Gemini Rabbit

Gemini’s that are fortunate enough to be born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit are thought to receive some of this creatures stylish persona. Alongside their sociable Gemini traits indicated by Western Astrology, they are believed to also acquire the Rabbit’s debonair character influence from Chinese Astrology. So the Gemini Rabbit individual’s personality is usually graced with a noticeable degree of sophistication and quick intellect. These people are often excellent at arranging and decorating things as they seem to have a brilliant ability to coordinate. This is teamed with an artistic flair and a keen eye for detail.

Gemini Rabbit Traits

Gemini Rabbits have chatty charming personalities and will happily get along with most people. Although they are sometimes a little aloof and self concerned they make good friends who will be supportive when it really matters. The Gemini Rabbit person loves to demonstrate their knowledge and possesses a fair, tolerant and understanding nature. These particular abilities enable them to be fantastic listeners who will always endeavor to offer nonjudgemental and useful emotional and practical advice. As partners they are among the most compassionate of all typical Gemini’s. They are loving and open and base relationships on trust and loyalty.

The sophisticated Gemini Rabbit likes to dress to impress and their enhanced sense of style helps them achieve it. They have a great skill at choosing clothing and accessories that naturally suit them. In the home the Gemini Rabbit will utilize his or her talent with color coordination to create environments that are serene and welcoming. These personalities adore home life and will spend hours making their space as comfortable and relaxing as possible. In relationships with these characters it’s often best considering leaving the household furnishing choices completely to them.

Gemini Rabbit influenced personalities enjoy talking and sometimes need to be reminded to stop. They are occasionally accused of gossiping or interfering as they are naturally inquisitive and prone to be a little nosy. If a Gemini Rabbit takes up a profession that requires lots of communication he or she may not feel the need to be too talkative when they come home. These individuals have a tendency to express themselves best verbally, as well as with style, so they are always willing to talk about issues and do not tend to let them build up. This prevents them from feeling down and sinking into sulks or depressions.

With a personality well equipped for coping with life’s challenges the Gemini Rabbit’s character does not have any major weaknesses. They do however find it difficult to get angry. While this is not a bad trait it can cause them problems. They are brilliant at expressing themselves but their lack of aggression in their tone and manner makes them sometimes appear weak willed. The Gemini Rabbit personality needs to learn that in some serious important situations they will need to display their anger to vent frustration, even if only orally. If they do not be more insistant in some circumstances people may try to manipulate their nice natures.

Gemini Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Gemini Rabbits don’t have any trouble winning over others. They are kind and sweet, yet not too shy or too outgoing. They tend to be great conversationalists and are well liked by most people. They may not be the center of attention, but they are always the person everyone else is happy to see. It’s always been too long since you’ve last seen a Gemini Rabbit friend.

Relationships with Gemini Rabbits can be slightly tricky. This sign tends to find mates with stronger personalities who can end up taking this sign for granted. Gemini Rabbits need to develop their self-esteem in order to avoid giving in to partners who don’t appreciate them for the wonderful partners they are. At the same time, Gemini Rabbits want someone to talk to and who is interested in similar things, and that can be harder to find than they might think as their interests can be a bit out of the ordinary. As long as they keep their hearts and minds open, this sign is a shoe-in for love. They just have to be careful that their love is returned to them equally.

Gemini Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

As mentioned, members of this sign are highly creative and have a strong appreciation for the arts. They don’t always fare well in careers as artists, though, as they often have trouble finishing what they start. Gemini Rabbits are notorious for being painters AND writers AND musicians AND actors AND illustrators, etc. They like exploring new thoughts and ideas so much that they are easily bored by old ones - even those ideas that popped up just minutes ago.

For a Gemini Rabbit to be successful they need to be surrounded by art and language, but not necessarily rely on their passion to pay the bills. The truth is this is a somewhat nervous sign who can let their anxiety get the better of them. It’s far better to reach for a career a bit more sustainable than the rogue artist archetype suggests. Gemini Rabbits do best setting up small boutique shops that sell interesting trinkets like old books, antiques, or collectibles. This kind of work allows them to engage with other like-minded individuals who share their passion. Gemini Rabbits also adore language and most know how to speak more than one. They work well as translators or language teachers, especially if they get to use this as an excuse to do some world traveling.

Gemini Rabbit Man

The Gemini-Rabbit man is an attractive personality, has soft, gentle manners. Can beautifully take care of, women can not resist such a gallant gentleman. But he does not exchange for frivolous intrigues, this is an exemplary family man. Despite his sociability, he likes to spend time at home, touchingly cares for his wife and children. For all its sensitivity, Gemini-Rabbit is a pragmatist: he thinks logically, does not take into account feelings and emotions. Thanks to natural intuition, insight quickly moves along the career ladder. Chooses a job related to communication with people, fluently speaks. In the manager’s chair, it looks simply superb, although in the role of a subordinate has a reputation as an excellent specialist.

Gemini Rabbit Woman

Soft, gentle Gemini-Rabbit woman gives a feeling of calm and comfort to all close people. She can talk about everything in the world, but she does not just participate in the conversation, but really tries to help in a difficult situation. True, she herself needs support, too close to her heart perceives everything that is happening around, constantly doubts the correctness of her actions. She strives for a quiet life, but often gets involved in questionable business, mainly because she wants to help others. In a romantic relationship in all submits to a partner, relies on his honesty and decency. Too idealizes her chosen one, so she is frustrated. She should be more confident, ambitious in her personal life, and in her professional activities.

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Gemini Rabbit
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