Capricorn Pig

Being born in the Chinese Year of the Pig is speculated to be a lucky, as the personality of the person is believed to inherit this creature’s generous and loveable nature. When the birth coincides with a Western Astrology Capricorn sign then this usually produces lovely personalities. A Capricorn Pig is one of the warmest and kindest of all Capricorn’s, they are sincere and everything they do is with good faith. The determined but cautious side of their Capricorn character is mostly overtaken by the kindhearted influence of the Pig. These people are happy-go-lucky but in a nice sensible and responsible way, it is a delightful personality mix.

Capricorn Pig Traits

The Capricorn Pig is a conscientious worker that always tries hard to fully complete things to the best of their ability. They are usually quite clever and patient and enjoy helping others. Their compassionate persona makes them a loyal friend and a supportive partner who will be highly dependable. Their kind hearts and solid careful and thoughtful outlook makes them appear naturally reliable and approachable. These people will be cuddly and attentive to partners and can be unusually quite demonstrative for a Capricorn. They do not often have a problem finding soul mates appreciative of their gracious and non argumentative natures.

A Capricorn Pig usually has a clear head and can think quickly on his or her feet but sometimes may be caught daydreaming. They seem to be most content when they are relaxing and are free to switch between alert and dreamy at their leisure. Capricorn Pig’s have good imaginations and will often enjoy anything that has a little mystery to it, and this includes people. These personalities have a curiosity for things that are different and occasionally collect rare or unusual items. They also enjoy travelling and sightseeing and have a love and appreciation of wildlife and everything within our natural surroundings.

The influence of good fortune from the Pig is thought to vary in strength between various personalities and different years. In the case of the Capricorn Pig the streak of acquired luck is almost always a bountiful one. These individual’s generally possess an inclination to experience mostly fortune times in their lives. As they are kindhearted and many believe in Karma they often attribute their luck to their generosity of time and patience for others. Although they seem to attract money the Capricorn Pig is not good with it. He or she find the responsibility of it stressful and feel guilty if they have more than others.

The better safe than sorry attitude of the typical Capricorn personality is not usually of a strong presence in the Capricorn Pig. However this caution trait exists and can be a weakness and cause these personalities some little problems. It can get in the way of their kindheartedness by making them hesitant and indecisive. This cautious characteristic weakens the honorable intentions of a Capricorn Pig. They may become doubtful of decisions and delay making any. Luckily this weakness is faint and any rare appearance will be short lived.

Capricorn Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Capricorn Pig are very caring friends, loyal to their friends and family. Despite their ambition they will still find time to sacrifice for others in need. They like to help but can be a bit picky about how they help. Capricorn Pig believe that people are inherently good inside and accept others despite their faults. They are charming and sincere individuals who don’t try to hide who they really are. Their genuine passion for life rubs off on those around them and makes others want to be a part of their lives.

Despite their constant need to move forward, Capricorn Pig like to indulge and relax when they can. They can be a bit overindulgent in their social times, which they feel is deserved considering how hard they work. Capricorn Pig don’t like controversy or confrontation. They like receiving positive attention which is part of the reason why they need others around regularly.

A Capricorn Pig’s good luck extends to his or her love life as well. They may get burned a few times early in life, but should never shut down emotionally because of it. Members of this sign will have little trouble finding love as long as they remember to balance their relationship needs with their personal ones. A good partner will be accepting of a Capricorn Pig’s ambition and need for focus and will be supportive of their dreams. Those who have designs to change a Capricorn Pig’s personality are in for disappointment. Capricorn Pig are who they are and others have to accept it or move on.

Capricorn Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Career is of significant importance to a Capricorn Pig. They may long to be wealthy and have fun, but they know that hard work - and lots of it - will be required first. They can easily end up burning out by working too hard and never getting a break, but the opposite is also true. It is possible for this sign to get “analysis paralysis” and spend too much time trying to come up and execute the perfect plan that they ultimately cannot get started as they are unable to make a decision. Capricorn Pig should remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to live life and they can always get started on a project and make plans later.

Capable, strong, and self-sufficient, their strengths come from Earth - solid, material results created by material efforts. They are not as artistic as they sometimes want to be, but they do have a good appreciation of aesthetics. Creativity is not their natural strength, it is something they have to learn to work on along with their intuition.

Capricorn Pig have all the drive and ability to succeed in nearly any career and should always move toward a career in which they feel personally attached. For those who are undecided, the best roles for this sign fall into a few different categories. Being both smart and helpful (and liking material success), many will choose to become doctors, dentists, or veterinarians. The organized planner in them does well as personnel managers or human resources administrators. Finally, the intellectual and curious parts of their minds can succeed well as a scientist or technician, particularly in the field of chemistry.

Capricorn Pig Man

These ambitious people do not consider it necessary to back away from their plans. Although Capricorn-Pigs men are kind, dreamy, but obey the logic of reason. It is important for them to be able to live in life, then they can safely surrender to their hobbies. Sentimental and sympathetic people are very devoted to their family. At work, they show themselves as disciplined workers, strict bosses, but the houses give vent to feelings. Wife and children are able to control the man Capricorn-Pig as they please. They know perfectly well that his imperiousness and inflexibility are just a mask. In fact, they are the most sensitive and kind people in the world, they are really happy only among their relatives. They love and appreciate their family, they try to provide relatives with everything necessary.

Capricorn Pig Woman

A pragmatic, cold-minded Capricorn-Pig woman is actually quite a nice person. Aimed at building a career, working hard, but at the same time remains a kind, gentle woman. She has the ability to find a reasonable balance between two opposites: pragmatism and soulfulness. For employees, she is a demanding boss, for domestic — a loving mother and wife. She will never refuse to help friends and colleagues, but still the interests of the family are in the first place for her. For the sake of a close environment, she is ready to fight with the whole world, but crossing the threshold of the house, becomes a soft, vulnerable person. Capricorn-Pig woman is beautiful in all respects, she will certainly achieve the fulfillment of all her desires.

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