Capricorn Rabbit

Capricorn Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Capricorn Rabbit are reliable and sympathetic friends and family members. They are good listeners who like to help solve problems, but they aren’t well suited to listening to problems without offering advice in return. Members of this sign might occasionally avoid dealing with their own problems, but they can’t stand to watch others do the same. Being as sensitive as they already are, they must take care not to absorb the pain and suffering of those who just want someone to hear them complain. Similarly, they have to be careful how much help they recruit from others so they don’t cease to be self-sufficient.

Cautious in new relationships, those born under this sign will want to get a feel for a person’s true nature before giving much of themselves. Part of this is to avoid choosing bad partners, but mostly it is to protect themselves from rejection and the discomfort of having to end dysfunctional relationships. Superficiality is a major concern as well, since Capricorn Rabbit are naturally attracted to status, wealth, and appearances. This is their biggest weakness and can easily lead them through unhappy relationships until they learn to recognize the difference between what appears to matter and what actually matters.

Romantic situations will arise regularly for them, though their hesitation to trust others may end potential partnerships before they arise. Though they are dedicated and loyal to friends, they are not always as faithful in relationships. True love will win out, but Capricorn Rabbit shouldn’t be surprised if it takes time to find the right fit.

Capricorn Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Because they are going to work so hard and dedicate themselves to a cause so readily, members of this sign need to make goals based on their most genuine values. This is often tricky because this sign has a particular weakness for superficial or material interests. Money, power, status, beauty, and emotion will all lure Capricorn Rabbits from their path. In fact, this is one of the core life goals for this sign - to rise above the false desires in order to find the true ones.

Capricorn Rabbit are best when working toward a singular goal. They need to find a hobby or career that they can get into 100%, otherwise they will have great difficulty finishing the projects they start. Whether they realize it or not, members of this sign have all the staying power they need to make progress in any field. It might come slowly over time, but eventually they can be successful at anything if they stay true to their vision and their values. For most, the majority of their successes will come later in life, which is actually a very good thing (if they can put off having the luxuries and lifestyle they crave). This gives them a chance to explore their true interests and beliefs before committing to a specific career.

Those with a strong urge toward a particular field should follow that path and see where it takes them. Unlike some signs, the actual job they take doesn’t matter as long as they can make progressive changes and be true to themselves. When put in charge they can be dictators who go out of their way to demand the best from their employees, so they must be careful to live up to their own standards if they are going to inspire others to do the same.

Capricorn Rabbit Man

Purposeful Capricorn-Rabbit man prefers to do his own business, does not waste time in vain. To some, he may seem too gloomy and unsociable, but this is not at all the case. In fact, he has a cheerful character, just strives to maintain order and a reasonable balance in everything. At an early age, he demonstrates the indecision, which is inherent in all Rabbits, so he stubbornly struggles with his weaknesses. Over time, he turns into a real strong man, confident in his actions. At work, he is regarded as a fine specialist, close people like him for his attentive, caring attitude. Devoted to the family, the surrounding people consider him a loving, faithful husband and responsible father.

Capricorn Rabbit Woman

A strict, reserved Capricorn-Rabbit woman prefers not to show their feelings. At the same time, it is not devoid of romanticism, just waiting for her man, who will be able to bring into her life fun and carelessness. But she will not pay attention to the too frivolous person, her mind and beauty need a worthy frame. She is a very serious woman, a true professional of her craft. Colleagues appreciate her for efficiency, purposefulness. True, she lacks determination, sometimes cancels business meetings at the most inopportune moment, or delays discussion of an important issue. It is impossible to take offense at it, especially to reproach. It is a beautiful gentle creature, worthy of love and care.

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