Pisces Rabbit

Within Chinese Astrology the Rabbit has a character of a kind, intelligent and caring creature. A person born in the Year of the Rabbit is thought to gain some of these balanced and positive influential characteristics from this gentle natured animal. The Rabbit’s astrological influence on those born under the Western sun sign Pisces is strong and steadying. It creates individuals who appear to possess very genial dispositions as the delicacy of the usual Piscean emotions is somewhat strengthened. This produces people who are emotionally well adjusted and very thoughtful in their mannerisms.

Pisces Rabbit Traits

The overall blend of these Pisces Rabbit personalities is often just right for creating people who can usually get along with almost everyone. These individuals do not like loud or overly extroverted friends, they prefer companions who are calm and enjoy along with them the quieter activities in life. In work choices the Piscean Rabbit will often opt for occupations that make use of their nice and happy persona’s and challenge their intelligence. They are rather good at integrating a fine work and free time equilibrium so they rarely suffer from stress. They are expert at planning their time to fit everything in.

A Pisces Rabbit will look for a strong reliable partner, with whom they can talk freely and take pleasure in the same simple things in life. The dreamy imaginitive flair of the Pisces often surfaces when they are in love. This makes the Pisces Rabbit highly romantic and sentimental in adult relationships. They can sometimes be a little too trusting of other people’s intentions. They tend to think that everyone is as agreeable and considerate as they are and are disappointed to discover that this is not always the case. They can frequently rush into relationships without thinking compatibility through first.

Pisces Rabbit’s like to go with the flow and hardly ever provoke arguments. They are fond of a peaceful carry on and will avoid rather than encourage arguments. This can sometimes making them infuriating as many of these Piscean Rabbit’s flatly refuse to argue when sometimes a debate is needed to clear the air. These people do not like any kind of confrontation and usually do all they can to avoid it. In the workplace these personalities are versatile. While they dislike too much responsibility they will usually be flexible and capable of doing more than one thing at a time. They get along finely with work colleagues and are prepared to work hard.

Self indulgence and a tendency to be a little idle are the primary weaknesses of the Pisces Rabbit personality. These are not immensely troublesome faults if they do not occur too frequently. If they are a regular occurrence then they can lead to self pity. As the Pisces rabbit seldom gets stressed then these negative traits and their influences do not often materialize. This weakness will sometimes just simply manifest as the need for a shopping binge, a nice meal or night out, or the luxury of an extra few hours in bed.

Pisces Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

There are no more loyal friends than Pisces Rabbits. Members of this sign are kind, caring, and giving. They will cry with you when you are sad, and cry for you when you’re happy. They are sensitive, but don’t show it as easily as one might think. More likely, Pisces Rabbits hold their true feelings inside where they can too often grow and fester into deep depressions. Pisces Rabbits need strong-willed friends and family to help them be confident, though these friends and family must be careful not to impose their will upon the ever-giving Pisces Rabbit. Those born under this sign must learn how to walk their own path with the support of others rather than always be protected from real life. It is only in this way that they will fulfill their greatness. Those who understand and appreciate them will end up quite grateful to be along for the ride.

Romantic relationships with Pisces Rabbits can be tricky. While they can make great partners, members of this sign tend to go to extremes - especially with those they are closest to. They run the risk of becoming too giving and ending up resenting those who they allow to take advantage of them. On the other hand, this sensitive sign can easily become negative, hopeless, and overwhelmed, which may lead to depression or even drug addiction. The escapist element of their natures can run out of control if they are not reigned in by a partner who simultaneously understands them, but is also patient and caring enough to lead them back on course. Partners of Pisces Rabbits should be strong without being bossy, giving while knowing when to say “no”, and supportive without enabling bad behavior. More than anything, they must understand that their partner is on a mission in life, and they either will have to support this mission or ultimately move on.

Pisces Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Pisces Rabbits are great at anything creative, but particularly the arts that allow them to take their time and express their nature while helping others. They are talented enough be actors or musicians, but the spotlight is not truly where they shine. Rather, members of this sign enjoy using their creativity to make everything around them better. They naturally fit in careers as tailors, cobblers, interior designers, illustrators, art collectors, and antique dealers. Each of these careers allows them to help others make their surroundings and possessions more beautiful and expressive of who they are.

Creative careers are not the only ones that Pisces Rabbits do well in. Their creative minds have the ability to solve problems that even the most educated and experienced professionals in their fields miss. They make particularly excellent chemists, with a natural ability to blend elements together in new and remarkable ways. This applies whether they are pharmacists or beer brewers. Their work is as much art as it is science, and if it wasn’t they wouldn’t do it.

Pisces Rabbit Man

Pisces-Rabbit man is full of secrets and mysteries. This is a very shy person, focused on his feelings. You never know what he thinks about at this moment in time, what thoughts gnaw at him and do not give him rest. But the appearance of the man of this sign combination is very deceptive: for frailty and weakness concealed prudent practicality. If desired, can act decisively, but mostly lazy and prefers to manipulate the feelings of people. As a result, he gets what he wants without spending energy and time. In personal relationships, he shows touching tenderness, compassion. He likes to take care of a beloved woman, present her with gifts. Rather, he would rather submit to her will than begin to arrange his own order.

Pisces Rabbit Woman

A gentle, vulnerable Pisces-Rabbit woman devotes too much time to her experiences. But internal anxiety and emotionality give her the strength to move on. She is quite capable of realizingher dreams in reality. Simply suffering and throwing enrich her soul, allow you to feel the world more subtle. She is able to rise to the chair of the head, to achieve financial prosperity. The woman of this sign combination is not as fragile as it seems at first glance. In addition, it is courteous, dear, so she has no enemies. In a romantic relationship, she does not pretend to be a leader, she is ready to submit to a man. The Rabbit-Pisces woman will easily leave work to fully dedicate herself to the family, does not consider career an important component of a happy life.

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