Gemini Pig

Gemini Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Gemini Pigs make friends easily. They are excellent listeners but are also informed enough to add to just about any conversation. When talking about something they are interested in, they have an energy about them that is hard to ignore. They are usually very eloquent with speech both verbally and in writing and though they are rarely political at all, seem to have no problem swaying others to their side if they even choose to take one. This is a sign that might express their opinions about seemingly insignificant things but doesn’t like to get into arguments that can turn volatile or emotional. They don’t like confrontation and don’t like people who rely on loud voices and indignant attitudes to make their points. The socially aware Gemini Pig knows they don’t need such childish behavior to succeed. They simply need to eloquently and intelligently make their point to win the battle.

Though their love life may take a while to get started, members of this sign should have little problem finding their perfect match. Gemini Pigs tend to come across as shy when they are actually quite sociable, so they sometimes get ignored by others for more boisterous personalities. The older they get, the more desirable a Gemini Pig will be to potential mates. When others mature enough to realize that a kind, polite, intelligent, and socially capable mate is what they are really looking for, this sign will benefit more than almost any other.

Gemini Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Gemini Pigs are very intelligent and have few limitations that can actually hold them back. The hardest part of a Gemini Pig’s career is choosing which of their many interests to follow. The wise and patient side of a Gemini Pig’s personality looks for a smart and stable career choice that will still satisfy their chronic curiosity, but the adventurous and inquisitive side knows that sitting in a cubicle doing routine work every day will kill them inside. A careful balance of these two aspects of their personality is vital to a rewarding and long-lasting career choice.

Members of this sign who are attracted to a more stable career can find experimental careers in science particularly intriguing. Research often gets boring, even for these intellectuals, but if they can hold out long enough to get into an experimental laboratory, they often find it worth the wait. Careers as Chemists, Genetic Engineers, or Pharmacologists satisfy much of a Gemini Pig’s psychological needs.

Many Gemini Pigs like to be involved in the arts, especially community-based programs that encourage creative expression in their neighborhoods. Gemini Pigs aren’t in themselves the most artistic sign, but they have creative minds that help them appreciate the work of others. Like their animal namesake, most members of this sign are very musical and are often either amateur musicians themselves or experts in music history and appreciation. They aren’t typically assertive enough to become professional musicians, but some do. It helps if they are a role-player in a group that hits in big early in their lives, such as The Rolling Stones guitarist (and fellow Gemini Pig) Ron Wood.

Though public performance may not be their cup of tea, per se, this is a sign that appreciates sound more than most. In addition to being eloquent orators and talented musicians, Gemini Pigs are often gifted when it comes to language. They make excellent poets (though they will probably never show you their work), and accomplished linguists. Many can speak more than one language fluently and look forward to learning others. Members of this sign are exquisite as speech pathologists, language teachers, and translators.

Gemini Pig Man

Living with a Gemini-Pig male is very interesting, every new day is completely different from the previous one. This adventurer, ready for the most insane adventures, changes do not frighten him. He loves everything new and unknown, strives for entertainment. Gemini-Pig is a man who is self-assured, so he is pretty selective in choosing a companion of life. He adores flirting, does not hurry with marriage, tries to give as much attention to each fan as possible. He can find a common language with a woman ready to accept his inconstant character. Family life with him will not be calm, but it is a caring husband and a loving father. Will do everything possible so that his loved ones will not need anything.

Gemini Pig Woman

Women of this combination of signs are distinguished by a complex character. It is impossible to predict what motivates them. From Gemini-Pig can not wait for a responsible attitude to anything. Easily changes jobs, constantly moves from place to place, and so the surrounding fans do not linger. This is a good, faithful friend, but it’s quite difficult to build a serious relationship with her. A kind Gemini-Pig woman is ready to support in a difficult moment, she has a responsive heart. She dreams of the best husband, loves children. In her view, the family is a reliable rear and shelter. The truth does not do anything to realize your dream. She likes to have fun, to fantasize, and to fulfill the duties of a respectable housewife is too boring for her.

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