Leo Pig

The reputation of the Pig’s bouncy, generous and playful nature is based on ancient astrologers depictions of the animal symbols in Chinese Astrology ideology. If a person is born in the Year of the Pig under the Western star sign of Leo they are thought to receive personalities that reflect the Pig’s friendly and enthusiastic nature. As Leo’s are sometimes likely to be a little moody and pessimistic, the influence of the more positive Pig in their personalities helps. It creates people who have vivaciousness, complete with lots of energy and a real enthusiasm for life in general.

Leo Pig Traits

The Leo Pig individual is also often said to be blessed with much good luck courtesy of the Chinese astrological trait descriptions. So these Leo’s are sometimes the luckiest of people in terms of finances and favorable circumstances and opportunities in life. Although the Leo Pig is often aware of their lucky streak they do not tend to use it to advance themselves. These personalities are not particularly ambitious, they are also not greedy where money is concerned. They can however be inclined to be a bit lazy. The Leo pig has a great enthusiasm for life but they hate getting out of bed in a morning, often needing some reminder and encouragement. An excellently loud alarm clock often does the trick.

These Leo’s have oodles of spirit and vigor so once they are up for the day they enjoy working hard along with others. The Leo Pig does not like solitude and is a lot happier when among family and friends. They tend to love their homes and make them comfortable and welcoming to visitors. Of all Leo’s these Leo Pig’s usually search for their partners early in life seeking the security and warmth of family settings. They make excellent providers and mates and generally take their responsibilities seriously. It is rare for these individuals to feel depressed and low but they possess understanding and compassion for those that do.

Sometimes the Leo Pig will be a little careless with money as they do not really place enormous importance on it. These personalities usually regard financial wealth to be much less important than anyone’s emotional health and happiness. This may account for their lack of ambition and willingness to be happy to settle for the simple things in life. These people have a passion for reading and will always be grateful for books of all kinds as gifts. They also have a creative side to their personality and enjoy making things for people.

A Leo Pig personality is not without it’s faults and laziness and lack of communication emotionally are their main ones. They do not appear to have an issue showing feelings but talking about them is another matter. Being idle is usually something the Leo Pig will probably always be prone to but their communicative skills can be worked on. These weaknesses are tiny and not frequently troublesome in general. A good partner who is an effective communicator would compliment this personality and help them be more talkative about emotions.

Leo Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Leo Pigs are typically well-liked and will help friends in need without a second thought. In fact, one of their favorite things is inspiring others either through their generosity, wisdom, or their actions. They are among the most loyal friends a person could have, and believe strongly in helping friends and family members in need. Members of this sign need to be careful, though, not to let their public persona overcome who they really are inside. Should this happen, they can easily destroy everything they have built, especially their relationships.

People fall in love easily with this sign. Leo Pigs attract others to them with great ease, and combined with how much others admire them, the most challenging part of their love life can be choosing one of their many admirers as a long-term mate. Again, maintaining their honest selves and personal integrity is key to the success of these relationships. Leo Pigs who fall too in love with themselves make it difficult for others to feel the same way. The very best qualities of this sign are their gentle and giving nature. With those gone, the core of their being goes with it. For a sign that has success come easily, the biggest challenge can be staying true to themselves over the long run.

Leo Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Leo Pigs do best pursuing their personal passions. Their rare ability to move toward a goal despite the obstacles only works when they are going after a goal that they genuinely care about. They can follow their dreams, no matter what they are, without fear of failure mainly because they choose not to pay attention to failure. They would rather be true to their instincts than play life safe.

Their easy likability makes them naturally successful as actors, musicians, comedians, and other types of performers. Not all Leo Pigs love the spotlight, though, and for those a leadership role where they can control their destiny is preferential to playing second-fiddle to someone else’s vision. Leo Pigs make great business leaders, particularly in the retail or hospitality industries.

Leo Pig Man

For the Leo-Pig man there are no impossible tasks. This is an ambitious, confident person. Stubbornly and bravely overcomes obstacles, and quite easily, without losing a good mood. Leo-Pig is a respectable man with noble manners, very kind and sympathetic. He tries to achieve a high social position, a good income and a prestigious position amuse his pride. In addition, this is an extra opportunity to help others around. In a romantic relationship, he shows himself as a generous admirer, he indulges his favorite with great pleasure. A temperamental man does not recognize the limits and boundaries, his woman must completely belong to him, he is jealous and suspicious.

Leo Pig Woman

Women of this combination of signs know how to please men, and do not apply any effort. Leo-Pig is distinguished not only by its attractive appearance, but also by its rich inner content. These are active women, careerists, aimed at a successful career. They like to feel their own worth, to listen the compliments. Leo-Pig is a powerful woman, so she will not sacrifice her interests for the sake of men. Favorable attitude towards the fans does not mean willingness to make concessions. It is important for it to take place in the profession, besides, a good income guarantees comfortable living conditions. If a man is not able to provide everything necessary, then she will solve all the problems herself.

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