Taurus Rabbit

The astrological mix of the Taurus the Bull and the Rabbit from Chinese Astrology is a good one. Western thinking describes a Taurus born personality as one that is steady and composed but stubborn. So when the Rabbit’s characteristics are introduced to this sun sign they calm much of the stubbornness and add more reasonableness. This gives the Taurus Rabbit his or her warm, friendly and agreeable persona. A Taurus Rabbit is usually bright and breezy but also a little shy and cautious. They approach life optimistically and appear to have a very balanced view of it and the people around them. These personalities are some of the most reasonable in the zodiac.

Taurus Rabbit Traits

The Taurus Rabbit has a real sense of fairness and everything they do they will be with equality and thought for others. These people are often assumed to be older than they actually are in their youth due to their selflessness and mature attitudes. A Taurus Rabbit is caring and sharing and unbiased in accordance with Western and Chinese astrological theories. These are perfect traits for getting along with others but could be taken advantage of if not for some the protective Bull influence from Taurus. These individual’s are normally fair and unselfish and their kindness guided by the Taurus in them is usually well directed.

A Taurus Rabbit is keen on helping others and doing this is often where they are happiest in their working life. They prefer jobs that have a real purpose or provide a valuable service rather than work in something like manufacturing or retail. The Taurus Rabbit is organized and methodical and they like some kind of order at work and at home. Orderly arranged things make them feel comfortable and so these people usually cannot help needing to be naturally neat and tidy. In their living environments they favor plain functional furnishings that blend in and provide plenty of free uncluttered space.

A Taurus Rabbit’s sound judgment and kind considerate nature helps tremendously in their personal relationships. These are generally good judges of character and will often use their instincts to guide them towards like-minded people. They search for soul mate’s that will appreciate their openness and return it in equal amounts. A Taurus Rabbit is quite perceptive emotionally and is able to often anticipate the mood of their partner. They are affectionate and romantic and extremely thoughtful. They may have a little twinge of jealousy occasionally but good communication with their partner usually prevents it escalating.

The only real weakness in the Taurus Rabbit’s personality lies in their proneness to be as unreasonable as they are reasonable. This does not happen very often but when it does it can be quite unexpected. If a Taurus Rabbit is especially stressed or has had a shock they are likely to let their weakness loose. They can inadvertently totally switch their usual cooperative self to be disobliging and stubborn. You will definitely know that they are upset. Fortunately this weak spot only shows up when they are very emotionally distraught.

Taurus Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

Taurus Rabbits don’t particularly like loud or boisterous people, nor are they fond of overly dramatic types who like to stir up trouble. Though they often belong to a group of friends (in which they are considered the “quiet” or “sensitive” one), members of this sign prefer small groups of close friends hanging out in a familiar setting. By “familiar setting” this often means their own home, which is always well put together and stylishly decorated. The truth is Taurus Rabbits are at their best when they are hosting a small group of friends or family.

When it comes to love, the biggest challenge for members of this sign is that they can be hard to get to know. Many people mistakenly give up trying to get close to a Taurus Rabbit because they believe they are not interested. In many cases, it just takes time to get to know these subtle individuals, and probably a bit of patient effort as well. Once a Taurus Rabbit has fallen in love, though, there is nobody more dedicated and loyal. This is a sign that considers those closest to them as family and will do anything to protect these relationships.

Taurus Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

Taurus Rabbits like nice things, and more than that, they like to make things nicer. Pretty much any career that fits in this mold is a great fit for this sign. They make great antique and art dealers, fashion designers, make-up artists, interior designers, florists, and gardeners. Anything having to do with making the home or the person it more beautiful is a match made in Heaven for this creative and tasteful sign.

Of course, Taurus Rabbits are capable of succeeding in most any career they choose, but they would do best to avoid working for others in sales, customer service, or retail situations that don’t involve art, antiques, clothes, beauty products, or the like. Having to follow a script and try to please others under a corporate banner is just not in the DNA of this sign. Furthermore, they will only be happy if they get to exercise their creativity in some way.

Taurus Rabbit Man

The man of this zodiac combination is a calm, friendly person. Loves close people, appreciates work and just loves his house. He does not complicate life with unnecessary reflections, sets real goals, slowly decides them in terms of importance. Hardworking Taurus-Rabbit sees no other way to achieve prosperity, except how much and hard work. A crystal-honest, decent man tries not to deceive anyone, therefore he despises liars deeply. Do not let go of their principles, even for the sake of a generous reward. He behaves like a gallant gentleman with women: he gives signs of attention, spoils gifts, never argues and does not insist on her opinion. He treats his wife with special trepidation, loves and deeply respects her.

Taurus Rabbit Woman

Taurus-Rabbit is a woman worthy of admiration and respect. A soft, feminine person possesses the gift of persuasion, easily attracts the most skeptical people to her side. Has not only kindness, but also sharp mind, sharpness. Perfectly displays these qualities in work, prefers to engage in mental work. Colleagues appreciate her for diligence, responsibility, ability to resolve conflict situations. Truth in personal life likes to command, it can be sharp, rigid, exacting. She believes that is able to lead the family to prosperity and well-being. The Taurus-Rabbit woman does everything possible and impossible for the sake of close people. This is a wonderful hostess, a loving wife and mother, and very attractive person, which causes interest in men.

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