Libra Pig

Libra Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign can get along very well with many different people and they often take part in several different social groups. Libra Pigs love people and are genuinely interested in them and their lives. They are not especially loud or gregarious, and don’t require a ton of attention. They are well-mannered, polite, and often sophisticated individuals who only want to have a good time. Most people find them pleasant to be around, but some might think of them as a little boring. In truth, Libra Pig can be so polite that they come across as dull. They are also sensitive to all but the most playful criticism, which is likely to bother more audacious personalities.

Libra Pigs do well in love, often finding several potential partners throughout their lives. Part of this is due to knowing so many different people that it’s nearly impossible for them not to find potential mates and part of this is because they are so kind hearted that others can’t help but love and admire them. Chances are good that they will attract a more dominant partner, but they should be sure that they are respected for their role and contribution (which dominant types may dismiss as weak or unimportant). On the other hand, a partner who is just like them will create a partnership that is missing the excitement and adventure that Libra Pigs secretly crave. A good match will be someone who challenges them to grow individually while respecting and supporting their desire to give to their community.

Libra Pig Business (Career & Goals)

It’s not surprise that working with people is high on the list of importance for a potential career. Luckily, there are many jobs that require and encourage working with others. As a natural host, Libra Pigs make great chefs and restaurateurs, and they often have an above-average passion for food. They also work well within the rules, which makes careers in human resources, social work, and academic advising and administration good fits.

Those who choose to specialize in a particular industry will do well as long as, once again, the primary focus is working with and helping other people. They aren’t selfish enough to do well in sales or public relations. Instead they should choose a role that lets them communicate with others while looking out for both their clients’ and their own best interests. In this case, Libra Pigs can succeed greatly as doctors, nurses, hairdressers, beauticians, community leaders, volunteer coordinators, fundraisers, and hiring managers

Libra Pig Man

Balanced Libra-Pig men inspire serenity, with them easily and reliably. Ambitious people have a lot of talents, but they spend a lot of time building a successful career: they are too cautious and prudent. At the same time, they are stubborn enough to achieve their goal. Be sure to take the place of the head, even if you have to spend a huge amount of time. But they have almost no enemies and ill-wishers. In a love relationship, the man of Libra-Pig sign is passive enough, relies heavily on women. He is looking for a reliable partner who will completely dissolve in him. Behind the mask of tranquility lies a vulnerable nature, the man of this combination of signs painfully experiences betrayal and deception.

Libra Pig Woman

Friendly women Libra-Pigs are equally friendly with everyone, people rarely guess their true attitude towards themselves. They do not like quarrels and scandals, they try to reconcile the warring parties. Very clever and workaholics, love their work and do not want to be dependent on men. They have a delicate taste, they always have the best and fashionable outfits. Libra-Pigs women are bright and flirtatious, they like to catch on themselves the admiring glances of men. But they are looking for their only one, which you can live with all your life. She is a wonderful wife, who is always interested in her husband’s affairs, and is also able to give valuable advice. She is especially sensitive to children, devotes much time to their upbringing.

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