Leo Rabbit

The moody temper of the typical Western astrological birth sign of Leo is tamed by the influence of the Rabbit from Chinese Astrology. When these particular people are born they are believed to gain possession of the Rabbit’s natural calmness. This generally dampens the impulsive, impatient, sulky side of Leo’s. The result of the Leo Rabbit pairing is a lovely personality who is strong but sensitive and usually wonderfully calm and organized. The combined Leo Rabbit nature is destined to be mild but not meek. These individuals are gentle and nonirritating and they seem to have great control over their tempers and an non confrontational manner.

Leo Rabbit Traits

The Leo Rabbit is a charismatic personality but does not enjoy being in the spotlight. These characters are quite ambitious and usually do well in life. Their serene persona is charming and friendly without being overly loud and demanding. The Leo Rabbit has a useful ability to be able to get their own way with not much effort and fuss. These personalities are subtle, patient, hard working and persuasive in their mannerisms as well as being very good communicators. These bunch of traits are perfect for use in many areas of work so these Leo’s can often choose from a variety of work options. In family life they will usually be helpful, considerate, protective and sometimes a little too house proud.

A Leo Rabbit has an intuitive sensitivity to the feelings of others but will only offer assistance if they are asked. When they give advice these Leo’s do so gently and with high levels of tact. Having a Leo Rabbit as a friend is brilliant as these types greatly value friendships and are immensely loyal. They are not normally loners and tend to like having lots of friends around. These people have a responsible serious side but they do not let it stop them having fun. They enjoy communicating and working with others and are happy to share responsibilities and help others.

A wish to be liked, loved and appreciated is the main yearning within the Leo Rabbit personality. Throughout life these Leo’s will search for the admiration of friends and a loving and appreciative soul mate. The Leo Rabbit is not as trusting as other Leo’s as they possess a cautious trait from the presence of the Rabbit. It may take these people a little longer than most to eventually commit to someone and settle down. When they do finally enter a relationship for the long term they do so with complete commitment and permanence expectations.

Leo Rabbit’s seem to need a lot of sleep, they work hard and keep themselves busy so can soon tire easily. If these individuals do not get enough resting time they can soon become grumpy. The normal calmness may turn into coolness and they may appear as detached and irritable. When the Leo Rabbit is tired their general composed personality may diminish and they may display a slight aggression. The answer to this weakness is for these Leo’s to not go without adequate slumber.

Leo Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Leo Rabbits have no trouble garnering attention. In fact, it’s hard for them not to constantly make new friends because others are so drawn to them. Their confident, yet mysterious nature is a powerful attractant, and their unexpectedly kind and generous personalities only make the pull that much stronger. They like being around people and generally have a lot of friends. What many don’t understand is that as social as this sign is, they also need some quiet time to themselves that they often deny themselves in favor of working toward their professional or personal goals.

While those born under this sign are very loyal to their friends, they have a more difficult time with romantic relationships. This is not to say that they are not loyal to their partners, but there is a distinct part of their personalities that monogamy conflicts with. Leo Rabbits have a need to be around different people, and in truth are a bit self-centered. If they don’t get the attention they need at home it becomes very hard for them to feel settled and secure. At the same time, home is the place they want to be the most, as long as everything there is as they want it to be. Thus, it takes a patient and generous person to make a long-lasting relationship with this sign work. Leo Rabbits just have to make sure they don’t take advantage of this patience and generosity and end up with a bitter and resentful partner.

Leo Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

The career options for this sign are many, but like most Primal Zodiac signs, some careers seem to be a better fit with Leo Rabbits than others. It should be noted, though, that this sign in particular tends to have natural talents that lead them where they are destined to go as long as they trust their instincts. To a greater degree than their peers, members of this sign should do their best to “stay out of their own way” - as in, don’t over-think the future when the path will naturally unfold for you as you walk it.

That said, the personality of this sign works best in careers where they can be recognized for their work. Every Leo Rabbit has at least a little bit of celebrity in them, and while they like to be in control, they are also deeply motivated by the desire to be loved, respected, and noted for their work. They are naturally gifted politicians, both in the literal and figurative senses of the word. Combine this with an inherent gift for marketing (especially self-promotion) and you’ve got a good deal of choices. Art dealer / collector, beautician, ad executive, talk show host, and diplomat are all careers that fit this sign extremely well. Again, Leo Rabbits should always trust their instincts when choosing a career and pick something that fits who they are more than what they aspire to be.

Leo Rabbit Man

Leo-Rabbit is a man who invariably evokes trust, a calm and balanced person. Pleasant in communication, cheerful and always very polite. But the active nature of Leo is bursting outside, does not allow him to live a modest, measured life. He builds ambitious plans, tries to implement them in reality. This is not a daydreamer or hopeless romantic, but a determined and energetic man. He is not indifferent to luxury things, so he is constantly looking for ways to earn money. He has a good material prosperity: his family will never need anything. It is quick-tempered and harsh, but it is very easy to calm it down with just a few affectionate words. In a romantic relationship, he shows himself as a passionate partner, chooses only spectacular beauties. A modest, nondescript woman is perceived by him only as a friend.

Leo Rabbit Woman

An extravagant Leo-Rabbit woman attracts looks, she is always in the center of attention. She wears spectacular clothes, she is cheerful and positively tuned, but she is not stupid, she has a lot of virtues, she just likes the attention of the public. Successfully solves business issues, is very hardworking. She tries to take a position with a good salary, the financial question is of great importance to her. She does not count on financial assistance, she is too proud and independent for this. From men waiting for worship, unquestioning obedience. She does not consider it necessary to sacrifice her own interests for the sake of the family, she can become a good mistress if she falls in love very much. The secret of the seduction of the Leo-Rabbit woman sign is quite simple: love, adoration, recognition of its merits.

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