Scorpio Pig

Scorpio Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Relationships, even friendships, with Scorpio Pigs can be difficult because of this sign’s unwillingness to share their difficulties, emotions, and insecurities. It is easy to be attracted to this sign due to their mysteriously reserved nature and obvious intellectual qualities, but it is significantly more difficult to understand what is going on inside their minds. Nonetheless, they are loyal and dedicated friends who are always there for those they care about. Just don’t expect to break through their defenses. Just as the Scorpio Pig in the ocean shoots a cloud of ink before they make their escape, so too do those born under this sign hide behind an aggressively protective defense mechanism designed to stun and confuse those who try to exceed their limits.

Romantic relationships can be challenging for this same reason, but if anyone is going to help a Scorpio Pig release their inner self, it will be a partner. Still, one must be patient and cautious in their approach, allowing for much time and a natural building up of trust. It’s easy to become hypnotized by a Scorpio Pig’s power and charm, which is what makes it all the more difficult when relationships end abruptly. Scorpio Pig don’t hold onto anything that doesn’t work for them, including people. Though they can be a bit possessive of those they value, they are also willing to let go of those who don’t see eye to eye with them. Those who leave or abandon a Scorpio Pig will find themselves permanently exiled from their life. Scorpio Pigs don’t forgive easily.

Though they often think they would like a partner similar to themselves, Scorpio Pig would do well with a partner who was significantly different from them. Someone intuitive, right-brained, lighthearted, and agreeable can teach them so much about themselves and how to compromise in life. Scorpio Pigs aren’t cheerless loners, they have much joy and passion to share, and need someone who can help them bring it out - at their own pace.

Scorpio Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Scorpio Pigs have a strong work ethic that stems from their desire to achieve. They have great follow through and rarely abandon a project before it is finished. They would like to be able to do things their own way, but are ultimately more interested in the doing than how it gets done. Members of this sign work long and hard with purpose. They are eager to understand the world around them and thus are very interested in how things work. Though they enjoy scientific analyses and similar pursuits, they are especially intrigued by people and their instinctive interactions with each other and their environment.

A Scorpio Pig’s determination is matched by very few others, and they often excel in intellectual pursuits, including education. Those interested in a higher education should pursue it if it helps them get to where they want to go. They are highly intelligent and capable of performing most tasks, so the real challenge will be finding a career that speaks to them on a deeper level. Ultimately Scorpio Pig need a purpose to focus their immense energy on, and should continue to pursue that which is most meaningful to them rather than simply choose a career for money or status, which Scorpio Pigs are strongly attracted to, along with power over others.

Good career options for Scorpio Pig include: Doctor, Researcher, Scientist, Lab Tech, Veterinarian, Surgeon, and Detective.

Scorpio Pig Man

Men of this sign combination do not tolerate peace and quiet, try to lead an active lifestyle. Too energetic to stay at home for days on end. Are full of the most different ideas and plans as it is possible to improve a life, and without hesitation give directions to others. The Scorpio-Pig man is a born-again boss, ready to take responsibility for a huge team. He does not like criticism and remarks, harshly suppresses any attempts to influence his decision. A temperamental Scorpio-Pig man is despondent to flattery and compliments, not indifferent to beautiful women. True, his chosen one should be ready for that over time, instead of a gallant, generous gentleman, a demanding, jealous husband may appear.

Scorpio Pig Woman

These emotional women do not consider the necessity to restrain their feelings. They adore chatting on a variety of topics, dressing up and going to visit. Scorpions-Pigs women are bright, requiring attention. From the admirer await the refined courtships and magnificent gifts. Are not indifferent to beautiful things, do not know the measures in spending. They are easily offended, do not want to admit their mistakes. At the same time they are hardworking, they can be relied on. Scorpio-Pig can not hold back his resentment and jealousy, so her partner should be especially careful in dealing with other women. If he forgives betrayal, he will exhaust the life partner with endless quibbles. Will be happy with a man who does not pretend to be a leader in family relationships.

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