Sagittarius Pig

Pig’s are defined as kind, trusting, sociable and charitable personalities in Chinese Astrology. These characteristics and their generous natures and lucky streak are believed to be lavished on those people born in the astrological Year of the Pig. In Western Astrology a Sagittarian is characterized as open minded, even tempered and easygoing. So the combination of character traits within a Sagittarius Pig personality is one of moderation and niceness. These individual’s are really good natured and very non judgmental and they have a middle of the road approach to life.

Sagittarius Pig Traits

A Sagittarian Pig has a great set of loving and caring features in their personalities so these are exceptionally warm people. They crave love and affection but are not loud in their manner of attracting your attention. The Sagittarius Pig will be patient and considerate and wait for opportune moments rather than pushing him or herself forward. These characters are more flexible than most other Sagittarian’s. They have high levels of trust and so they are more agreeable and accommodating. Their emotions tend to flow with a little less restriction and more warmth.

At work the Sagittarius Pig is capable of taking on quite a bit of responsibility and they welcome challenges. They are often quite good at jobs that require multi-tasking or lots of patience. Many Sagittarius Pig’s will know what career path they want to follow from an early age. They are not really ambitious but enjoy their work and the financial compensation it brings. These personalities are big-hearted and love to spend on others but sometimes need to be encouraged to buy something for themselves. They can on occasion neglect their own needs in favor of other people’s requirements. This is especially true when they team up with a mate and become parents.

Personal relationships and family life are immensely special to the Sagittarius Pig. They have an extreme fondness for the comfort and companionship of other people and do not cope well when alone. A Sagittarian Pig likes to see activity, hear noise and be involved, they loathe silence or exclusion of any sort. In soul mate relationships they will seek partners that are active, chatty, attentive and as amenable as they are. They feel that good communication plays a major part in successful partnerships. These people are open with their emotions and not afraid to show them in front of others. They are sensual rather than romantic and will desire some passion in a relationship.

The trusting and warmhearted nature of the Sagittarian Pig personality can sometimes be a little vulnerable. Their best assets of compassionate kindness can sometimes be a weakness in their personalities too. Occasionally they can be a bit too trusting of someone and be left feeling extremely let down. As the Sagittarius Pig is so honest with their feelings they usually expect others to share the same values. When they discover that this is not always the case they suffer great disappointment. As they mature they learn to build up a small emotional defense system that works for them.

Sagittarius Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

If you have a Sagittarius Pig as a friend, consider yourself lucky. Few signs balance the honesty, reliability, friendliness, helpfulness, and ability to let go and have a good time like this sign does. Speaking simply, Sagittarius Pig make excellent friends. Whether you spend a little bit of time with them or a lot, you’ll always enjoy their company and it doesn’t hurt to know that they are always there when you really need them. They are also likely to know the best places to eat and drink at, and are among the first to try something new.

In love, Sagittarius Pig can make great partners as well, but be warned - Sagittarius Pig don’t have a high tolerance for the dramatic. They will indulge in a good story or intriguing gossip here and there, but when the drama gets too close to home, they won’t stick around to deal with it. Members of this sign don’t like being around, let alone involved in tense or volatile situations; they actually find them quite annoying. Relationships that have high amounts of tension or drama will not work out well in the long run, no matter what else is involved. Sagittarius Pig need others similar to themselves - those who are curious, courageous, social, and easy-going.

Sagittarius Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Sagittarius Pig like to do good in the world, which is why careers in civil service make for a good fit. This can range from non-profit fundraiser to social worker to teacher to a member of the clergy. Many of these positions provide a daily purpose as well as an ever-evolving routine that meets a lot of the emotional needs and intellectual challenges of this sign. As long as the work continues to interest them, Sagittarius Pig can be happy without a “flashy” career that other signs need to boost their egos.

Members of this sign also enjoy entertaining - in all senses of the word. Whether they are hosting parties or are the star of a musical, Sagittarius Pig have a natural talent for keeping other entertained. They deeply enjoy the humor and intrigue of “real-life” and will often surprise others with witty and timely quips that are painfully honest. Most Sagittarius Pig could be successful comedians if they wanted to, but their sense of humor may be a little too intellectual and brutally honest for a lot of people. Instead, writing, acting, or producing may be a better fit.

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Sagittarius Pig
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