Libra Rabbit

Libra Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Libra Rabbits are among the best friends you could ever have. They are caring and supportive and always willing to lend a helping hand. Those born under this sign have excellent insights into human nature and always offer good advice or a sympathetic ear. Libra Rabbits will be there when you need them, but don’t expect them to take part in your battles. Angry or chaotic relationships are toxic to this sign, and they will avoid adversity at all costs. This includes telling you when you’ve done something to upset them. More forthright signs must remember that a hurt Libra Rabbit will escape rather than fight back, which can make relationships complicated for those who don’t know that something is wrong.

For a sign that likes to avoid drama, Libra Rabbits sure seem to have a strange way of dealing with love. One would expect members of this sign to be passive and accepting but in love Libra Rabbits tend to be pickier than most. This is the one area where being an “old soul” does not apply. Those born under this sign tend to be judgmental of others to the point of being superficial. Appearances are important to a Libra Rabbit and while they don’t expect others to share their refined sensibilities, they do expect it of potential love partners. Libra Rabbits also deep down long for romance and passion like one would find in books and movies, which often leads to unrealistic expectations about real life. Unless they can learn to temper their expectations, members of this sign are in danger of ending up disappointed in love.

Libra Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

It should be no surprise that Libra Rabbits excel at making people, places, and things look good. Their natural affinity for beauty makes careers such as beautician, hairdresser, and interior designer perfect fits for this sign. Libra Rabbits also love art and many are talented artists. Not all, however, enjoy the self-selling that goes with making a career out of art, which is why many members of this sign prefer working indirectly in the art world. Careers in art and antique dealing, for example, allow the business-adept Libra Rabbit to play a somewhat structured role in the creative world.

Their cool and collected nature allows Libra Rabbits to succeed in other areas, such as politics. The ability to put on a good face in hard times is a hallmark of this sign. They also tend to stay out of trouble and have an honest compassion for others. Those who find politics their calling will have great success if they can handle the conflicts inherent in that career path.

Libra Rabbit Man

The combination of these two signs gives the Libra-Rabbit man an amazing calm, sometimes it seems that he is indifferent to what is happening around. He just enjoys life, does not see any reason to get frustrated over trifles. He does not mark a high position, but is considered a good worker, because he is honestly working. Do not harass himself for pursuing money, content with what he has. A friendly person is liked by absolutely everyone, the man of Libra-Rabbit zodiac have not and can not have enemies. In romantic relationships behaves flawlessly: he presents gifts about and without him, showering compliments, touchingly cares. But the initiative must come from a partner, otherwise it goes on forever in eternal grooms, although many women are ready to associate with him.

Libra Rabbit Woman

Intelligent Libra-Rabbit woman behaves impeccably with people, has a calm character, gentle, affable manners. It is important for her to exchange emotions, impressions, can not live in seclusion. She knows how to make connections, it’s a wonderful organizer, there are always a lot of like-minded people around her. The truth is a bit scattered, so it needs the help of reliable partners. Charming person is very popular with men, they are attracted by her softness, tenderness, femininity. Very responsible for the duties of the wife and mother, this is the ideal wife for a respectable man. With the Libra-Rabbit, any difficulties are not terrible, it is a faithful, loving, devoted woman with all her heart.

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