Aquarius Rabbit

Those Aquarians that are born throughout the Chinese astrological Year of the Rabbit gain many qualities of sophistication. A person with the Aquarius Rabbit personality is usually brimming with style in all areas of their character. Everything they say and do will be conducted with a certain degree of stylish manner. The Chinese Astrology concepts regard the Rabbit as wise and keen, so when this is coupled with typical Aquarian traits it generally produces these highly fashionable personas. At their best the Aquarius Rabbit will be calm and collected but at their worst they can be sneaky or a little obsessive in their nature.

Aquarius Rabbit Traits

The Aquarius water bearers strengths of friendship are often intensified when paired with the Rabbit. Their natural creativity and love of knowledge seeking is also heightened when these two astrology character indicators combine. Although this personality welcomes companionship of all kinds they also like quiet moments to themselves occasionally too. These characters are excellent listeners, like the Rabbit they are wise and cautious treading carefully when confronted with life’s usual ups and downs. The Aquarius Rabbit rarely loses his temper avoiding confrontations of any kind. In Chinese Astrology this specific animal is portrayed as the peacemaker among any group of individuals having a disagreement.

A special ability to calm situations with their charm and common sense bestows the Aquarian Rabbit. These are good personalities to include in any work or personal relationships requiring a calming, good organizational influence. These people will not want to lead or follow but are very efficient at being a valuable part of any team effort. These stabilizing and peace keeping skills they possess can be initiated in any circumstance that demands it and work especially well in family life. Despite typically taking their time to start long term relationships the Aquarius Rabbit will take it very seriously when he or she does commit.

Probably the most redeeming characteristic of someone arriving in the Year of the Rabbit is their refinement. The Aquarian Rabbit is very elegant and graceful as their originalAquarian disposition emphasises their attraction. These classy personalities will often stand out in a crowd for they seem to naturally choose the right outfit for the occasion. Their adoration of the arts, culture and anything beautiful inspires them to experiment with new and different styles. They are also fantastic advisors on color schemes and home decor.

Both Aquarians and Rabbits value their independence rather highly and this similarity can be a weak spot in these particular personality types. There is nothing wrong with valuing your independence in most areas of life. However in close relationships the Aquarius Rabbit may feel trapped into conformity. These strong self reliant people may have to work hard at intense personal unions and realise that sometimes it is best to trust others judgments and opinions too. As the Aquarian Rabbit character matures it learns to curb its freedom seeking and prepare to compromise a little more. Once settled their independent tendencies may decline somewhat but do not disappear entirely.

Aquarius Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Aquarius Rabbits often have complicated relationships. They have a tendency to be attracted to others who share the open and eccentric side of their nature, but not necessarily the genuine, giving side of their nature. With their tendency to come across as pushovers, it’s not uncommon for their partners to take advantage of their good nature. Aquarius Rabbits need to be careful not to let this happen, as it will eventually wear them down and leave them feeling jaded and helpless.

Aquarius Rabbits should seek to pair themselves with more stable partners. This may be difficult for them as they are highly attracted to more wild and unpredictable people, as well as those with big dreams and big ideas. A smart Aquarius Rabbit will learn to keep these people as friends, and keep their love relationships separate. A good, stable, even-keeled partner may be hard to find, but this is meant to be one of the challenges in the life of the Aquarius Rabbit. Once they find the right pairing, though, they will learn to balance out their lives in a much more manageable way. This often happens later in life than their peers.

Aquarius Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

As natural people-pleasers, young Aquarius Rabbits often gravitate toward jobs in human resources, retail, or as administrative assistants. While jobs like these feel good to that side of the Aquarius Rabbit’s personality, many members of this sign will find the repetitiveness and/or lack of challenge to be ultimately disappointing. Aquarius Rabbits are also very unique and innovative and are more likely to look beyond whatever current role they have and find ways to improve other things beyond their responsibility level.

As mentioned, Aquarius Rabbits are great diplomats, so what better job than as a diplomat? Aquarius Rabbits are skilled politically and are naturals at learning new languages. Jobs such as diplomat, translator, or politician are perfect for Aquarius Rabbits that don’t mind the limelight. For those who prefer to stay off the radar, a job as a teacher, community worker, doctor, or therapist would fulfill many of the internal needs that members of this sign share.

It should also be noted that Sloths make great parents. Sometimes a career as a homemaker is the most fulfilling career of all. It’s likely, though, that Aquarius Rabbits will do best if they join parent groups or otherwise stay social, as too much time alone might start to drive them a bit stir-crazy.

Aquarius Rabbit Man

In the Aquarius-Rabbit man there is a spirit of adventurism, it attracts everything new, every detail interests. He is full of positive emotions, friendly to people, loves life in all its manifestations, while he values ​​his freedom very much. Aspires to maximize his skills and abilities, constantly learns to be ready for new achievements. He does not avoid difficulties, he is able to overcome any obstacles. Most of all he is attracted by creative work, has a subtle artistic taste, but if necessary he can engage in heavy physical labor. In romantic relationships, he manifests himself as a romantic, performs original actions to impress the chosen one. But he will connect life only with a really beloved, desired woman.

Aquarius Rabbit Woman

Aquarius-Rabbit woman — coquette, loves to flirt, play with feelings of admirers. Charming, attractive person can count on success for men. This is not only a spectacular beauty, but also a very clever woman. Thanks to their talents and dedication, it’s easy to get headship. Often she is accused of self-confidence, excessive ambitiousness, although this is just a manifestation of the nature of the Aquarius-Rabbit. In personal relationships, she does not want to part with freedom, she wants to constantly experience strong emotions, enjoy the game of passions. She will be happy with a man who can understand and accept her way of life. Over time, her desires will change, innate practicality will take over an irrepressible thirst for adventure.

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