Cancer Rabbit

The Rabbit personality traits are believed by ancient Chinese astrologers to bestow the gifts of wisdom, tranquility and sophistication. These attributes derived from the animals character team well with most sun signs. The Cancer Rabbit is one of the best combinations as it incorporates both sensitivity and refinement. It allows the Cancer Rabbit to be highly expressive without appearing too emotional. This variation of the personality grants the recipient the ability to be very good at getting their message across. Being able to communicate in this effective way has lots of benefits for the typically apprehensive Cancerian.

Cancer Rabbit Traits

Cancer Rabbits have keen minds that require constant stimulation, if they are bored they tend to let everyone know. They will be restless as they hate nothing more than wasting time doing nothing. Cancer Rabbit personalities are normally confident individuals but they can be prone to depression if things are not going their way. They like to be surrounded by nice things and love collecting momentos from places and times they want to remember. Not that these people put more value on possessions than people, they value money but wish we could all get along without it. The Cancer Rabbit has an attitude that is mature in understanding that others emotions are more important than materialistic matters.

Although Cancer Rabbits may display a suave persona brimming with confidence they do not always feel this way. The average Cancerian inferiority complex still emits self doubt every now and again. Friends and partners of these types should look out for these times and do their best to snap the Cancer Rabbit back into form as soon as possible. These very loving individuals show much gratitude to those who try to lift their spirits when they are down. They have excellent memories and are inclined to always remember and repay the kindness of others.

The Cancerian Rabbit’s character has a generous helping of great style giving him or her a fantastic knack of colour coordination. This artistic and imaginitive skill acquisition generates people who seem to naturally know what will look good. This stylish influence will usually be apparant in all areas of their life, including their attire, home decor and vehicle choice. If you have to choose a gift for the Cancer Rabbit they can be difficult to buy for. Their love of anything that is different is usually a good starting point, or even better ask their opinion before you go ahead.

Apart from their proneness to get a little depressed the Cancerian Rabbit personality is generally well balanced. They cope with life’s up’s and down’s quite easily for the majority of the time. They aim for a peaceful non confrontational life and try to make their daily routines and those of others around them easy, but may become lazy if allowed to. This laziness is not always seen but if it is present it should be discouraged. This small weakness, if allowed to creep in, can hinder the Cancer Rabbit’s usual debonair flow of creativity and get up and go.

Cancer Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Cancer Rabbits are family-first at all times. Despite whatever relationships they had within their own families growing up, Cancer Rabbits long for a safe and secure family life over all things. They may treat their closest friends like family as well, and rarely say ‘no’ to a friend in need. However, unlike family, a friend who betrays their trust will almost certainly face exile from the fragile and sensitive Cancer Rabbit. They can be won over by sincere apologies, though, as long as they believe this will lead to a restoration of peace in their lives.

In love, the Cancer Rabbit will do well. They may find themselves attracted to some bad matches earlier in life, as they tend to draw the hurt and broken types to them. Cancer Rabbits have to take care not to let themselves be emotionally (or otherwise) abused, as they have a hard time letting go of those they love. Eventually, most members of this sign will become independent enough to not need a partner around, and this is usually when they will find the love of their life.

Cancer Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

It’s probably no surprise that Cancer Rabbits make fantastic librarians. It’s almost as if this sign was born to care for knowledge and history. That said, they can also find a great career fit as historians. They are not necessarily the type to draw attention to themselves, though, so despite their vast knowledge it’s rare that they would pursue a career as a professor or author. The Cancer Rabbit wants a simpler life than that.

Being caretakers by nature, many Cancer Rabbits choose a career as a homemaker. This is a perfect fit for this family-oriented sign, though it may surprise those who know them to find that they still desire some social interaction. Similarly, Cancer Rabbits can be successful as land owners or landlords. This sign is a surprisingly smart and savvy investor, and takes great care of their properties, even if they are renting them out for a nice return.

Cancer Rabbit Man

The goal-oriented Cancer-Rabbit man possesses sufficient willpower to achieve the conceived. In business, very cautious, prudently avoids risky situations, easily compromises. But a little lazy, subject to mood swings. It is rather a cute, domestic pet than a wild beast, driven by instincts. Will be happy with any help, needs support, especially in the understanding of close people. The man of this zodiac combination is a romantic, subtly feeling a partner, striking her with his quivering attitude. The sea of ​​flowers, compliments, night walks are all manifestations of the tender soul of Cancer-Rabbit. But it is so attached to the chosen one that she strictly controls her life. At the same time a good family man, a devoted, loving husband.

Cancer Rabbit Woman

Cancer-Rabbit woman has exquisite manners, the appearance is always perfect: beautiful outfits, neat hairstyle, natural make-up. Refined, refined taste is evident in everything, especially it manages the design of premises. She is looking for a worthy companion, her dream is a real man, a devoted knight. A little capricious, but has the right to inflated demands: she is a perfection, the standard of a woman. She tries to be impeccable in everything, including at work. A clever, shrewd person is very cautious in her statements and actions, therefore she has no conflicts with her colleagues, and the authorities always set her as an example. But it is subject to the action of emotions, it is indecisive, therefore the ascent to the heights of the career is not quite smooth.

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