Sagittarius Rabbit

The Rabbit represents a symbol of peace and harmony in Chinese astrological personality descriptions. Their pleasant and agreeable characters are thought to be added to all the personalities of people that are born in the Year of the Rabbit. Sagittarian personalities in Western Astrology are described as clever, straightforward, lively and inquisitive. So the Sagittarius Rabbit combination is usually harmonious and uncomplicated but with a real sense of spirit and natural curiosity. A Sagittarius Rabbit is sensible and craves calm and quiet but he or she is also lots of fun and full of perception. They seek happiness and balance in life and their acquired characteristics help them achieve it.

Sagittarius Rabbit Traits

The Sagittarius Rabbit is friendly, open and quite laid back in their approach to others, although some of these individuals may be a bit shy. The Rabbit’s amiable and peaceful influence helps these Sagittarian’s get along with a wide range of different people. These are deep thinkers who are able to articulate themselves well and are good at interpreting the emotions of others. The Sagittarian Rabbit’s perceptiveness allows them to predict people’s moods and reactions and intercept them. This talent often brings them much success in their working life and in friendships.

A Sagittarius Rabbit is not particularly ambitious but they tend to do rather well in life financially. They are careful with their money and not easily tempted to part with it, they are frugal but not mean. At home the Sagittarian Rabbit does not like clutter and likes his domestic surroundings to be clean and spacious. They do however mostly prefer comfort over convenience for their furnishing choices. These people love to relax at home and will often have impressive favorite music or movie collections. They consider their living spaces to be places where they can create the perfect relaxation conditions.

Soul mate relationships are very important to the Sagittarius Rabbit as they greatly value the other person’s commitment to them. They will not enter into long term relationships easily as they can be a little set in their ways. Partners will have to be used to their little habits and routines and be able to appeal to their fun-loving and more relaxed side. In personal partnerships the Sagittarius Rabbit is attentive and appreciative and will always try to be understanding. They are not overly romantic or passionate personalities but they are sensual and imaginative. These people also believe strongly in loyalty and faithfulness and can be deeply hurt by any sort of betrayal.

Sagittarius Rabbit’s have a tiny weakness in their personalities that may put in an appearance every now and then. Their need for tranquility may sometimes cause them to agree to things for a quiet life without thinking them through first. Their personality weakness is their haste in being so agreeable. This proneness to make hasty decisions is present in most Sagittarian Rabbit character’s but in most cases it appears to be mild. After a few situations of regret they learn to ignore this weak spot and take more time and care with judgments.

Sagittarius Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

They aren’t the most social individuals, but having an active social life is important for a Sagittarius Rabbit. They are good conversationalists who know when to speak and, more importantly, when to listen. Amiable and easy going, they prefer either familiar places with new people or new places with familiar people. A balance between comfort and adventure is their constant social goal and others often rely on them to think up new places to go and things to do.

Unlike other Sagittarians, Sagittarius Rabbits rarely speak before they think. They are highly aware of how their words and actions affect others, though how much they allow themselves to be filtered by their own social consciousness is dependent upon other planetary aspects, including the always-important position of the moon in the birth chart.

Ever the procrastinators, Sagittarius Rabbits typically take a long time to settle down. In their youth they have so much energy and optimism in life it’s likely that they will avoid close relationships in order to hold onto their personal freedom for longer. They don’t like having to break off relationships and may even start a new relationships before the old one is over. This is not malicious by nature, but still causes trouble in love. Finding a balance between their need for security and sensual experience is a core life challenge for every member of this sign.

Sagittarius Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Finding the right career is a challenge for most people, but particularly so for members of this sign. Because Sagittarius Rabbits get bored easily, they tend to prefer small projects over big ones. If given the option, they would have a steady supply of new tasks to achieve, none lasting so long as to become routine.

This sign likes to achieve a small goal and move onto another. While many tasks can be broken up into smaller pieces, some careers lend better to this approach than others. For Sagittarius Rabbits, a career as a lawyer, diplomat, or translator would provide both the challenge and structure that this sign prefers. In these roles they have the opportunity to travel the world while making a difference, and Sagittarius Rabbits do indeed have a deep-seeded desire to help others. Sagittarius gets its adventure and Rabbit gets its stability (and money, typically), so any career that balances these two elements will be a good fit in the long term. The position of Jupiter in the birth chart will have an effect on how these two signs will interact together in the career realm.

Sagittarius Rabbit Man

The Sagittarius man, born in the year of the Rabbit, successfully combines the best qualities of these signs: determination, sociability, tranquility. It has an easy character, always friendly and friendly even to unfamiliar people. In solving business issues, he demonstrates willpower, speed and accuracy of reaction. Could take place in any profession, but the best way is to communicate with people: journalism, pedagogical activity, medicine. It is important for him to be an independent, self-sufficient person, therefore he carefully monitors his finances. In love relationships, he seeking peace and understanding, a woman should create for him comfortable living conditions. In return, she will receive tenderness and love, Sagittarius-Rabbit — a devoted husband, a caring father.

Sagittarius Rabbit Woman

Charming Sagittarius-Rabbit woman just created for public life. She likes to arrange the destinies of her friends, to help not only relatives, but also unfamiliar people. It has a mass of positive qualities: vigor, activity, purposefulness. It is not only pleasant to be friends with her, but also useful. Quickly moves up the career ladder, while maintaining good relations with all colleagues. This is the most balanced woman of their all representatives of the Rabbit sign. But in personal life, you may experience problems: it is not always possible to find a common language with the fans, which she has a lot. She is waiting for knightly deeds, she wants to possess the heart of the chosen one. She highly values ​​loyalty and devotion, is not inclined to fleeting relationships.

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