Cancer Pig

Cancer Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Those born under the sign of Cancer Pig are all about family. Close friends and family members are the top priority in a Cancer Pig’s life and they will bend over backwards to try to accommodate the needs of those close to them. Simultaneously, they expect others to share their commitment and can feel slighted and even hurt if their affection is not returned in full. Nevertheless, it takes a lot for a member of this sign to walk away from the needs of their family, which can open them up to being taken advantage of.

Love is of great importance to a Cancer Pig. They won’t ever feel quite complete until they are settled down with a family of their own. This sign’s kindness and affectionate nature makes others feel comfortable with them easily. This quality traditionally benefits them better later in life than in their youth. Young female Cancer Pigs often attract delinquents and troublemakers while young male Cancer Pigs often find themselves thought of as “nice guys” and “just friends”. Luckily this phase will pass when others mature enough to appreciate the true qualities of the Cancer Pig. This sign would do best to wait until a bit later than their peers to settle down for good.

Cancer Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Though the thoughtful and intelligent Cancer Pig is capable of succeeding in a great many careers, they gravitate toward jobs that allow them to take care of others, even if indirectly. Any career involving food is perfect for a Cancer Pig such as chef, delicatessen owner, or caterer. Members of this sign see food as their way of giving back, and almost every Cancer Pig has a refined palate and a natural ability to blend flavors.

Cancer Pigs may also find joy in other food-related careers such as ranching or farming, but they often feel a little too dainty for the demands of physical labor. Similarly, this sign can find success in building and construction, though they won’t be doing the heavy lifting for very long. Cancer Pigs are the foremen, planners, and managers of building sites. This role also helps them feel like they are taking care of their family of workers as well as the family that will eventually move into the homes they are constructing.

Cancer Pig Man

Secretive Cancer-Pig men cause burning interest of the opposite sex. It seems that these mysterious people are reliable keepers of eerie secrets. As you know, no woman will miss the opportunity to learn something special. However, Cancer-Pigs men are open, kind, just do not trust those around them. Therefore, they try to seem harsh, impregnable people. Can only fully trust a really beloved woman. Life with a man of this combination of signs will be filled with pleasant events. He is a gentle, caring partner, very attached to his wife and children. For him, communication with loved ones within the walls of the house is the most pleasant pastime.

Cancer Pig Woman

Emotional women Cancer-Pigs suffer from frequent mood swings. Although they try to control themselves, they do not always succeed in it. Too vulnerable and not sure of themselves, they dream of a strong shoulder. The truth is not going to speak out loud, afraid of condemnation and disapproval. Cancer-Pig gives the impression of a self-sufficient person, perfectly owns her profession, earns a lot. She can not feel completely happy if her husband and children are not around. A vulnerable, timid woman sincerely treats people, a poet can not hide her love. Hardly tolerates grievances, looking for a reliable, strong man, who can rely on everything.

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Cancer Pig
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