Virgo Pig

In Chinese Astrology terms the Pig is viewed as a lucky, generous, happy and cordial personality. Those born in their year in the astrological calendar are thought to receive some of this charming animal’s sociability and hospitable nature. This is especially true in the case of those acquiring the Western Astrology sign of Virgo at birth. A Virgo Pig is usually endowed with all these lovely character traits and is an all round very nice individual. They love to see and make people smile and tend to be more givers than takers in all their relationships with others. They mainly view the world optimistically and take life in their stride but the Virgo in them also makes some of them secret worriers.

Virgo Pig Traits

A Virgo Pig is naturally kind, compassionate and sociable and usually stays quite cheerful in life. They do not really give themselves time to worry personally as they are always on the go doing something. Their inner emotions appear to be hidden for most of the time as they tend to concentrate more on the welfare of others than themselves. Many Virgo Pig’s will stand up for others far more vigorously than they would defend their self. They do not like confrontations but they also hate unfairness with a passion. These Virgo’s will always speak out if they see or experience any form of injustice.

In and around the home the Virgo Pig’s personality influence of hospitality gets the opportunity to surface. They will usually have warm and welcoming homes that while extremely tidy are also comfortable and relaxing places. Any visitors will generally be greeted with insistence that they sit down and have a drink and a bite to eat. When these personalities search for a partner they will look for certain kinds of people. They prefer partner’s that will not be bothered by, or become jealous of, their gracious and unselfish attitude towards others.

The Virgo Pig often finds work that they can gain personal satisfaction from and sometimes this may be in a voluntary position. These personalities are not driven by financial acquisition, they would rather be working in a meaningful capacity and pay will probably be secondary. When they are not working a Virgo Pig enjoys the comforts of home or socializing with a few friends. As they are normally so busy when they do get to relax it is often just the simple things in life that they will wish for and appreciate. They take pleasure in good food and the company of family.

The likeable personality of the Virgo Pig is prone to change and show weaknesses very occasionally. Their usual accommodating nature’s can become intensely stubborn when these personalities are angered. It does take an awful lot to get the Virgo Pig angry but when they are you cannot fail to notice. They will exhibit a hot temper totally unlike their normal persona and sometimes also take on a know it all attitude. These people are not nice when they are enraged and can take some time to cool down.

Virgo Pig Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Virgo Pigs are kind, loving, and genuinely care about those close to them. There are no more dedicated friends than these. Again, they are sometimes too trusting and can be easily taken advantage of, but true friends will not take advantage of this. True friends and family will appreciate the Virgo Pig for exactly who they are and be grateful to have such a kind and sensitive person in their lives. More than most signs, Virgo Pigs need to be careful who they spend their time with. That doesn’t mean there won’t be ups and downs in their interpersonal relationships; it means that members of this sign have to be careful not to let other people’s problems or issues become their own.

Virgo Pigs are lucky in love, though once again they need to be careful not to enter a relationship where they will be taken advantage of. Partners may tend to take them for granted as Virgo Pigs are typically very giving and eager to please. Those born under this sign must remember that it is up to themselves to keep their lives in balance, and romantic relationships will most certainly play with this balance for better and for worse. Virgo Pigs usually need a partner who is more assertive than they are, but not overbearing. They tend to make the same mistakes in relationships several times until they finally mature enough to learn better. Once they find a partner, they should be careful not to take this person for granted as they all too often allow themselves to be.

Virgo Pig Business (Career & Goals)

Most Virgo Pigs end up living in service to others. This is in no way a bad thing, especially if they can also get paid for it. Few can exert the cold practicality of technical skill while simultaneously maintaining a warm bedside manner like this sign can. Top career choices are: Civil servant, Social worker, Doctor, Veterinarian, Mental health worker. Also Scientist, Technician, Caterer, Repairman, Fundraiser, or Personnel Manager.

This sign should do plenty of research on career options before choosing one. Chances are they will end up going with their gut, but being in the service-to-others industry also comes with a higher chance of burnout. Even after choosing a path, Virgo Pigs should be flexible and understand that jobs and people (i.e. themselves) change over time, and that it’s okay to leave a career that isn’t working for one that is more fulfilling.

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