Pisces Pig

Pisces Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Those born under this sign typically know a great many people, so they rarely find themselves without something to do. Pisces Pig like to regularly pre-schedule social situations so that they always have something on the books. There seems to be a certain “social momentum” that they need to keep going. It is not unusual for them to offer to throw parties for others at their home, where they can choose the theme, food, and decor for the event. Pisces Pig are easy to get along with and are great listeners, though they don’t always have much to say in return.

Finding the right romantic relationship can be difficult for Pisces Pig. Despite their best intentions, they usually end up choosing the wrong partners. In truth, this is a sign that is so trusting and hopeful that they end up getting taken advantage of. Pisces Pig are attracted to people who can make them feel things - good or bad - rather than the partner that would be perfect “on paper”. It is likely that members of sensitive sign will get their hearts broken a few times before finally learning what makes a good partner.

Pisces Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Being sensitive, emotional, and creative, Pisces Pig often choose careers in art. This may be a very good fit, though they may find themselves frustrated by the challenges that go with being a professional artist. Even if they decide not to be a professional artist, most Pisces Pig will end up with some sort of artistic hobby such as music, writing, illustration, painting, poetry, or acting.

Pisces Pig love to express themselves artistically, but they are mostly intrigued by the way two or more elements interact. Whether those elements are people talking, colors on a canvas, or a string quartet, it is truly the chemistry of multiple elements that excites them. Though they are more creative-minded than logic-driven, Pisces Pig actually make excellent scientists, especially chemists.

Most Pisces Pig feel a connection to their community and the world around them which is why many choose a career where they feel that they could make a difference. Many Pisces Pig choose careers in social work or fundraising in order to fulfill this aspect of their personalities. Those who don’t work in the field are likely to be involved in other ways, such as donating to a cause or signing a petition.

Pisces Pig Man

Pisces-Pigs are good men, sensitive to the problems of others. With great pleasure and willingness to respond to requests for help. Soft, vulnerable natures suffer agonizing suffering even from minor quarrels and conflicts. Therefore, they try to try on everything, they spare no effort to find a better solution to the problem. He enjoys special love and respect from his subordinates. But close people unabashedly exploit the man Pisces-Pig. This is the most devoted husband and father, ready to endlessly please his family. In difficult circumstances, he can show rigidity, firmness and even fall into a rage, but such behavior is a rare exception.

Pisces Pig Woman

Pisces-Pigs women are a subject of admiration for many men. Soft, gentle people behave with restraint and tact, they never raise their voices. These are real women, set as their goal to surround loved ones with love and care. Absolutely lacking in ambition, they do not try to prove their own superiority. With great respect for her husband, support him in every possible way. If necessary, they can change their place of residence and occupation, and they will do it without regrets for the sake of the family. Pisces-Pig women are emotional, impressionable, but in case of danger they are capable of decisive action. Their strength of will, restraint and calmness can only be envied.

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Pisces Pig
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