Aries Rat

In the Chinese astrological cycles the Rat is presumed to be the first animal chosen to represent a five yearly reign. This is believed to be because the Rat was first in the queue to receive the honor by using their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Their clever initiative is believed to be present in all personalities born in their years. The Western astrological sign of Aries personality is thought to greatly profit from this creature’s influence. An Aries Rat is smart, highly imaginative, ingenious and enterprising. They are usually super efficient, friendly and very enthusiastic about everything in general.

Aries Rat Traits

An Aries Rat has an extremely sharp mind that they use to try and acquire what they need or desire in life. These are good problem solvers and seem to take obstacles as a challenge rather than an issue. Decisions are usually well planned in advance with much thought by these characters. They have great diversity with thought patterns and can quickly evaluate ideas and people. The Aries Rat can appear a little unemotional and aloof outwardly. This distant attitude can often make these personalities difficult to get to know as they act so self reliant. This is because they are strongly self-governing personalities, do not like being told what to do, and like to do things their own way.

The Aries Rat does not seem to need many friends to be happy due to his or her independent nature’s. They enjoy the company of others but are also equally as content to spend time alone. Many of these individual’s may leave embarking on soul mate relationships until they have lived a little first. That is unless they meet their destined partner by chance as most of these people believe in love at first sight. Although they are not particularly romantic these personalities are rather sensual and loving. They will generally put partner’s before anyone else and be very protective of their feelings and needs.

As the Aries Rat is so resourceful their homes often contain a few things they have adapted or made themselves. Their inventiveness and good imagination helps them visualize improvements and ideas for useful things to make. The Aries Rat tends to choose employment that makes use of their dexterity with their hands and minds. In their leisure time these Aries like to take part in sports and do a little travelling if they get the opportunity. They are quite energetic individual’s who at times find it hard to truly relax as their brains are constantly active.

Apart from his or her occasional aloofness the Aries Rat personality has only one other weakness worth mentioning. This is their tendency to every now and then be a bit quick tempered and critical. This usually happens when an Aries Rat is stressed out and over tired. If they know themselves well it will probably be very rare that you will see any signs of this shortcoming in their personalities. Most of these people learn to not let stress build up and try to get enough hours sleep at night.

Aries Rat Compatibility (Love & Friendship)

As with the fish, the only ones safe from the wrath of the Aries Rat are those they consider one of their own. Very close lifelong friends are like family to them, and members of this sign never turn their back on family (unless they are betrayed, then look out). Aries Rats have little affection for anyone outside of their family, though they will often ignore those who are smart enough to get out of their way.

This makes the Aries Rat very polarizing. They are charming and sly, able to manipulate people without them noticing. Aries Rats may have many friends, but those friends rarely know that much about them. This is by design. Aries Rats will call you “friend” to your face, but are probably just keeping you around to extend their ‘network’. Members of this sign consider their emotional distance from others a tactical advantage, and have no qualms using their “friends” to get ahead.

All of this creates difficulty in the relationships of this sign. You are either an acquaintance of a Aries Rat or you are “family”. It’s very difficult for anyone new to make their way into the inner realm of a Aries Rat’s life. This constant distance makes love a considerable challenge, and the killer instinct of Aries Rats make the gravitate toward mates who are so non-challenging that they could also be considered prey. Members of this sign will usually choose their career over love, which can set them off balance for a considerable portion of their lives.

Aries Rat Business (Career & Goals)

Aries Rats don’t make very good co-workers or employees. They need to be in charge. They can be tyrants as bosses, though, so they may find it best to work in a job where they are either top dog or rely on others as little as possible. Many Aries Rats are entrepreneurs for this very reason. They have a vision and want to see it through. They also have the charm and enthusiasm to draw people into that vision and make them want to be a part of it. They are better at handling the sales, marketing, and fundraising parts of the business though, and should probably hand off the operations side to a trusted employee who can tolerate their aggressive behavior.

Not surprisingly, Aries Rats also make good directors, in every sense of the word. Business, catering, finance, film, or stage - they can work through any situation as long as they are calling the shots. Many members of this sign also dream about becoming stockbrokers or lawyers, careers that can be a good fit depending on the situation. Aries Rats are cunning enough to charm their way up the corporate ladder, but they are sometimes too aggressive and impatient to put up with a boss that makes them wait for their promotion or partnership in the firm. Aries Rats should remember that a patient fish will feed more in the long run.

Aries Rat Man

An energetic Aries-Rat man has a unique ability to achieve the goals, for him there are no obstacles and obstacles. Always puts the work on the first place, easily sacrifices for her personal interests. If desired, a man Aries, born in the year of the Rat, can turn the head of the most impregnable beauty. The charming interlocutor seems to be a frivolous person, but behind the ironic manner of conversation is the ability to subtly feel the mood of people. Therefore, the lady does not have the slightest chance to escape from his embrace, but the romantic spirit can quickly evaporate, and he will return to the only love of his life — work.

Aries Rat Woman

Woman Aries-Rat has the qualities characteristic of representatives of these signs: stubbornness, purposefulness, intuition, caution. Strives to take place in the profession, the financial issue is of particular importance. She considers herself worthy of all the best, she works hard and a lot to create comfortable living conditions. Aries-Rat woman looks restrained, self-assured special, but for the ostentatious calm you can discern a vulnerable soul. Able to open only to a reliable and strong man, who will give all his tenderness and love. It is considered to be an excellent hostess, skillfully combines rich business life with domestic chores.

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