Taurus Pig

The Chinese Year of the Pig is thought to be a very fortunate time to be born in astrological terms. This creatures influence is believed to bring lots of luck and conviviality to any personality. In Western Astrology Taurus is signified by the Bull and considered a steady andself assured personality. The fun loving and lucky spirit from the Pig creates Taurus Pig’s that are highly convivial and the Bull’s presence adds calm and composure. This results in the well balanced sensible but fun personalities of Taurus Pig’s. They often have charming friendly characters that tend to naturally and instantly put others at their ease.

Taurus Pig Traits

A Taurus Pig is quite sociable for a Taurus and usually has good communication skills. They like to talk and sometimes use verbal displays of expression more effectively than using body language. When a Taurus Pig says something they will choose their words carefully in order to achieve the desired response. They often learn this ability from a young age and tend to utilize it frequently when conversing with others. These individuals like to get their own way but will use words rather than actions to try and get it. They are sometimes viewed as lazy in their mannerisms but this is because they can often accomplish more by speaking than doing.

The genial personality of a Taurus Pig frequently allows them to easily blend into most jobs and get along with almost everyone. They have a methodical and responsible approach to work but like to make it enjoyable and humorous if they can to alleviate any monotony. The Taurus Pig is not particularly motivated by money but their natural good fortune usually ensures they have enough. They will try to save for special things and luxuries but find it difficult to not keep dipping into their savings.

The Taurus Pig appears to find personal relationships easy to establish and nurture. Their rather loveable personalities make wonderful partners who can give you the right balance of affection and attention. A Taurus Pig is incredibly sensual, romantic and passionate all rolled into one. There are not many partners that will be as attentive and fun to be with. In soul mate relationships they will be as open and considerate as they possibly can be emotionally. They will be thoughtful on birthdays and anniversaries and usually give something that is meaningful to the relationship.

Taurus is one of the most stubborn personalities in the zodiac and a Taurus Pig is especially prone to it. This is the main weakness in their jovial characters and can bring them a few problems. They have a tendency to be a bit too obstinate at the wrong times and can often end up losing out on things. This weakness varies between each individual Taurus Pig and is occasionally initialized when they feel they are being unfairly treat or are adamant that they are right about something. They will make a fuss, dig their heels in and may refuse to even think about a compromise.

Taurus Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Members of this sign make great friends. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and usually have intelligent, well-thought-out advice to give. Being one-on-one or in small groups of close friends are strongly preferable to large groups or unfamiliar situations. Take a Taurus Pig out of his or her comfort zone and watch your friend become shy, aloof, and even irritated. Those born under this sign do best at their own homes or places they feel at home in. This makes relationships with highly social signs more difficult, but in the end others will gladly take time to hang out on a Taurus Pig’s turf because a relationship with this sign is so very worthwhile.

Taurus Pigs are sweet and sensual and put a lot of trust into their relationships. As with everything else, they take a long time deciding to commit to relationships, but once they do consider it a done deal. Taurus Pigs will stay true in love until the bitter end, but they also expect this from their partners. Should this trust be betrayed, expect to see the rare but legendary rage from this quiet but powerful sign. More than anything, Taurus Pigs are protective of their relationships, which are a key to keeping them balanced and happy.

Taurus Pig Business (Career & Goals)

It never fails to surprise those who know a Taurus Pig best when they discover that their reserved and lazy friend is a talented entertainer. It certainly doesn’t seem to fit with their mild exterior, but in truth members of this sign enjoy creative self-expression and are often naturally talented in the arts, especially in music. Some of the most legendary blues and jazz musicians of the early 1900s, such as Robert Johnson and Duke Ellington, were Taurus Pigs.

Whether or not they choose to be artists, most Taurus Pigs enjoy the arts in some fashion. They have a natural talent for business, too, which can make for some interesting career choices that often happen on the commerce side of the art world. Of all these, the most fitting career for a Taurus Pig is that of a fundraiser. In this role, a member of this sign can host a grand party to auction off art in order to help others. It’s a difficult job that requires a determined leader that refuses to believe that even the largest goals cannot be reached.

Of course, this sign should choose a personally inspiring career where their internal drive kicks into high gear and helps them push past all the barriers in the way. Without the inspiration to use their powerful determination, this sign will more likely end up giving into laziness, procrastination, and over-indulgence.

Taurus Pig Man

The good-natured, sociable Taurus-Pig man causes trust from the first minutes of acquaintance. People like this cute, cheerful person, it seems that he can speak anyone. A patient and seasoned man tries not to show negative emotions, strives to create the impression of a lucky destiny. Like no one else deserves to be successful, very hardworking and responsible. Taurus-Pig is a stubborn man, always insists on his own and will not rest until he achieves the desired. In a romantic relationship, he manifests himself as a soft, tactful partner, it is impossible to hear a rude word from him. True, his benevolent attitude should not be misleading, he is a terrible owner and jealous.

Taurus Pig Woman

The Taurus woman, born in the year of the Pig, shows endurance and wisdom in every life situation. Has a strong character, therefore with dignity experiences failures and troubles. An industrious woman is focused on the result, works hard. She does not like chaos and disorder, everything is laid out in her life. Taurus-Pig woman easily finds a common language with people, loves noisy companies, behaves restrained and tactfully. In a romantic relationship does not consider it shameful to make concessions, although it can be stubborn, but in rare cases. It can be relied on, does not make serious demands, does not differ capricious temper. The only thing that can seriously offend her: treason.

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