Scorpio Rabbit

Scorpio Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

When in their element, these individuals are surprisingly sweet, loving, caring, and even funny. Comfort and relaxation allow Scorpio Rabbits to clear their minds, the biggest key to this sign being able to let go of their troubles and forget their ambitious plans, even just for an evening. This is a good place for them to be, as their ongoing strategizing about life can be exhausting. True friends accept them for who they are but also challenge them to be better, a quality which they often think they hate in others but will learn to appreciate over time. Scorpio Rabbits should make sure to take it easy on friends and family who are often trying to help them, but Scorpio Rabbits almost always feel misunderstood in their youth and are likely to have difficulty understanding the motivations of those who are critical of them but have their best interests at heart.

Love is a challenge, as is any relationship between them and another. It’s not fair to say that Scorpio Rabbits are self-centered, but they do spend a lot of time in their own heads, trying to figure things out, trying to plan their approach. They are emotionally vulnerable, which they often see as a weakness so they try to hide it. If they give their trust to someone and end up getting burned, they will hold a grudge for a very long time, and even dream of revenge. They tend to choose bad partners early in life, because those who spark their emotional state (for good or bad) tend to attract them. It takes time for a Scorpio Rabbit to find their place in the world and they shouldn’t be too quick to jump into relationships. Members of this sign must find themselves first and foremost - a long and challenging journey, but one with a great potential payoff at the end.

Scorpio Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

A combination of the Western Zodiac’s Scorpio and the Eastern Zodiac’s Rabbit, this sign is truly capable of anything. Scorpio Rabbits can become whatever they want to be, if they can learn how to focus their energy productively. This includes controlling emotions, a challenge for them but also one of their core life goals. While Scorpio is highly intelligent and somewhat detached, Rabbit is still sensitive to human suffering, so standard Scorpio careers such as doctor, detective, and coroner may simply be too emotionally intense for Scorpio Rabbits to handle. Members of this sign should trust in their personal passions and choose a career that lets them do what they want to do while playing to their strengths. Most likely there will be outside pressure from family, teachers, or friends to take a certain path - usually one geared toward gaining money, status, or respect. Scorpio Rabbits will be drawn to these things, but they must also be careful not to push themselves into a career they don’t really want.

Scorpio Rabbits are fascinated by the way different elements interact, whether those are plants, animals, or chemicals. Accordingly, chemistry and biochemistry are excellent choices for this sign, as are psychiatrist, psychologist, distiller, brewer, winemaker, historian, and hypnotist. General research careers in the field of science are also a great fit and often provide the type of environment that caters to the personality traits of the Scorpio Rabbit quite well.

Scorpio Rabbit Man

The Scorpio-Rabbit man goes through life slowly, but each of his actions is meaningful and thought out. Has a powerful energy, easily subordinates the will of other people, while being polite and friendly. He does not have long to persuade, the more forced, a nice smile and politely ask. Lucky in business, smart, has a good intuition, so always succeeds. But he experiences constant difficulties in financial matters, generously spends money without thinking about the consequences. A companion of the Scorpion-Rabbit can influence his behavior, but it is necessary to act very cautiously. The man of this sign combinationis rather quick-tempered and emotional. For no reason does not recognize the rightness of a woman, considers himself an unconditional leader in relations.

Scorpio Rabbit Woman

Sociable Scorpio-Rabbit woman — the soul of any company. She is interested in everything in the world, she is happy to share fresh news with numerous friends. She has a light, cheerful character, but she keeps silent about many things, she owns secret knowledge. Scorpio-Rabbit is a woman with a very developed intuition, so that what is not able to see ordinary people is available to her. She never makes mistakes in her conclusions, she can foresee events. In a romantic relationship does not behave like a tender, vulnerable person. She knows her own worth and will never agree to a marriage with a man who does not attract her physically and is not able to provide materially. So interesting, temperamental woman, that she will never be alone, her benevolent attitude is a great success for any man.

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