Virgo Rabbit

The empathic and sincere qualities of the Rabbit’s personality are believed to be bestowed on those people born in their astrological yearly cycles. Chinese Astrology describes this considerate animal’s characteristics as admirable and beneficial to any recipient. The Western astrological sign of Virgo often represents a person who will sometimes be a little critical of others. The Virgo Rabbit is usually a lot more considerate than the majority of other Virgo’s. These personalities are much more inclined to think before they speak and respectfully consider the consequences first.

Virgo Rabbit Traits

A Virgo Rabbit is quite sociable but not prone to gossip, as they greatly value their privacy and that of others. They are able to enjoy the company of most people but usually try to avoid overly loud or pushy personalities. The Virgo Rabbit can be a little shy especially with people or in places that are not familiar. These personalities are organized and careful in their thoughts, words and actions and hate to insult, judge or disapprove. Even with people who they do not like very much these Virgo’s will more often than not make a genuine effort.

Respect and consideration for others tends to get the Virgo Rabbit far in life especially in their work and relationships. They can be annoyingly meticulous in their ways but their respectful mannerisms, sincerity and caring nature make this annoyance melt into the background. As partner’s Virgo Rabbit’s are dependable and understanding but can sometimes be known to tolerate situations out of sheer loyalty. They need soul mates who do not take advantage of their respectfulness and who will be loving, loyal and supportive. At home these Virgo’s like at least one room where they can quietly contemplate the day when work is finished. These individuals like to collect favorite books, music and movies to have on hand for times when they need to totally unwind.

Money is not overly important to the Virgo Rabbit but they do not underestimate it’s necessity. They are good savers and sensible but not stingy with their spending habits, they love to shop but do know when to stop and not over stretch their budget. Their approach to finances pretty much sums them up in their outlook to most things in life, including relationships. They are cautious, appreciative, fairly generous and are easily able to let themselves go and relax every now and then. A Virgo Rabbit loves to treat his or her family or partner to surprises of things they want or need, as they take immense pleasure in giving.

Occasional restlessness and unnecessary worrying are the weaknesses in the Virgo Rabbit’s sunny personality. They may feel agitated if they have been cooped up indoors for longer than necessary and become restless. A long walk will usually clear their heads and give them the opportunity to expel excess physical and emotional energy. They also have a tendency to worry unnecessarily about the smallest things. Talking with a close friend or partner usually helps get things into proportion and often prevents a buildup of stress.

Virgo Rabbit Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

People from this sign are extremely inconsistent in their love lives. They can fall in love at first sight or be completely unable to take relationships to the next level, depending on where they are mentally and emotionally at the time. From the outside, there seems to be little rhyme or reason to their choices, but they always know why they feel the way they feel, even if they can’t express it in words.

Virgo Rabbits take friendships seriously, and often hold a few people close to them for the long-haul while the flightier side of them seeks new relationships to fulfill their ever changing emotional needs. When they are feeling happy and adventurous, Virgo Rabbits are very attractive to others, often without even realizing it. These relationships can dissipate just as fast when the tide changes and the Virgo Rabbit burrows down into its home for extended periods of time. It hardly bothers them, though, as Virgo Rabbits have an easy time connecting with new people.

Virgo Rabbit Business (Career & Goals)

There are many careers that Virgo Rabbits are good at. Because they are such deeper thinkers and not big talkers, they often excel at process-oriented tasks that require a lot of knowledge. The giving side of Virgo Rabbits often leads them toward careers in medicine. The life of a doctor can be overwhelming for the fragile heart of an Virgo Rabbit, though, and a nurse’s role is often too social to make them feel comfortable. Where Virgo Rabbits truly shine in the medical field is in the role of a Pharmacist. This job fulfills the analytical and helpful sides of this sign while allowing them the emotional distance that can keep them feeling happy and motivated.

For Virgo Rabbits who are not so medically inclined, the need for analytical thinking will likely best take the form of number-crunching. Virgo Rabbits make fantastic Accountants. They understand what takes place behind the numbers and have a natural talent for making finances flow in the right direction. A career as an accountant for the public satisfies the Virgo Rabbit’s need to be helpful as well as allows them to use their natural intelligence.

Virgo Rabbit Man

The Virgo-Rabbit man feels quite confident in any situation, at least, he looks like a balanced person. Acts in detail, does not take hasty decisions. He soberly assesses his capabilities, so he calmly works in the position that suits him. Do not seek to earn as much money as possible, does not need the approval of the surrounding people. In this case, the Virgo-Rabbit often doubts, is anxious over trifles, therefore, tries to be the most accurate and careful in its actions. The worst enemy is a mess, in his life everything is clearly laid out on the shelves. In love relationships, he values ​​stability above all, looks for a woman who can understand him from a half-word, loyal and faithful.

Virgo Rabbit Woman

The Virgo-Rabbit is a rather conservative woman, the eternal values ​​are important for her: work, close people, children, husband. She works hard, tries to provide the family with everything necessary. It does not make great efforts, it solves all business issues fairly easily, thanks to its qualities: diligence, responsibility, accuracy. She does not see the point of complicating life with unnecessary emotions, so justice is paramount. She tries to act conscientiously, does not have doubts and experiences, in all her affairs there is an impeccable order. In personal relationships, the woman of this zodiac sign combination is usually happy, does not harass the chosen one with jealousy, does not expect feats and insane deeds from him. A man should be honest, decent, preferably also obedient.

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