not associate their life with the first fellows. The woman Aries-Pig does not like to lie and dodge, appreciates honesty and decency in people. She is not inclined to romance on the side, though she herself will not forgive betrayal, she will prefer to part with an unworthy man. Do not be bothered by loneliness, too keen on your work, enjoys communicating with colleagues.

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